Buy a print or gift: We now have a NEW online shop where you can browse and buy photos from our museum's extensive collection. Discover 300 years of history and 1,000,000 objects that changed the world in the UK's largest railway museum. Breaking Lewis Cook follows in Dele Alli's footsteps Brian McDermott - The last successful Leeds United manager Proof that protests have no negative effect on the team Expensive stunt planned for Middlesbrough game Shameless click-bait poll: Time to go, Massimo? The emails, which were obtained by the BBC under the Freedom Of Information Act, show council officials tirelessly attempting to help Leeds United avoid relegation and financial doom by coming to a mutual agreement for the repurchase of Elland Road. The council would loan Leeds United ?18-25m at 4% interest – an incredibly low amount for a loan that would have stretched over 20 years. It’s almost a little too convenient that the mysterious ?10m investor would be interested in exactly the same things Ken Bates is. It almost seems as though Leeds United have attempted to use the clubs uncertain future as chips in a game of high stakes poker with the council. You can read the emails yourself over at The Square Ball, but for me, the council have been backed into a corner by Leeds United who seemed to be using the council’s fear of losing a huge city asset as leverage. Yet through all this, the council continued to try and find a mutually suitable solution, only for Bates to later announce that ”revenge is a dish best eaten cold” claiming that the council had little interest in helping the club. The 10 million is clearly bates and associates money ,well if he had that money he should of used it to spend on his club  to stop people loosing money from the admin . I understand your wanting everything to be true so you can see a new owner.  Who do you think this will be? Your looking for flaws where there are none, and in the absence of that, seem to have invented your own.
If a club doesn’t have a multi billionaire as owner then they have to look at aall ways to bring in additional revenue.
Bates is trying to earn money, but if it was for the good of Leeds United Football Club, the priority would be to wipe ?3m a year off our expenditure by spending ?17m to regain control of the stadium. Like the ownership of our ground (which we all know Bates owns) and TA, all these side projects will be separate companies with untraceable accounts that have no benefit to Leeds United whatsoever. I don’t fully understand why Bates has (allegedly) lied about owning Leeds because everyone knows he has. The thing is, even if he has done all his shenanigans legally he still needs to answer to the highest court in this matter, i.e.
He needs to come clean very quickly and have an open book policy going forward or he is never going to stop being despised. KEN BATES LIED , HE WAS THE OWNER ALL ALONG AND LIED IN COURT for the benefit of the circling lawyers  (allegedly) .. Why build a hotel adjoining a football ground, where there is no business park, entertainment hub, retail – oh wait theres a megastore and shopping arcade planned….
Well he managed to take us into administration in 2005 at the peak of the economic cycle, brushed of other potential investors at the stage of the CVA – and since then not a red cent has come in from China, the Gulf, the States – whys that? Leeds city council wanted to save Leeds United, buy the ground, and asked effectively who they needed to write the cheque to – Kens response – none of your business – just give me the cash and I’ll see that its safe…. We’ve already been in league one, we might go up who knows – but as sure as eggs are eggs we will end up having to part company with Ken – and that will take some dogfight. Following a 2-1 defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt in Austria last week, a match marred by violence between German and English fans, Leeds completed their overseas pre-season tour with another 2-1 defeat against Hoffenheim in Norway. New arrival, Tom Adeyemi got on the scoresheet for Leeds, but his goal was sandwiched between two from a strong German side who finished 8th in Bundesliga last season. There was some bad news for The Whites however as Lewis Cook limped off injured in the first half. Norway is home to a large number of Leeds United supporters and the game was very well-attended by pre-season standards. The Scratching ShedFounded in 2008, The Scratching Shed is an independent fansite written by, and for, the fans of Leeds United Football Club. Alongside our imports is the rejuvenated Rodolph Austin who’s probably been our best outfield player so far this season, no more so than against Huddersfield where he was simply sensational.
