Best describe the type - use for your building all building can be modified to your requirements. If you have a special Build requirement we can help you with a design specifically for your requirements. Many people are always looking for something better on the other side of the tracks, but what if we take a few moments and look inside our own beautiful state.
MISSION BELL IS A CALIFORNIA-BASED COMPANY that specializes in quality architectural woodwork, millwork and custom casework. Their work extends from the most intricate one-of-a kind quality woodwork fixtures to standard production cabinets. Mission Bell operates the largest custom millwork manufacturing facility in Northern California. Equipped with high volume, computer-controlled production and machining systems and capable of double shifts, they have more capacity to process large jobs, or turn-around quick schedules, than any other millworker in the region. An established showroom in San Francisco’s Financial District, in close proximity to many architectural and general contracting firms.
A library of dissimilar materials, as well as Reclaimed Recycled Material, that is typically incorporated into millwork assemblies. The showroom features all FSC® green material used in the fabrication of our showroom paneling, and various millwork assemblies, and is used to illustrate and discuss millwork detailing, constructability and material specifications with our clients’ design teams. A collaborative space for Design Assist on projects and an excellent space for project management for ongoing jobs.
Mission Bell leads the local millwork industry in acquisition and installation of reclaimed and recycled wood products.

Their expertise in sourcing unique materials and manufacturing with them can help ensure that your next project is a success. There is a richness and warmth that comes from using wood that has been previously used or has been saved from being discarded. Mission Bell Manufacturing specializes in custom millwork and casework for commercial customers, primarily in California’s Bay Area.
Sure, having the right plants, the right colour, look, and texture helps to achieve your goals. At Ripley Nurseries, we are dedicated to stocking just the right selection of gardening tools to help you achieve the right look, feel, and shape for your garden plants.
In addition to that, they also source and stock unique reclaimed and salvaged wood with great stories.
In 1963, the company was incorporated and moved from Morgan Hill to a larger building in Santa Clara. They prepare custom panels in their immaculate veneer processing lab and operate multiple spray booths for finishing. They periodically acquire quantities of rare, high quality reclaimed wood which can be easily incorporated in your green project. They can recommend reclaimed veneer or solid stock applications that will leverage the material and keep an eye on the budget at the same time. Most reclaimed or salvaged wood has unparalleled architectural quality and character – and often an interesting story that makes it especially attractive for projects.

Our capabilities include in-house lay-up of custom veneer, CNC machining, and custom finishing. This is the reason why we are the main Wisley garden centre area residents turn to for great gardening results.
In 2012, they added a state-of-the-art IntelliStore material handling system, one of only a handful of such systems west of the Mississippi. The Showroom is also staffed by Estimators and a Project Management Team, making it an ideal operational base for jobs located in the City.
We help them achieve the results they have been waiting for by making a wide range of tools and equipment available to them. We are as committed to the success of your garden as you are and this is why we have knowledgeable and friendly staff members that can help you with your gardening questions. In other words, it takes a lot of planning, maintenance, and attention to detail to turn your dream garden into a reality you can smell, touch with your fingers, and enjoy. Come by our store today and get the best service and selection from the best Wisley garden centre.

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