The shed had only recently been completed in this view, and there was still room to take a picture!
Diesel view Nearest camera, 08 No 13261 on an early trial as part of its ongoing restoration. Honda is preparing to downsize the workforce at its Swindon factory by 800, citing poor demand for its British-built models in Europe. But the Japanese company's products are struggling in a European economy that's being hammered by the effects of the eurozone crisis - and UK-built the Civic, Jazz and CR-V models, are in market sectors most affected by poor sales in southern Europe. The factory currently employs employs 3500 people, and Swindon management is currently undertaking a 90-day consultation period, which it will try and avoid making compulsory redundancies.

Industry analysts predict that 2013 will be a tough year for sales in Europe as the full effects of the austerity measures being introduced in several economies. Ariel of Cardiff Canton depot, where the staff looked after their BR Standard Pacifics extremely well.
Numbers that applied to trains shown in the published public timetable, however since further Reliefs and duplicate trains were shown only in official working notices, these are not included in the lists I have compiled, except by a few notes at the end. Western Railway Journal', 'Steam Days', 'Steam World', 'Trains Illustrated', 'BRILL'; plus many people have kindly helped, in particular Derek Frost. On the left, Hunslet 0-6-0ST "Gunby", an ongoing restoration project; on the right, 0-4-0DM "Woodbine", now fully restored.

This is the first bad news to affect British car manufacturing in 2013 - following a great performance in 2012. The SMMT's UK sales forecast in 2013 is that it will perform at roughly the same level as 2012.
The year by year lists of train reporting numbers currently under construction are my 'best shot' so far.

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