The diamond formation, a point of great irritation for fans only a few weeks back, suddenly makes sense. And speaking of Lewis Cook, the boy marshalls our midfield like he’s been running the show for a decade. One well-known Sky Sports pundit went as far as to predict relegation for Leeds this season, and in fairness to him, his prediction was perfectly reasonable.
Yet here we are – our hastily assembled team, madcap owner and caretaker boss providing more reasons to be cheerful than Leeds United fans have had in a long time, all of which begs the question – are we capable of challenging the top six this season? Hockaday was the only man to ever prove that you can polish a diamond and get a turd in return.
Yes, he is starting to come through nicely each game he plays and his passing has been excellent in recent games. Massimo has certainly proved that you can get competent players without forking out 1 million for the likes of Wootton…. Listen it is an absolute reform at present, everyone on that pitch in the games Redders has been in charge has in their own way merited a first team place, yes there are kinks to iron out but with so many players tussling for a place and Darko to impress I can only see the standard of play improve from this moment on, can we finish in the top 6?…. True, every signing so far has shown a great level of hunger and drive, long may it continue. Burley and Leicester each showed the merits of a team rather than individual focussed approach. True, and I actually think we have quality in enough positions to make it less individually focused, it just takes a couple to step up and take the chances (or perform miracles in Silvestri’s case) each week to keep the points stacking up. As you say, things are very tight in the Championship, and a win against one team can easily be followed by a couple of losses. Fact is, we have three strikers who can finish chances (often 90% of the battle), a stronger looking defence than in previous years and the midfield is starting to click. I think what has been really pleasing is the quality of the finishing – something everyone was worried about when Ross was sold. What I think has happened under Redfearn is that he has approached the team like the youth squad he is used to (they are after all a very young squad) and concentrated on getting the basics right and this means that we are just about resilient enough for the quality we have to win the games down the other end.
Redders mentioned he was working on passing in tight areas in order to accellerate the gelling process of strangers so they get used to each others movements quickly and so they an play out of tight situatons and the results of this were clear over the last 2 games at least. What will happen now is that Darko Milanic, who is a highly trained UEFA pro level coach with multi lingual skills will come in (under Redders crucial guidance on the homegrown talent as well as how the Cship works) and provide the next level of training and if he can get us flowing like Maribor, with these players, we will toast this division mark my words!
True, and this will always be an issue with Italian defenders, as they will have to get used to the (sustained) pace of English football, but once they do their tactical awareness will show through. I should add though that I don’t expect this to happen overnight, the players are still effectively strangers and the new coach will need time to get his ideas across. I think something fundamental changed in the last 360 minutes of Leeds United football and the hiring of Milanic reflects this change.
On the contrary, he and us are very excited about the new boys, and Massimo’s effort and commitment to Leeds United.
I never doubted Chris Wood as such, but his performance against Everton convinced me he’ll lead our line like no one since Luciano Becchio has managed. Depth tends to be an issue for every second tier club and while our starting XI is strong, there’s obvious areas in which an injury or suspension could do serious damage. Our business may be complete with the arrival of Dallas, but if we are to add one more, I’d suggest signing another left-back makes the most sense since Taylor is versatile and can play LB and LW, thus giving us adequate cover in every position.
When Redders first stepped in to the hot seat we played great for a few games, closing down and attacking, and scoring goals.
I think Leeds are stronger than last season but that comment applies equally as well to 10 other clubs in the league. We do look a different beast all together, just like you said Adeyemi has looked exciting so far what a prospect and his age too, might not miss Austins tenacity as much as I thought. I agree totally, I think Mowatt providing he stays fit will be a very key player this season he pulled all the strings against Everton and looks like he shook of the attention of other clubs, so far so good.
Well, we looked Barcelona – esque against Everton, the build up to the Mowatt goal was phenomenal especially against a stable consistent premiership club in Everton.
