AFTER: The Homeowners decided to take advantage of the south-facing exposure by changing their bedroom window into a Pella patio door.
AFTER: We replaced the lowest six courses of Masonite siding with fiber-cement panel and batten siding. I have included a picture and I'm looking for input for the best approach to build a shed style roof over the basement entrance. I'm not sure if I should build a header, or build a box to fit the corner to support my rafters.

The corner is plagued with eddy currents and all it takes to prevent them in that location is a section of fence similar to the partial fence panel in the photo but would only need to be about 4 ft. It would need be in close proximity to the house on the windward side and could have a 4-6 ft.
If it were built with portability in mind it could be taken down or moved during months other than winter. That's a real nice looking roof and they make an entrance more pleasant when it's raining but it just won't stop the snow drifting in the corner.

We dug out around the foundation, waterproofed and installed 2" of XPS insulation, will grade the soil around the problem area, and built a shed roof over the basement entry door to direct the water away from the basement walls. The kitchen window is shown on the upper left, and a bed room window on the wall straight ahead.

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