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The Italian press are starting to report what many Leeds United fans already suspected, that the club is- once again- up for sale. It’s believed Massimo Cellino is looking to cash-out at Leeds and buy Italian side Parma. The group also revealed they’ve spoken to Red Bull but the soft drinks giant refused to give assurances there would be no change of kit, badge, stadium and club name. At Salzburg in particular, Red Bull were met with fierce opposition from fans, many of whom eventually split off to create a new football club.
Goal-scoring strikers and successful coaches are “massive problems” at LeedsDoes Cellino plan to cash-in before cashing out? Agree,but this time i cant see any players leaving unless they are on Cellino’s terms. I agree Cellino is a complicated soul but i have seen nothing from him to say he or his family are tired of Leeds.
Badge would definitely change to the identikit one they use for every other club, as would the kit.
Yeah mate, never mind the local community and their cultural values and other nonsense, there’s no progress in empathising with such things is there?
The Scratching ShedFounded in 2008, The Scratching Shed is an independent fansite written by, and for, the fans of Leeds United Football Club. Five of the European and domestic medals Allan Clarke received during his time with Leeds United, including those received for winning the UEFA Cup and League title, have appeared on an auction site. We’ve heard that the medals were previously sold by Clarke and are being re-sold by a private owner.
I wounder why Alan sold his medals I thought he was a successful businessman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TSS February 1, 2015 Transfer News 18 Comments Leeds United and Wigan Athletic have agreed a fee of ?500,000 for the transfer of Rodolph Austin, according to Sky Sports. Graham Smeaton September 13, 2014 Leeds United 14 Comments "I don't get it!" I hear that with regular monotony in my day job as an English teacher. TSS March 21, 2014 Leeds United 13 Comments Six games without a win, three consecutive defeats, nine goals conceded in our last two home fixtures. TSS April 17, 2013 Match reviews 33 Comments The long forgotten passing game returned to Elland Road last night as Leeds United cruised to a 1-0 victory over Burnley.
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Check the Health of the rodentIt can be difficult for the average person to check if a pet is healthy or not, so if you decide to adopt or buy the pet, make sure that the seller agrees that you can return them within 48 hours for a full refund after taking the pet to a Vet of your choice for a health check. This week The Scratching Shed welcomes Glen Wilson from Viva Rovers for a look ahead to tomorrow night’s televised Championship tie between Doncaster Rovers and Leeds United.
We’ve already seen this fixture this season – back in August in the Carling Cup, has much changed for Doncaster since then?
On their individual merit; Herita Ilunga and Chris Kirkland are good signings in problem areas, we needed left back cover with Tommy Spurr now out injured and with Sullivan and Woods at opposite ends of the experience spectrum a talented goalkeeper is not to be sniffed at.
You had a dodgy start to the season but results have picked up since the departure of Sean O’Driscoll. Its hard to predict how Saunders will play it now he’s had two match-free weeks to work with his side. I have no idea, I struggle with predictions at the best of time, but have absolutely no clue as to how Rovers will play this one. It looks like Willie McKay has had a big influence on the Doncaster Board and managed to secure a few short term loans of one or two big names. There is just no way Doncaster are winning this game, they have a dreadful team bar a few players who have some quality. I’m equally shocked that Doncaster fans think they can put 4 goals past us, since when exactly can a team like Doncaster score 4 goals?
They will be fired up as you would expect ,its their biggest game since Saunders came in its on the box and a derby ???
Like to think we can win at Donny 1-0 now would be fantastic ,think they have a goal in em so my prediction 2-1 becchio to start !! There was never any doubt of us losing this game or even drawing, if you’ve seen Leeds play against Doncaster, or at their best you would of known without a doubt we had this game in the bag. All hutches are built with 32mm x 32mm pressure treated timber framing that will not rot, and are completely maintenance free.
All kennels are built with 32mm x 32mm pressure treated timber framing and externally cladded with high grade UPVC , and are completely weather-proof. The kennels and shed floors are constructed from high grade pressure treated decking, and are elevated off the floor. Mick Jones admitted it would be almost impossible for Leeds United to refuse a decent offer for teenage sensation Sam Byram if any of the Premier League’s biggest clubs came in for him this January. Quizzed about speculation surrounding Luciano Becchio and Sam Byram, Jones said he wasn’t surprised by the interest but there was no pressure on Leeds United to sell key players. While the top clubs continue to keep an eye on Sam Byram’s progress, Luciano Becchio is once again at the centre of transfer speculation, this time linking him with a ?4m move to struggling Wigan Athletic. Considering how effective the Argentinian has been this season and how important he is to the way in which Neil Warnock has Leeds United playing, I sincerely doubt the club will be entertaining offers for him.