I know and we wrote it at the exact same time, it shows the confidence amongst us fans is resounding lol. I don’t know what is happening with Matt Dawson, and maybe he will go out on loan to get some games? I know we’ve got Luke Murphy and probably Stuart Dallas to come in but with 46 very competitive league games plus several cup ties to play injuries are inevitable. We have the same players in defence that we had last season so I expect we’ll continue to look very static and when anyone runs at pace at us we look in trouble. The biggest problem last season was that we never looked like scoring a goal, so once we went behind we were done. If Mr Rosler’s high tempo, and pressurising the opposition in all areas can be maintained, this will help too. I`m hoping Berardi can suppress his homicidal urges, fulfil his potential and nail down the RB berth.
On paper I wouldn`t pair Bellusci and Bamba but I`m hoping they replicate their stats, in tandem, from last season.
I`m hoping Taylor, Mowatt, Cook and Byram have just improved incrementally ( does anyone else think Mowatt is looking a bit leaner, fitter and hungrier ? I`m hoping Ademyi can fulfil the promise a number of people have seen in him and has the nous to match his intelligence. I`m hoping both Wood and Erwin prove to be Morrison on quality, pace and enthusiasm steroids, a comparable work ethic will suffice. I suspect youthful enthusiasm will attack the cup competitions adding to the fixture burden. But if the midfield do a proper job covering back and tracking runners, it will make a big difference. Also marking properly at set pieces, and not leaving people unmarked at the far post will help too.
It would be great to have a season where we are competing at the top, instead of worrying about relegation! We’re better positioned than last year but, by my count, so are at least 8 or 9 other Championship sides. We also had the embargo nonsense and Cellino Ban to contend with(all pretty demoralising for the club) I reckon we will stay far away from relegation this season, I would bet a huge packet on that and just hope we can challenge for promotion for once. I think Adeyemi(as long as he continues to look as he has) will be the biggest difference maker this season and it’ll be quietly as most CDM are. The short trip down the M62 has not always been a favourable one for Leeds United in recent times, losing 1-0 and drawing 2-2 in the last meetings. I decided to start the day early, drinking in one of my old local haunts with 90% Huddersfield town fans, hardly drinking with the Millwall boys though is it…. So on the way we went, my Huddersfield friend driving me to the game  and arriving in good time to watch the Leeds players warming up, to another great away following. The fans would always play a pivotal part in a Yorkshire derby, and Huddersfield would not disappoint with their cup final bringing out every man and his dog for the much anticipated game, it was a strange thing to see the Leeds ex supremo Simon Grayson leading the charge down at Huddersfield now, and stranger still seeing Huddersfield trying to replicate Leeds of old with the Adam Clayton in the middle of the park, and the possibility of the Leeds legend Jermaine Beckford coming back to haunt the Whites.
After a short period of Huddersfield dominance off the pitch, with the ever so inventive ‘Jimmy Savile’ chants being sung it fell to Leeds to reassert the status quo, silencing the boys’ pen and the drummer. The first half was almost over, Leeds were in control and limited Huddersfield to little possession and even fewer chances, closing them down in a solid manner. Half time came as Leeds was still reflecting on the penalty decision, and how we could possibly not be leading the game. So on and on Leeds pressed, almost camped in the Huddersfield half, passing fluently, passing it around like a poor man’s Barcelona. If we can keep Thomas and Tate, and add a few more to our ranks, we should be a sure thing for the playoffs, and a good contender for the 2nd place spot.

The bubble will soon burst for either Palace or Cardiff, we have to be ready and willing to kindly take their spot that they’ve kept warm for us.
I think what is exciting is that arguably our best two attackers are short of match fitness in McCormack and Thomas. Jason Pearce recently told LUTV that he wasn’t happy with the number of goals conceded so far this season, but that not every goal is the fault of the defence. In fact, Bolton wasted a number of shots throughout the match, finishing with 16 attempts versus Leeds’ 6. A point from a weary performance which we didn’t deserve 3 points for, has to be welcome. Warnock said before the match that he feels the team is excellent, but that it requires 3-4 extra faces to make it competitive over the course of a season. We had both poleon and white, they were both fresh, young with lots of pace and skill, but for some reason Warnock didn’t bring them on, why not?, especially when Bolton equalised with still ten minutes remaining, these two could have turned the game back in our favour.
