Breaking Lewis Cook follows in Dele Alli's footsteps Brian McDermott - The last successful Leeds United manager Proof that protests have no negative effect on the team Expensive stunt planned for Middlesbrough game Shameless click-bait poll: Time to go, Massimo? The Italian press are starting to report what many Leeds United fans already suspected, that the club is- once again- up for sale. It’s believed Massimo Cellino is looking to cash-out at Leeds and buy Italian side Parma.
The group also revealed they’ve spoken to Red Bull but the soft drinks giant refused to give assurances there would be no change of kit, badge, stadium and club name. At Salzburg in particular, Red Bull were met with fierce opposition from fans, many of whom eventually split off to create a new football club. Goal-scoring strikers and successful coaches are “massive problems” at LeedsDoes Cellino plan to cash-in before cashing out? Agree,but this time i cant see any players leaving unless they are on Cellino’s terms.
I agree Cellino is a complicated soul but i have seen nothing from him to say he or his family are tired of Leeds. Badge would definitely change to the identikit one they use for every other club, as would the kit.
Yeah mate, never mind the local community and their cultural values and other nonsense, there’s no progress in empathising with such things is there?
The Scratching ShedFounded in 2008, The Scratching Shed is an independent fansite written by, and for, the fans of Leeds United Football Club. The design uses a swing arm that connects to the jack shafts between the engine and the rear wheel. The transmission rack consists of two channel uprights with bearing housings welded at both ends. The two uprights are welded to opposite ends of a pipe brace; the jack shafts are slipped through the bearings and held fast with retaining collars. Whether you add a screen (or shroud) around the transmission depends on the use (or abuse) you'll give the scooter. The firm had humble beginnings in 1837, but went on to build over 5000 locomotives over a period of just over a century. TODD, KITSON, and LAIRD, Engineers,BRASS & IRON FOUNDERS, RAILWAY FOUNDRY, HUNSLET LANE, LEEDS, Manufacturers of Locomotive Steam-Engines, Tenders, Carriage and Waggon Wheels, Axles,Springs, Stationary Steam Engines and Boilers, on the High and Low Pressure Principles, for Inclined Planes, Warehouses, Mills, &c. TODD, KITSON and LAIRD beg leave to announce that they are now commencing the above Business in all its Branches, on the most improved Principles, and in entirely new Buildings erected for the Purpose; and trust that their Capabilities and assiduous Attention will enable them with regard to Facility, Punctuality and superior Workmanship, to give Satisfaction to all who may favour them with their Orders. Lion survives to this day having escaped scrapping through the semi-retirement it got as a stationary engine for the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board. Kitson's works was given the name Airedale Foundry for a short while the company was referred to as Kitson – Laird or Laird – Kitson, however David Laird wasn’t getting the return on his investment that he had hoped for and he too departed. In 1854 Kitson took over the Monk Bridge Ironworks, this then being managed by his sons Frederick William and James Kitson Jnr. The company became involved in the construction of Ploughing engines when they received orders from John Fowler & Co. The firm supplied locomotives for many of the mainline railway companies and seemed to retain a good deal of the mainline engine work whilst many other independent engine making companies were concentrating on industrial locomotives. One of the Kitson designed, but Australian built, VR ‘E Class’ locomotives preserved at North Williamstown near Melbourne.
Kitson & Co exported many locos to railways all over the world during its century of existance. India provided a large market for Kitson locomotives, from those early locos mentioned previously they went on to build anything from the large 2-8-0s of the Khyber Pass line to narrow gauge sugar cane locos.
3ft gauge Kitson steam tram built for export to Ireland, now displayed in the Streetlife museum in Hull. A similar development to the tram engine production was the construction of Railmotors, single carriage vehicles with their own permanently attached small steam locomotive at one end. Above - Kitson loco built to a Manning Wardle design, Austin 1 visiting the Middleton Railway in 2004. The companies that survived the hard times of the 20s and 30s were generally the ones that embraced the internal combustion engine. Receivers were called in during 1934 and the firm continued under administration until 1937. Kitson were not out of the woods yet though, the downturn was still biting across the industry.