That’s the joy of being a Championship club (or any club outside the top 4 for that matter), your best players will always jump at such chances.
When Leeds were in the second division under Don Revie, he guarded his young talent jealously from other clubs, which is why he was able to eventually build his succesful side.
30 grand a week for example at Liverpool and Premier League football vs 5 grand and Championship. Well unfortunately, if we get a decent bid for Byram, I would bet my gonads that we sell him.
It depends too a little on the player wanting to leave but with Becchio and Byram who have longish deals its about leeds saying hold on you signed a deal we are keeping you and by the way you are staying. Is this a PR exercise to soften us up for the fact that we won’t be bringing in any real quality in January? As long as the money is fully invested in the side, I would wish him well and the best in his future career and hope the lad gets the Senior England call up he deserves. I read his comments simply as the thoughts of a junior management bod who hasn’t been trained in the art of deflecting questions.
Agree with Ron, if we have to let them go and get 4 mil for Becchio and 6 mil for Byram then so be it.
I just read this on YEP and thought – this is either pretty naive or else they have decided to try and cash-in. Continuing to sell of what’s left of our silverware would only mean that the club could continue to function as an entity this year by leveling its books, but it will give the final blow to fan confidence .
Becchio is worth more than Jordan Rhodes who was sold for 8 million earlier this season even though he was a League One player.
My only condition about selling is that if we did sell we’d need to have at least half of the money reinvested, or it would be a waste. If this the way GFH are going what is the point of supporting them, Mick J has been told to say this because this is going to be the end product. Concrete Sheds : Shed Construction And Woodworking Concepts For Beginners – Is in reality this particular your own quite first time Generating a woodoperating get rid of? The objective of the actual get rid of leads to that dimension as nicely as design is better. What ever you choose to make use of the get rid of with regard to is incredibly your decision.
Make sure to provide much factor to think about towards the get rid of area, especially should you select the cement basis. Should you’re not fairly confident concerning the details, use the world wide Internet as nicely as go to Internet sites that provide get rid of programs free of charge to obtain suggestions. Cellino is currently banned from exerting any control over Leeds United after falling foul of Football League rules and seems to have reached the conclusion that his ownership of an English side is untenable with more courtcases in Italy still to come. Red Bull recently denied they planned to takeover another football club just days after Massimo Cellino confirmed an approach from them. Can a joiner not be put on any subsequent sale that they have to tie to the club for a minimum period, a bit longer that one year.
We should all just endorse the marketing gimmicks of psychotic corporate entities instead, seen as though that’s where the virtues of the free market economy clearly lie.
O’Driscoll was a world away from other football managers, no time for cliche or soundbites or the hyperbole of the press.
He had three games in eight days, starting the afternoon after he was appointed so I can’t see his approach to the games so far as anything other than playing the percentages. As you would have seen in the League Cup game Kyle Bennett is an impressive talent on the ball, though he’s likely to start from the bench. I spent the end of last year bemoaning the injustice of Scunthorpe having his talent on their books, and wrote it off to Nunez going there as reconisance for the Honduran steel industry. Lets go for 4-4, Chris Kirkland picking up a knock that rules him out for three months as the fourth Leeds goal goes in.
No amount of barn door billy loan strikers and cast offs from other teams will make them beat us. I agree on some of your points but let’s not forget big jon Parkin terrorised us last season and even got a standing ovation from us when subbed in the Preston debacle. We can also supply winter screens for all mesh doors on all rabbit hutches at a relatively low cost. Please note the size of the photographs will be as near as possible to that requested, however to avoid distorting the image sizes may not be exact.
Or was it something more innocent, perhaps an Assistant Manager revealing his January fears? There wasn’t such a giant gulf between the turnover of the biggest clubs and those lower down.
Not much the club can do if someone with money offers Byram 30 grand a week to play for them, such as Liverpool or Manchester United, seeing as they will quite happily pay 100 grand for their best players a week in wages.
Before Revie became manager we had sold our biggest star John Charles to Juventus and plummeted back to the second division, but after he took over we did not sell a star player again until 1978 when Jordan and Mcqueen went to Man Unt. Only a handful of players have ever been huge reasons why their team goes up, the last player I could recall was probably Taraabt at QPR when they were promoted. Keeping hold of Byram and Becchio will be lauded as a great result in the face of pressures to sell to mighty Liverpool. I wouldn’t blame Byram at all though if his head gets turned by the lure of playing for a team in a much better position as us.
But let’s not squirrel the money away, go out and get 5 or 6 quality players with the cash to give us a chance at getting up.