Agree with the point about us having mostly played the tougher teams so far- NW said the same thing a few days ago too. As such think we’re doing pretty well at the moment, given our thin squad, just as long as we get at least 6 points from the next 3 games against bottom half teams, all winnable. It’s funny, I agree with you both but every year we say it’s going to be harder than the last! You have to feel a bit sorry for White: like Madely, his versatility seems to work against him. I wondered about that but i think its down to Warnocks gut feeling that Dury is better defencively and so away from home he opts for the safest option.
Give us an example of a modern side playing at least 46 matches with 18 players or less, without getting demoted. Modern football for me okay post 1960s when, this is my personal version here, LEEDS UNITED was in the rising mood and will. Leeds under DR were fighting on three or four fronts every season for a decade – including the old Inter-City Fairs Cup, for which they hold the record number of appearences. And those pitches back in 1970s how to describe it, my late father used to say that those pitches were very fertile soil for potato growing habits.
Just for physical side of this then who could (of top players) survive today in those places?
Whilst we have done well so far, despite the loss of McCormack, another 3 months to the end of the year with this intensity of games makes it difficult to see anything other than a quickly tiring squad with nothing left to give in the last 30 minutes of each game.
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One locomotive is already on the turntable and another one has derailed and fallen into the pit.
One in which, Leeds City Council attempted to overcome concerns of hidden ownerships, overvalued assets and unreasonable loan requests from the club to find an agreement that would not only support the long-term future of the club, but also provide value for money to the taxpayer.
The principle planning permission and first refusal on additional land all seem to tie in nicely with the hotel and retail facilities our chairman has been planning to build for several years now. A ridiculous number of clubs have been taken over by wealthy people in the past decade or so, yet none of them have highlighted a need for hotels and non-matchday events to build their coffers – not even after plans were announced to restrict clubs to wages based on their own income.
The council, worried that the city may lose a club which brings people, money and attention to the city, were left desperately trying to help the club, whilst at the same time, trying to uncover who it was their money was going to (fears of money laundering laws were mentioned at one point), whether their loan would be safely repaid and most importantly, whether the taxpayer was getting a fair deal. The council were left in an impossible position where they had no idea where their money would be going, whether they could rely on Leeds United to repay the huge loan they requested and where a mysterious investors demands were bordering on blackmail. What are they going to do that keeps the club in it’s present financial stable condition and not go down the route where it all ends in tears again. I actually think it was a good idea, and LCC made every attempt to try and help the club – Harvey et al were serving an entirely different agenda though, one which seemed more interested in building stuff on the surrounding land than securing the future of our club. West Ham want an increased stadium capacity FOR additional matchday revenue so that argument is completely flawed.
Read back through what I actually wrote, and the emails published on The Square Ball, then come back and tell me what part was tunnel-visioned.
Man City and other big clubs can flout the new laws coming in by announcing sponsorship deals from themselves etc, stadium naming rights, businesses sponsoring players (i.e.
Take a look at stadiums like Bolton’s which is a purpose built stadium  containing offices and  shops around it so that it can bring in a revenue stream. Businesses operate on footfall – the footfall in Leeds city centre is vastly superior to Beeston. We will of course have to get him to be honest about who owns the club – and where all the money is going, plus who owns the ground – a tangled web – what happens if the young buck corks it at 79 Years young? Nevertheless, Leeds boss Uwe Rosler will be pleased by the club’s pre-season preparations against a much higher standard of opposition than the club faced last year. No news yet on his condition, but after becoming such a key part of the squad last season, fans across the world will be crossing their fingers and praying it’s nothing too serious.
