Most of the fixtures and the furniture were custom-made for the house or were salvaged or repurposed by Michelle. A tiny wooden house has popped up between two terraces in Leyton, east London, filling a space that used to be occupied by a decrepit old shed.
At barely two metres - or six feet - wide, the Daily Mail newspaper reported that the ramshackle home was a contender for the title of narrowest house in Britain.

And many of the neighbours of the narrow wooden home on Manor Road in Leyton are hoping that the local Waltham Forest Council will tear down the new house, which is covered in plywood and appeared just one month ago.
The fate of the little wooden house therefore hangs in the balance, as it will certainly be destroyed if no planning permission can be produced. Well, Seattle-based artist, designer, and welder Michelle de la Vega managed to turn it into a functional, practical, and adorable little house.

For such a small amount of space, it looks downright spacious and comfortable, complete with a stunning fireplace for those cold and damp Seattle evenings.

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