Considering that we need players in and not out, and loyal fans have been promised investment in the team years ago, selling will only lead to further down spiralling of crowds. If the club has a debt of 20 million if promoted as the LUST has concluded, how much does the club has cost GFH considering that they have paid Bates 52 million plus, a sum which excludes Elland Road and Thorp Arch.

So if Leeds are really not after money to balance their books, or just to be able to fund two or three players because they are starved of cash, they should only entertain offers for Becchio that are higher than 10 million. If we’re going to sell him, we should wait 6 months, get a season out of him, and sell him then. Prior to beginning about this task, you call for to spend a couple of time Performing analysis therefore you’ve got a good understand of developing 1.
One of the most crucial stage could be to strategy efairly thing in advance to prevent errors.
A few of the much more prevalent varieties contain gable, gambrel, saltbox, toned, as properly as pent roofing. We should all bask in the inevitable glory of the soft drinks company franchise team that will emerge from the tarnished ashes of that loser football club Leeds United AFC, with its backwards way of simply existing and losing matches occasionally of all things. Out has gone the thoughtful, long-term planning of Sean O’Driscoll and in has come Dean Saunders and an embracing of doing everything for the short term. The other names the club have supposedly spoken too; Mouhamadou Diarra, Frederic Piquionne, El Hadji-Djouf are simply ridiculous.
He had a measured and inteligent approach and we’ll never see anyone of his ilk again at Rovers.
His two goals at Doncaster in the League Cup showed just how much talent he has and I remain perplexed at how little game time he seems to get at Elland Road. I mean seriously they couldn’t score 4 goals past anyone last season nor could they this season. My issue with Leeds has always been the failure to re-invest the transfer money into 2-3 quality players straight away. Unless Byram starts banging them in like Bale, a good bid is going to be too much for Bates, sorry GFH, to refuse.
Isn’t it obvious that the club has been sucked dry from every penny by Bates, after we had to endure administration? The fans will dictate whatever happens after that and I will personally lead the revolution if there is a negative cashflow to playing squad value at the end of it. Storage sheds constantly are not complicated buildings at all, Nonetheless that does not imply thin the process of creating all of them is efairly a stroll withwithin the recreation area. However, when the objective is perfect for keeping yard as properly as backyard gear, like a utilizing yard mower, a 10×12 or even bigger get rid of could be demanded. Doing this additionally will allow you to to turn into far more assured even though you start off to build, as properly as totally the real task within an effective method. Nevertheless, for those who have a sizable yard, after that you’ll have a quantity of areas to place this. Generate a summary of just about all points that you simply intend so that you simply can shop withinside the get rid of Not simply for the short term Nevertheless long-term too. It offers specialist suggestions with phase-by-step techniques, photographs and diagrams to make each project simple to tackle.It is bursting with ideas for more than 12,000 woodworking projects! Do you really think Cellino, the rest of LUFC’s board and Leeds Fans LLP didn’t check the credentials of those who approached them? The club have stated they’re taking a new approach to signings, getting in big names on loan (or unattached players) helping them get games to put themselves in the shop window in January. He was structuring the club for the long-term, a strategy that was always likely to be abandoned by whoever took over from him.
Thankfully, the second halves have generally been better and we’ve also benefitted from a hell of a lot of luck, notably at Peterborough and at home to Palace where we could have been conceivably both a goal and a man down in fifteen minutes. If we are going to sell Byram, let’s get it down early, so we have a fighting chance before the window closes. A 30 goal striker at this level must be kept, but everyone else is for sale I imagine.Trust me, I would love nothing more than for us to keep Byram and make the PL with him, but with Bates still in the picture, watch this space. Bates is smeared all over this one and I think Mick is just being honest and shocked at the lack of funds available… (imo). Make certain thin the real thickness from the doorapproaches tfinish to be broad sufficient to support your personal bigger products.
You will find programs for birdhouses, garden furnishings, outdoor sheds, full dimension decks, and every thing in in between.
The quality with the information found in Concrete Sheds (Concrete Sheds : Shed Construction And Woodworking Concepts For Beginners) is well above anything you will discover available today.
Hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll start to see exactly what Saunders has in mind and aims to do.
Currently, there is a ?4 million development scheme to bring the viaduct back into use, which may include a new 'Skywalk' from Holbeck Urban Village into the City Centre. You may get a concept from the options you have as a way to enhance the real get rid of whenever possible. Personally I think its very risky as it stands to upset those already in the squad and disjoint the set-up. All ideas are total from commence to finish, and consist of material lists, comprehensive diagrams, and explicit stage by phase directions. Incidentally Chimbonda, and reportedly Kirlkland, are clients of Willie McKay, agent to Dean Saunders.
McKay is being used (supposedly on a nominal fee of ?100 a week) to help scout such players.

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