In the last 135 minutes of football, The Whites have scored six times without reply as Neil Redfearn signed off another spell as caretaker boss with two impressive wins. Bellusci for example, Leeds United’s box-to-box centre-back, scored a phenomenal free-kick which made all the headlines against Bournemouth before running the length of the pitch to attempt an audacious lob against Huddersfield (one which bounced off the crossbar and was tucked away by Antenucci), but defensively, he still looks to be getting to grips with the English game at times. Souleymane Doukara is a real talent, Mirco Antenucci has genuine quality and Marco Silverstri could well be the best goalkeeper we’ve had since Nigel Martyn (and I really rated Paul Robinson). He, along with Alex Mowatt, Stephen Warnock and Jason Pearce are thriving with better players alongside them and have really stepped their games up to make the starting XI one hell of a selection headache. It still looks a bit narrow at times, but with Lewis Cook as midfield anchor and a bit of pace added to the team, the system has genuine merit. David Hockaday was a ludicrous appointment made by an eccentric owner we’re still trying to figure out and we started the campaign on the back of a calamitous pre-season, without anything close to a finalised squad in place. What appear to have been cautious team selections were perhaps understandable in the context of late signings. Possession figures were distorted by end of game when we were down to 10 men (and we still had 49% overall!) and part of the reason they created very little is because we didn’t make it easy for them to do so. Momentum counts for a lot too in this division and I think we have that in our favour at the minute. The six unanswered goals you mention were all very well taken and importantly for front men the confidence will continue to build. As mentioned below, there is really no magic formula to this division other than having a bit of quality and hopefully all the doubters will see why Cellino has gone for foreign players, because they have that bit extra in their technical ability.
That approach will get us so far, but we will need to be more advanced to beat the best teams in the division and then reach and stay in the premiership. The difficulty for me now is picking the 1st choice 11 as there are so many promising options! The general way to get promoted from this division is to do the basics right, have a good team spirit and above all to have a bit of extra quality in personel and that is more often than not enough.
My theory, and of course it could be wrong, is that Cellino and Salerno have accelerated their plan for Leeds.
Also the slating of all these foreign players that were criticized only cause he has never heard of them and apparently that justified the slander thrown at MC and the player he bought in by thescratchingshed o.
I can only comment on comments i have read and intially i am referring to when MC first came and within the first couple of months of his reign.
Too much change and instability, our best players sold and obvious weaknesses in a squad lacking balance.
They, along with Silvestri, Berardi, Antenucci and one or two others provide a stable core with a year of playing together under their belts. The left-side has long been an area of weakness for Leeds, creating an imbalance that dragged other players out of position and knocked on to everything else. He’s strong, has half a yard of pace, moves around well, looks comfortable in possession, holds the ball up to bring other players into the game and, rather importantly, has an eye for goal.
We have the required stability, a manager with a plan to play the kind of football I think will get the best out of our young side and have strengthened the biggest problem areas of last season.
If Leeds are there or thereabouts come Christmas, I fully expect him to double-down on a promotion push and strengthen any areas in which we’ve struggled. Add the fact that UR plans to play with a high back line and speedy opposition players could have a field day against us. Probably realistic to think we’re a better chance of going down than up but not all that likely to do either. Obviously Tom is not on the same level but look what a player like Matic did for Chelski last season. However, the air around Elland Road has been somewhat lighter since the long awaited takeover was finalised 11 days ago. After a few early morning pints and a structured debate over what the score will end up being led to the assumption that Leeds has little to no chance of victory over famous Huddersfield Town. On the pitch Town started the stronger, passing well and causing the unchanged (apart from McCormack) Leeds side minor problems.
As in previous games, Norris and Tonge controlled the midfield well, distribution was brilliant, and the much missed McCormack was slotting in excellently, causing endless problems for the Huddersfield defence. There was barely time to break into a chant of Marching on Together before Becchio latched onto a well-placed cutback by United’s number 44 to fire Leeds into the lead with a splendidly placed shot into the top corner of Smithies net.