In 1945 the works, remaining assets, business and goodwill of Kitson & Co were bought by local engine maker J&H Mclaren. The works was renamed the Airedale Works and produced diesel engines until 1959 when this work was moved to other Hawker Siddelly group companies. Only one surviving Kitson locomotive can be found locally and that is 5469 Conway currently stored awaiting restoration at the Middleton Railway, several Kitson locomotives survive around the world. Old Steam Locomotives in South Africa A few Kitson locos survive in South Africa, details are on this site. With thanks to Sheila Bye for her research in to the early days of the Leeds engine building industry. This article was produced by Kris Ward, any feedback or contributions about the Leeds engine making industry would be greatly appreciated.
Firstly, I know the headline may seem like a not-so-subtle ploy to grab your attention (which, by definition, is what a headline is) but it’s perfectly justified.
More often than not, supporting Leeds United is a torturous experience, one which leaves us angry, upset and questioning the reasons we waste so much money doing so.
The tribal nature of football defies conventional wisdom, often impossible to explain to our loved ones who find it difficult to understand our insatiable thirst for more. Even those of you who started supporting Leeds United for the pleasure and glory of victory are now willingly torturing yourselves too, which makes you just as stupid as those of us who justify our support based on Elland Road’s proximity to our place of birth. Dolf Zillman called it the excitation-transfer theory which is a clever way of explaining why we feel so much additional pleasure from success when we’ve overcome tremendous adversity.
If emotions were measured on a scale, with 0 being content, -10 being emotional wreck and +10 being ecstatically happy, the aim of a climatic action film is to take you from 0, up and down through the minuses, before leaving you at a positive figure.
I mention both horror and action films because I’m somewhat torn between what example best fits Leeds United. The first option could contradict the headline, though it largely depends on the intensity of the trade-off. If we just considered stadium size alone assuming we sell out(which i think we would if we were prem again) we’d be almost top half of the premier league table in gate receipts alone.
We buy a product from a shop, but it lets us down and we send it back, and depending on the shop’s attitude, we may not deal with them again.
The players & coaching staff are very well paid, compared to most fans, but do not like being criticised. Totally agree, still care but can’t be arsed with the hassle of getting to ER to watch what is, 75% of the time, utter dross.
Best season EVER, me & my mates were all 18-19-20, none of us gave a damn about everything we worry about now. Maybe one day we can see another group come through or be bought who care as much as we do. I was born in Somerset, no one in my family supports Leeds, I got into watching football by hanging at my Arsenal mad friend’s gaff but chose Leeds as my team once I had a better understanding of football and football history. I put myself through all this shi% and I’ve no reason to do it other than unrequited love of a football club. You can change your job, house and even wife but there are some thing a man never changes, now 50 years old and still upset when we lose MOT. I have never lost my faith for the Whites fortunes but what comes to supporting well some things do not change. To think, when we get promoted to the Premier League, the jealous little Yorkshire sides like Huddersfield, Bradford City, Donny, Sheffield(Both teams) will still be saying how much they hate us. That was a funny line I am still laughing now, I am from London my dad supported us from dons era probably for the glory as he is a fully fledged cockney but his passion for the club rubbed off on me, as he used to take me to Elland road when he could and the vibe and environment could not be matched to any other ground I have needlessly dragged myself to since, as I said before I am a world away from my beloved club but through thick and thin regardless of how many other londoners could not understand the passion for the whites I had, I have maintained the same love and if anything through the dark times it has strengthened, I love leeds United and will refuse to swap sides with anyone else even if our club was liquidated the badge is eternally emblazoned on my chest . I lived in West London and just about everyone else was Chelsea mad and in the 70’s that was a fierce rivalry. A Class 323 EMU in original livery commissioned for Karl Barrass, one of the people involved with bringing them into service. Commissioned for Bob Pamment, a regular on the railway showing his favourite loco on the dining train. Dillicar [1991] My return to painting after 5 years, thanks to my highly active daugther, Alice, arriving.
