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Join the Conversation Rich is there a way to download this plan and have a list of materials included? The construction of residential walls and ceilings generally uses gypsum board firmly attached to both sides of a wood frame. In order to dampen those approaching sound waves, resilient furring channels can be inserted between one of the gypsum walls and the frame. Resilient channels typically add 3 to 5 Sound Transmission Class (STC) points to an otherwise identical wall or ceiling. In fact, the IIC 50 rating required by the building code almost mandates the use of resilient channels to hang the ceiling in a multi-family project. It is important to distinguish acoustically effective resilient channels from hat channels, z-channels, and other lightweight metal furring systems. As can be seen in the diagram above, resilient channels have two flanges, one wide and the other narrow, with a slotted portion in the middle. Regardless of which brand of resilient channel is used, it is extremely important to install them correctly.
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This video of Victor Wooten S Nature B Workshop 2013 05 26 was uploaded by LeDavDave Corporation on March 29, 2015. This quintessentially ’50s coop has a chicken-wire design worthy of any Bertoia aficionado’s envy, and curves that mimic the stark, wooden stature of a classic Noguchi centerpiece.
How better to feel at home than to reside in a place modeled off of your own embryonic offspring? If your site is not large enough to accommodate these dimensions, the design can easily be adapted to a smaller footprint by shortening the front and back walls and eliminating one of the windows. The resilient channel acts as a shock absorber in this system, muffling vibrations coming from either side.
This can often be enough to meet the STC and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) ratings required by the project design goals or local codes.
Unless the floors are completely carpeted (which is rare for kitchens and bathrooms), it is very difficult to achieve IIC 50 ratings without using resilient channels and batt insulation in the floor-ceiling construction. The other systems may resemble resilient channels, but they afford no movement and are simply too rigid to be effective.
These slots create the flexibility which allow the resilient channel to act as an isolator.
Improper installation will nullify any advantage you would have gained from using them in the first place. If you feel that this technology would be useful in an upcoming project, it is advisable to seek help from an experienced consultant. STC is applied to situations where speech or office noise constitute the main sound problem.
The egg-shaped compartment is made for peaceful (and covered) egg-laying; the wired section is for playing and foraging.
This handcrafted, egg-shaped chicken coop, made from the wood of a fresh-scented cedar, is complete with stainless steel trimming and an elevated glass skylight (for stargazing, breathability). This hen house comes complete with a native-landscaping green roof to merge the aesthetic of the chicken abode with its natural surroundings. Mark the locations for the roof trusses 24 inches on center on the double top plates and attach them.
Since the gypsum board is rigidly connected to the frame, the vibration is transmitted right through the framing to the gypsum board on the other side. In California, the building code specifies minimum lab tested ratings of STC 50 and IIC 50 for partitions in multi-family dwellings.

On a recent project, it took one unfortunate contractor two tries before he finally got it right.
Such an inflexible connection would destroy the benefit of the channels, spending a lot of time and money to create a complex rigid attachment.
It does little good to carefully attach the channels in the middle of the wall when the baseboard screws connect the entire bottom edge to the sill plates. A lack of flex indicates that the channels are shorted out by screws fastened into the wood framing. To determine the rating, an active loudspeaker is placed on one side of the partition, and sound levels are measured on both sides.
When it’s time for spring cleaning (or egg collection), simply lift or remove the lightweight dome. The coop has two perches made from tree branches on the inside, and easy exterior access to its two laying boxes. Those same vibrations travelling through the wall frame can also send sound throughout adjacent floors and ceilings. Assuming they are installed correctly, the ones with the least amount of material connecting the wide and narrow flanges will (in theory) transmit the least amount of sound.
Similarly, it is easy to short out the resilient channels at the top of the wall by screwing into headers. The piers or footings are spanned with 12-foot pressure-treated 2 x 6s and attached with anchor bolts.1To construct the floor frame, start by cutting the rim joists and floor joists from 2 by 4s. Noises will radiate through the structure because there's almost nothing there to cushion or absorb the sound waves. The second time, he correctly installed three different kinds of resilient channels, none of which was the brand specified in the design. This makes it easier to accommodate shear plywood and wall mounted cabinets--simply put the resilient channels on the opposite side of the wall in the affected rooms.
Cut the rim joists 7 feet long and the floor joists 141 inches long (12 feet minus 3 inches). Lay the floor joists along the rim joists, 16 inches on center, and attach them with 16d nails or joist hangers.
Had the gypsum board and sound board been screwed or nailed into the framing system below, it would have eliminated any spring from the material. Place the frame on 2-by-6 pressure-treated runners and make adjustments with shims until the frame is level. When the frame is assembled, make the cuts for the door and window openings, adding the required headers, cripple studs, and jack studs.

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