Byram and Green had complete control of the right flank, McCormack and Becchio were having fun terrorising a frankly poor town defence, and Peltier, Lees and Tate looked as stern as ever. The half time entertainment left a lot to be desired, as it would seem the compere had learnt from his previous exploits with Leeds and the fans alike (he was banned for 6 games in 2009 for goading Leeds fans). Rarely for Leeds, we didn’t sit back, onwards we attacked, confining Huddersfield to long range efforts and a rare corner, and the pressure mounted on Town to try and win for only the second time in seven attempts. At last we have attacking options going forward and players on the bench who can make a difference. When Becchio gets good ball he scores and the addition of Ryan Hall with some fitness has made a difference to that very delivery. Anybody not disappointed to come away without three points must lack a competitive spirit, but it was a tough game in which Bolton, in fairness, were the better side. On the back of 3 matches last week, with only one change made and 3 days rest from the long trip down to Bristol, Bolton brought the game to us in the first half.
Bolton fans could feel frustrated that their side hadn’t taken a comfortable lead by half-time, but young Sam Byram would have none of it. They pushed for the rest of the game and Davies bagged the equalizer for them with 10 minutes left. Dominic Matteo, meanwhile, has opined that good additions to the squad will only help the existing side grow as players – an especially important factor given the young age of some of our lads. Palace, for example, might not have lookeda tough team a few weks back, yet are now looking very good. By all accounts, he handled Adomah very well on Saturday, so what tactical reason, I wonder, caused Warnock to drop him for Drury ? Drury is better definitely better defensively and when ive seen White play [last season against a good Reading side] he was very poor at the back and other managers would spot he is a weak link, due to his poor positional sense [which is a sign of his age rather than his ability] His best attribute is dribbling and taking on players and should be used on the left wing. The Reading game, I agree, did find him out of position, and even then Lonergan was at fault for not coming off his line, as he later admitted. Hope Austin recovers in time for Saturday , he has played a lot of football recently and perhaps fatigue is starting to set in . I have seen some teams going through the season with 16 or less players and winning trophies both in 1st Division as well as PL.

11 v 11 And when your lower jaw has dropped then remember this very thing pitches at those days were very different.
Warlock gives belief and the players are trading on that heavily but that is a poor substitute for depth and every fan knows it.
New online shopBuy a print: Thousands of our images are available as postcards, notecards and framed or unframed decorative prints. This has nothing to do with hating Bates, it is to do with the fact that LCC seemed to be the only party involved in these negotiations that cared for the football aspect of our club. The council have clearly seen through this and as such, proposed a cheap lease-back agreement to the club (not Bates) so that Elland Road would be a home of football for 125 years to come, and we’d be charged very affordable rent. Going into administration when the implication recently was that he allegedly had ?10m to invest was outright arrogance and irresponsibility, it smacks of his allergy to paying the taxman – who footed the bill? Why not invest your money in a city centre hotel, or better still into the football team?….
While a draw, or even a win, would have been nice, there was a danger Leeds could be totally overwhelmed by the opposition we’ve faced, but instead, it seems the squad gave a good account of themselves and can return home happy with their performance.
The same is true of Berardi who picked up his second red card in just four appearances against Huddersfield for two careless challenges.
I find myself constantly in awe of his ability and the influence he manages to exert on games at such a young age. Amongst other benefits, it will reduce the pressure on, and our expectations of, our own Academy products. Imagine what Doukara and Antenucci are feeling when they play, let alone score in front of nearly 30k fans at ER? My optimism comes from the fact that we will continue to have the basics right and the spirit due to the continuity of Redfearn and then we will have an extra level provided by our new progressive coach which ought to be an advantage against the normal opposition.
That gives us a base to think of playing better football which will give us a better chance if and when we finally get back to the prem. They have switched from planning for just survival and steadying the ship mode to planning for the Premiership and possibly European football. Including the slating of the foreign players on grounds that they were unknown he in England. Given the price of success and failure in this division, that kind of stability can be pretty rare and should count for a lot. With Micro Antenucci as back-up, width provided by Byram and Dallas plus Alex Mowatt adding support, I don’t think goals will be an issue this season. An injury to Sam Byram or Gaetano Berardi would obviously be a problem, but not as big of an issue as one on the left-side where Charlie Taylor and Stuart Dallas (assuming he signs) are our only options. The optimism the victories over promotion favourites Crystal Palace and Leicester City have given the team, management and most importantly the fans, has been clear for all to see. Huddersfield caused Leeds no serious problems, though it can be said the lead they took was deserved, Chris Atkinson running behind the Leeds defence, (albeit into a suspiciously offside position) for a neat pass to find him, enabling him to coolly slot the ball past the helpless Kenny.