9F at Pontefract [1978] The first painting I thought was any good, and my first attempt at these great engines. The University of Leeds can boast the most extensive playing fields in UK Higher Education, covering a total of 120 acres at Sports Park Weetwood. His maintenance regime includes mowing, Verti-Quaking, Verti-Draining, topdressing, and seeding – Verti-Draining is carried out 2-3 times a year on the standard pitches and 6-7 times a year for the higher profile surfaces.

The purchase of the Verti-Drain was purely based on the spec – James having done a lot of research including speaking to some contractors to get opinions on what they would use. The Verti-Quake is used for the in-season aeration of the pitches, normally from October through to March time, but James hasn’t managed to use it a great deal so far this year because of the ground conditions. Our young players are not for sale and, of course, contract negotiations are foremost in our mind and will be delivered. Massimo Cellino cannot wait to come back and will be present at out end of season player dinner at Elland Road in early May. Antenucci took to Twitter (Link 1, Link 2) to express his confusion while his agent has been seeking assurances from Salerno on the situation. Clearly this has been an unpopular and unsettling decision, one that looks to have been made in a worrying attempt to influence team selection. It’s hard to believe any of our young players would want to sign a new contract when a coach they really liked has been unjustly suspended, the Head Coach they greatly admire is considering his future and the club are trying to deny one of their teammates a bonus put into his contract for meeting stated targets.
If no reasonable explanation is provided for Thompson’s sacking and the appalling treatment of Redfearn, then the undermining theory is the only realistic one. Ouch an incentivised contract – Redders should have known about this before signing his own contract. Well of all the press attached to the club, Phil Hay is generally the best informed and he’s adamant the Mirco stuff is legit.
It doesn’t make sense Henri – why would Cellino bring on himself another legal action ?
It is not hard to believe (as recent events have shown) that Redders is kept in the dark about most things. He then thinned us down, reducing staff and the wage bills, and clawed in big money for Ross, and smaller money for Warnock, and others.
He did not buy ER as promised, passing at least two deadlines, and has no intention of doing so. Cellino is currently banned from exerting any control over Leeds United after falling foul of Football League rules and seems to have reached the conclusion that his ownership of an English side is untenable with more courtcases in Italy still to come. Red Bull recently denied they planned to takeover another football club just days after Massimo Cellino confirmed an approach from them. Can a joiner not be put on any subsequent sale that they have to tie to the club for a minimum period, a bit longer that one year. We should all just endorse the marketing gimmicks of psychotic corporate entities instead, seen as though that’s where the virtues of the free market economy clearly lie. These housings are merely short lengths of pipe with an inside diameter that will provide a snug fit for the bearings you use. Ran by us boffins at Judya€™s Affordable Vintage Fair, we partner up with Europea€™s BIGGEST vintage wholesaler to bring you 5 TONNES of stock! After trying on, parading and hoarding your items, take them to our weighing desk where you will be charged a meagre A?15 A KILO!
Because everyone likes an offer, wea€™re thrilled to say that IF YOU BUY 10 KILOS OR MORE, THE PRICE DROPS FROM A?15 A KILO TO A?10 A KILO! James Kitson’s first partnership was with Charles Todd, a former apprentice of Matthew Murray at the Round Foundry and financial backer David Laird, a wealthy farmer. Also, Shafting and Gearing, Cranes, Turn-Tables, Pedestals or Chairs for Rails, Force and Lift Pumps, Cocks, Valves, Brass, Copper, and Iron Pipes, andBrass and Iron Castings of every Description. They had barely begun before Charles Todd brought in a new partner, John Shepherd Jr and disolved the partnership with Kitson and Laird. New partners were found; Isacc Thompson and William Hewitson, the firm continued under the name Kitson, Thompson & Hewitson. John Fowler had been working for a number of years to develop machinery for agricultural use and was beginning to see his labours rewarded. Kitson's sons Frederick William, James Kitson Jnr and John Hawthorne (who managed the works from 1863) became partners making the company a family business.
