You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Hi Pete, From my knowledge and a bit of research I would not expect the walls to be pressure treated. The shed was pretty much straight forward and easy to put together as the instructions were very clear. From my experience the floor timbers would be pressure treated as these are the only bit that is in contact with the ground.
In terms of any parts missing, I did have to buy some bolts which were not included in the shed assembly kit.

I had some help putting together the shed but I was able to have it prepped and finished in approximately 8 hours done over a two day span. Items one seven of The size of the shed is 10X20 it is equipped with electrical outlets and axerophthol telephone hook up. I used pressure treated 2 by 4's, piers of concrete, a hammer, nails, a tape measure and saw to build the shed. The only problem which I came across were the missing parts, but after informing Home Depot, I was given the said parts for free. I found the shed to be more than satisfactory and it hasn't sprung a leak just yet (although I've only had it for approximately a year now).

I haven't had any problems with the shed just yet and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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