Collectively the team was looking more confident on the ball and was beginning to take the game to Town.
However, on the 42nd minute Leeds were pegged back, an extremely dubious decision to award a penalty for a seemingly harmless challenge by Luciano Becchio granted ex white Adam Clayton the opportunity to level the scores.
The second half began then, and much to the surprise of many, Leeds started very strongly, dominating the midfield, with Tonge and Norris passing the ball around as if the Huddersfield midfield had concrete in their boots.
Often Warnock has bemoaned the lack of depth in the squad, so it was wonderful to see Jerome Thomas leave the field and be replaced by Ryan Hall, almost with his first touch he took the ball inside, drilled a low hard pass directly into David Norris’s feet, for him to turn, shoot, nutmeg Peter Clarke and smash the ball beautifully into the Huddersfield net. However, it just didn’t happen for them, and on 86 minutes, the magical maestro Luciano Becchio guided home a stunning 15 yard header from a Ryan Hall cross.
It feels like the players know that with the takeover in place that those not performing will be on the bench come January. It was also a game in which Leeds’ central midfield (Austin and Brown) failed to take control, despite their fantastic showing against Premier League high-fliers Everton last week. It was the experienced Kevin Davies who twice took his chances from set pieces, shaking off marker Rodolph Austin, and the Bolton skipper is clearly a class above this league, playing well as the focal point of Bolton’s attack. Kevin Davies looked a constant threat, but Chris Eagles was another key player for Bolton, moving well and smashing the post with one shot that had beaten the formidable Paddy Kenny. The academy product has been an absolute revelation so far this season, and despite showing his youth at times, he once again put in another very impressive shift. We’ve now played 7 of our 9 matches against teams I would expect to finish in the top half, and have come away only 2 points adrift from the playoffs.
White’s many interventions to cut off forwards who had got behind the other defenders should not be forgotten. Diving in the heat of the moment was almost impossible it would looked pathetic… That is why I respect Jason Pearce here bandage and still going strong. So British academy boys lost their plot because the beautiful game was somehow destroyed…. And the balls could still weigh a ton and that was after the leather bombs with whihc the likes of me had to take corners – with our weaker foots too !
If we can just get to Jan and purchase a disenfranchised Ronaldo…the PL may fall within our grasp!
They also offered a better deal than we currently have (125 year lease with very low rent) that the club also refused for reasons unknown. Leeds need to generate additional cash and make use of a stadium that is used less than 30 times a year for football matches. There is absolutely no way I would book a hotel room in Beeston over Leeds City Centre because location is important and no one wants to be surrounded by a ring road, a deserted football stadium, a busy main road and a council estate.
Well we all did as taxpayers, and local businesses did too, in short only one person came out of it the better – and ?15m better off  – Ken.
It’s only a matter of time before he follows in the footsteps of Fabian Delph and makes his debut for England, of that I have no doubts. Besides sneering is not the Leeds way; I suggest you leave it to our cousins from across the Pennines.
There appears to be an intelligence now working at Elland Road that has not been evident for a very long time. More importantly, I am convinced that we have signed some players who are a level above the vast majority of what we will come up against, what they have produced so far without any time to gel should demonstrate that. Back to back victories are a rarity where Leeds United are concerned, three wins in a row would surely be too much to ask? It was no surprise then when Leeds equalised through a good piece of build-up play, Tonge was somewhat lucky to find the net with his shot, but thanks to a combination of glaring sunlight and defenders blocking the view, Alex Smithies (who made his debut in the 4-0 Leeds victory over Huddersfield in 2008) made a calamitous error with the ball slipping in to the net. He did so dutifully, and much to the dismay of the Leeds management and fans, ran over 40 yards to knee slide in front of Neil Warnock.
