Groffdale Barns is committed to providing you with quality shed row barns & stables, custom-built to your specifications.
MDBarnmaster Your personality Hoosier State etiquette written equine caparison veteran equestrian comforts equine stalls as well as modular structure plans. Looking for something smaller, but still like the idea of an aisle barn for convenient indoor feeding and grooming? Build the ultimate horse barn by combining our center aisle barns with a full loft on top for hay storage. Add a lean-to to any of our horse barns for added protection, shade and extra comfort for your horses or livestock. Due to the various options, labor, and delivery charges please call for accurate pricing. Each of our Shed Row barns are pre-constructed at Groffdale Barns and then delivered and installed at your location.

Lean Hoosier State Sheds brief Row Barns Low Profile Barns High Profile Barns Monitor Barns equine cavalry Barn Options sawhorse Barn Colors.
Our modular barns are perfect for horse enthusiasts with just a few horses or large farms and stables with many horses. Our lean-to option also provides a nice area out of the rain for feeding, tack or even equipment or tractor storage! From the Oak frames and Kickboards to the Spruce Rafters and Powder-Coated Hardware, we build each detail with superior quality and class.
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The space between the row barns becomes a convenient indoor aisle great for grooming and feeding your horses inside out of the elements.

We simply add an aisle to the front of our standard row barns to create a convenient aisle for shoeing, washing, feeding, prepping and more. With over 30 years of experience, you can expect excellent craftsmanship and outstanding durability.
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