From 1866 Kitson & Co built many of Kirtley's double frame goods engines for the Midland Railway. A number of particually interesting locos built for the export markets were the Kitson-Meyer articulated locomotives. Rowan of Copenhagen.[4] A couple of years later they went on to produce their own design of vertical boilered tramway engine, this proved unsuccessful and the company subsequently used their own design of locomotive type boilers in its tram engines.
A number of Railmotors were produced but the idea wasn’t popular for very long as it offered much more flexibility and ease of maintenance to just have a small engine which could be detached from its carriage. Kitson had enough orders on its books to stay afloat, an order for 12 Inproved Directors for the LNER in 1924 no doubt making a big difference.
In their final year only 4 locomotives were built in their Boyne Engine Works, closure was inevitable. On June 25th 1937 Railway Gazette records "Prior to the slump in the heavy engineering industry in recent years, the firm enjoyed a successful career, but owing to the serious trade decline afterwards experienced and the inevitable withdrawal of capital as the older members died out, the firm placed itself in the hands of the debenture holders, and in 1934 Sir Leonard Coates was appointed receiver on their behalf. In 1938 the Locomotive Manufacturers Association were overseeing a reorganisation of independant locomotive manufacturers as many were failing.
McLaren raised the funds for this take over by mortgaging their Midland Engine Works and the Boyne Engine Works, previously aquired following the demise of Manning Wardle.
Some notable examples include a couple of the 2-8-0 tender locos of the Khyber Pass route, a handful of the Kitson-Mayers in South America and of course India's oldest locos Express and Fairy Queen. And worse, none of us will stop to consider for one second that there may be a more enjoyable way to spend our weekends. So much so in fact, we now consider the failed Champions League challenge a high point of our history.
I couldn’t offer her a rational explanation for why I didn’t go and watch a more successful team in 2001, how on earth would I justify the Bates years? Excitation-transfer explains why we continue to willingly suffer the torment of Leeds United’s plight, but are we working on the assumption that all this is an action film where our happily ever after follows the relentless torment we’ve endured? Since we’d simply be building towards a point of ecstasy, enduring the nightmare of this last decade is payment for our reward. I think a good home form can keep a team afloat(see Stoke) and once back in place I think LUFC can stay up as long as we keep it sustainable.
If I was a stick of rock and you cut me in half it would say Marching on Leeds Together, I cant have a sunday lunch without Yorkshire Pudding!! Where once we would invade a weak, pathetic neighbouring village like Manchester, we are now forced to support a football team and release vocal venom from the stands.
Were all shit at it but every 5 or so rounds you’ll hit that one shot that maybe Tiger Woods would have been proud of. Why because its what I am, my 6 and 4 year olds both sing mot & have kits even though we now live in enemy territory. I dont support Leeds because they are or have been successful i support them because its my heritage, because its my birth right and because it connects me to yorkshire and my family.
I have never been in the Christmas card list here in Finland while supporting the Whites but life takes its toll and if you can take it seriously well life goes on. I’m not from Leeds, I guess you could say my closest professional team to me would of been Luton. Women are coming and going but the LUFC Club stays for the life curve (from cradle to crave) so one for the road mates.
The main football and rugby pitches host over 100 fixtures a year with non-stop cricket during the summer and all of this is maintained by 5 full time staff led by Chargehand, James Wright. As a subscriber you'll get regular updates, a chance to voice your views - and much needed encouragement. Neil Redfearn was cautious enough to have a clause written into his own contract which guarantees him first team selection. Meanwhile, Liam Cooper made his feelings clear by favouriting a selection of Adam Pope’s tweets.
Bates almost made me give up but what has happened in the last day as well as some of the other baffling decisions made by the toxic disgrace Cellino (who I have never been a fan of from day 1), may just make me give up.
I do not believe Redders was told not to select Antenucci but was simply informed of the incentives attaching to his contract.
Plainly Redfearn did, at one point, go a bit cool on Antenucci, when we we really needed points. We should have seen this coming, but we were too eager and desperate to believe that this time it was going to be different….