Leeds pressed, Jerome Thomas caused the town defence to stretch, and Byram’s overlapping of Green ensured that the Leeds attack pulled apart a poor Huddersfield defence. It was Byram who would bring Leeds level just before the break as El Hadji Diouf put in a good free kick, headed in. Five minutes in, Diouf played another great pass to Sam Byram, and the youngster was pushed from behind. The final 10 minutes were a close thing for both sides, but it was Leeds’ unlikely hero El-Hadji Diouf who almost robbed his ex-club deep into injury time, his shot beating the keeper but denied by the woodwork.
Bolton have had an inconsistent start to the season and find themselves 3 points behind us, but they clearly have real quality about them. It is a little ironic that Warnock’s most expensive signing, Peltier, so far has looked rather poor. It will be interesting to see how Warnock resolves this one – at some point, he will want a a settled first X1, injuries permitting. Tony Dorigo was the last quality left back weve had, even Harte was poor at the back [but like White is good going forward and set peices] although the modern full back need to be a combination of both Drury and White and unfortunately there arent many in the championship that i would say are both? While I think left back is his best position, it doesn’t bother me much where he plays, so long as he is on the pitch.
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Driving round Manchester recently I saw big billboards advertising some sort of hoover  demonstration – location the Etihad (Man City) Stadium. Because it means the stadium would be owned by an independent body (LCC) rather than whichever offshore disguise Bates has it under which he can pay himself through. Moreover he doesn’t own the ground – couldn’t he find a mortgagee to lend him ?15M – at ?2m per year I’m sure even he could get a mortgage. Yorkshire derbies are notoriously difficult to call after all; form goes out of the window! Thomas went close with a shot just over the bar, and the fans, sensing a victory, really got behind the team, chanting vociferously and letting Huddersfield know who Yorkshire’s number one supported club is.
Team spirit at an all-time high, squad depth existent, fans happy, Warnock buzzing, Leeds United back in the promotion race.
A needless foul, and a testament to Byram’s ability, that he worried the Bolton defence so much. From what I see, the fans seem understandably demoralized and there’s an expectancy on them to gain promotion, without necessarily a belief in it happening at the moment. The Whites has now a stern and hard working lot for the promotion run in so try not to forget it. The information below the photo is released under the Creative Commons Universal (CC0) license. So even moneybags City are doing the corporate sh*t and bringing in non matchday revenue.The argument suggesting hotels in the city centre  are struggling is of little relevance as they are in a bad location travel wise in comparison to ER which is conveniently just off the motorway with loads of parking space. A Structured loan over 30 years may even be more cost effective and improve our cashflow, it also makes us more attractive to investors, banks will still invest in property – well unless you already own it. Lower wage bills, new squad at a lower cost than they could have hoped for, the McCormack lottery win, deals with GFH and Bates on restructuring debts and potential law. The penalty was awarded and Leeds took a 2-1 lead as Luciano Becchio cooly converted, sending the keeper the wrong way and bringing his tally to 8 for the season.
Corporate functions  can be easily held there by many non football companies which can bring in huge revenue. Redfearn did well, and Darko sounds promising, so I am optimistic, just not as giddy as everyone else on this blog. As for Leeds, well the weariness is all too avoidable, but we’ll all have to sit tight and wait for things to happen behind the scenes.
Hardly like Bates would want to build something if it wasn’t going to earn him money now is it?We need to look at Leeds United as a long term development both on and off the pitch. Barring a multi billionaire coming in it is the only way we can hope to compete and if our non matchday revenue brings in a few million pounds a year then that gives us a few million pounds more to spend than the clubs who don’t have it.
This in turn has led to fans devotion, increased gates, merchandising etc., therefore more income. So now they need a coach that has managed in a couple of countries, has won cups and leagues and has managed a team in European competition, but is still affordable, hence Milanic. This plan has been laid out before him and he has bought into it, otherwise, would he up sticks and come to Leeds now. Then again, I could just be delusional after the super football Leeds United have playing over the last 135 minutes!

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