As for the sacking of Thompson, he probably reasons that coaches elsewhere have had to live with the constraints caused by incentivised contracts, so why can’t Redders (if such is the issue). We should all bask in the inevitable glory of the soft drinks company franchise team that will emerge from the tarnished ashes of that loser football club Leeds United AFC, with its backwards way of simply existing and losing matches occasionally of all things.
The rack is tensioned against the belt by means of a spring hooked between two flat-iron brackets. Laid out before you and waiting to be shopped, wea€™re talking everything from retro tees to denim, jackets to jumpers to shorts and skirts. It is often mentioned that the first engine built in the Hunslet area of Leeds Lion was consturcted in a corner of an old cloth mill whilst at the same time looms were operating.

For many years it was the world’s oldest working steam locomotive, it also got a starring role in the film ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’. In 1849 Kitson, Thompson & Hewitson built a design of goods engine for the Leeds and Thirsk Railway, this was of 0-6-0 wheel arangement with inside frames.
Unlike the other Leeds engine companies that were producing mainly tank engines, Kitson were building a large number of tender locomotives. In total around 300 steam tram engines were built and the works had a connection to the Leeds Tramway system as a result of this work. These were built to a Great Central Railway design but were buit for use in Scotland, this was seen as a quick solution to a power shortage on the former North British Railway by the newley formed LNER. The LMA came to an agreement wereby Kitson & Co would cease manufacture of locomotives, the designs and goodwill of Kitson's locomotive business would pass to the newly merged Robert Stevenson and Hawthornes who would in turn pay the LMA a 10% levy on subsequent sales of Kitson and Manning Warldle designs. The agreement to take over the Kitson works included the stipulation that, honouring the 1938 agreement, the company could not build locomotives at the works. I was absolutely devastated by the result, completely inconsolable and to her, it made no sense that I’d willingly put myself through such emotional distress. It’s funny how a moment which caused such distress to so many Leeds United fans is now a treasured memory, the context of history allowing us to see clearly how impressive our Champions League run was. The very best horror films have no problem taking you to -10 on our emotion scale and keeping you there throughout. Or are we stuck in some kind of purgatory, reliving the same horror film over and over again, our only reward coming from the pleasure of survival?
Survival will once again be our reward, continued torment broken only by fleeting spells of moderate joy which only serve to set us up for the next fall.
I have thought a few times about supporting a team in Seria A or in Spain to make life easier, but you need the lows to appreciate the highs.
To top it all the football was brilliant even 2 down with 3 mins to go we were at it, never giving up. At now 45 I have been Leeds through and through I love them like a shit marriage for better or worse can’t say it started with Glory as im too young to have had the privilege to have watched the Great Don Revies team. We are, as per pattern relieved at the ending of the present listing but so eager to see the next showing just in case the ending has changed slightly.
Before they had them they would only generally Verti-Drain once a year, but some pitches have already been Verti-Drained three to four times since the beginning of the year.  James is confident this will result in better surface quality and will more than justify the expenditure.
Subscription costs just £35 for 12 months and can be paid by credit card or cheque (made payable to Fencing News). It’s alarming that he felt such a thing had to be written-in in the first place, but given the situation with Antenucci, it seems he was wise to do so.
Which is not to say (a) that he should not show more care for the feelings of his chief coach, (b) not be more mindful of the fragility of the overall situation at the club he owns, and (c) not waste the capital he still has among a significant number of fans and supporters, though plainly not your good self.
Do you really think Cellino, the rest of LUFC’s board and Leeds Fans LLP didn’t check the credentials of those who approached them?
Featuring ladies and gents fashion and accessories from the 1970s and on, we dona€™t disappoint.
Although ita€™s ALWAYS good to come for kick-off, wea€™ll be replenishing stock ALL DAY to make sure there are plenty of treasures about. Some of the early engines had been built by Robert Stephenson & Co at Newcastle however in 1860 he turned to Kitson & Hewitson for subsequent orders.
Even express passenger locomotives were built by Kitson & Co, such as the 5 'H1' class Brighton Atlantics built for the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway from 1905.
Speight, he had previously served with the Midland Railway back in England and must have thought favourably of the engines Kitson & Co had supplied that company. Kinloch & Co., merchant bankers of 118, Old Broad Street have now provided further working capital for the company and aquired a controlling interest.
The deal also included the lease back of the works itself at a peppercorn rate.[13] On December 19th 1938 the High Court confirmed a reduction of the capital of Kitson & Co.
A decade of absolute dominance, including several Premier League titles and European Cups would be reasonable start, I’d say. Granted this low has gone on far too long and the time is nigh for GFH to find one very wealthy Arab. And we ARE idiots for thinking we would get 2 or 3 half decent players in on loan during this 2 week break…long winter ahead!
During the late 80’s all my classmates looked at the table and chose the top boys [ie Liverpool] regardless of anything else. We were in the old 2nd Division, I will never forget my first match I was 14 and as a Birthday treat me Mum God rest her soul took me on the Train to Sheffield we were playing at Hillsborough and worse yet she bought us tickets in the wrong end. I remember my first game at ER and wearing my full burton kit with pride (although it was chuffing freezing!). It would piss my mum off for starters and she was there when we went mad in Paris so not to be messed with!!! No reason to put myself through all this hurt and confusion, but i will never change, i have a passion for Leeds (United and the city itself) that i cant explian but im loving every minute and will love every minute til i die, Leeds to my last breath!!!
There are times when i have felt like giving up, notably in the last couple of years in the old First Division, and then when we came down in 2003, but like many supporters, I am unable to resist the call of adversity. It is due to them and not the Italian league jokers that we signed why we are now safe from relegation. I know Redders is on a steep learning curve, as OS once put it, but he was smart enough to have exclusive rights over team selection written into his own contract, so why would he miss this trick ? I find it hard to believe that Redders was unaware of the dilemma this now puts the club in.
As for his being a crook, as OS aptly commented, show me a woman who has not been tempted when completing a self-assessed tax return. No better place to shop affordable vintage in a BIG way, throw away your clothes, come get a new wardrobe and still have money left over.
It is interesting to note that even with Lion sleeping (there’s probably a song about that) the two oldest working steam locomotives in the world are still both Kitson engines. In 1851 they won a gold medal at the Great Exhibition for an early tank engine they exhibited. Two prototypes were built in Leeds and displayed in the Centennial International Exhibition in Melbourne in 1888, the Kitson designed engines were then built by Australian firms.
Fewer than 100 of these engines were built though as the Garratt articulated locomotives gained the much larger share of the market. The engine used a double acting cylinder, steam on one side and internal combustion on the other. For the sake of Leeds United, our young players, and of course the ever suffering Leeds United fans, Cellino must be forced out! Fairy Queen in India continues to prove popular on its special trains that operate in the Delhi area. Steam was good for providing a boost of power for starting up or suddenly needing to work harder, where as diesel was ideal for continuous running. Yes disappointment is an understatement but with pride and passion I can safely say when my time comes I will Die a Leeds supporter.
But it obviously puts him in an invidious position with the player when it comes to team selection and defending his choices before the media and fans. This has prompted the railway museum in Calcutta to restore the slightly older (literally one works number previous) Express to working order. The hybrid engine provided the best of both worlds with steam providing that extra boost of power when it was needed and the diesel doing much of the work when the engine was running continuously. Boilers for Austerity tank engines produced at other local works were also produced in the Airedale Foundry.
2.They are a stable corporate entity and professionally managed, not a one man band featuring an untalented amateur.
The exhaust from the diesel was used to heat the steam, saving fuel in the oil fired steam engine. The best option is that he gets bored and gets an offer from someone with more money and more commonsense. They have plenty of sports management experience, and hopefully they have learned from past errors.
Development of diesel locomotives was coming along and the railway companies ordered conventional diesel locomotives. If you dont meet that criteria you are a supporter by proxy and the feeling you will get from supporting them will never be as deep.
I dont know anyone that has given up supporting a team in adulthood cos they are rubbish and return to the table to pick a new team. Leeds is more than a superficial choice its a family and you have to go through the mill to enjoy the good times.

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