Would you like to get away from all the hustle and bustle and relax by the lake in a cabin or your own?
Visit the Carriage Shed to see how a Shed or Garden Structure can enhance your outdoor living space! Keep in mind that wooden sheds provide a natural beauty and durability that many other construction materials just cana€™t provide. As with all of our kits, we offer FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX on our lines of wooden sheds! Wall Height a€” Optional lofts are installed above the 6a€™9a€? interior wall height leaving plenty of head room to move around freely under the loft and more room for storage.
Tall Item Storage a€” In the area where there is no loft or a loft is not used at all, the Tall Barn offers a very open volume ceiling where extra tall items can be sotred. With the Ten Year Warranty we provide, we must use the best material and the best building practices. Value a€” The average 10x12 Ranch shed might easily double in ita€™s usefulness with only a few hundred dollars more by making it a Tall Ranch if you are looking for larger item storage.
Door options a€” Taller Walls allow for oversize Shed Doors, Man Doors and even roll up doors. Customizable a€” The Tall Ranch like the Ranch is only limited in possible uses by your imagination. Versatile a€” Anything that can be done to a Regular Ranch shed can be just as easily accomplished with the Tall Ranch. Whether you are looking to start or expand an existing space, A-Shed USA allows you to tap into the know-how of our knowledge and experience and help you design and build it.

Many of our customers only know us for our quality custom storage sheds and top quality garages. Our unique portable buildings were created by recognizing a need for a commercial quality yet affordable portable structure and developed through our industrial construction experience. PSC Portable buildings are ideal for a wide range of uses from mini storage, relocatable mini-storage buildings, garage buildings, garden sheds, and livestock loafing sheds. Our in-house design capabilities enable us to create buildings that can exceed your expectations.
The prefabricated components are constructed from top grade lumber and construction materials.
They are strong enough to handle damaging rain, wind, snow, hail and flying debris, yet elegant, classy and aesthetically fitting such that they seamlessly blends with nearly any residence or landscaping design. When you build a custom building A-Shed, we provide you with flexibility and the most economical and efficient construction process available so that you get the building you want for less money, and in a shorter timeframe.
A 10-year warranty accompanies every product we build, to prove our resolve to provide you with more for less. Sometimes they are surprised to find out we build highly customized structures such as small commercial buildings, living quarters, and even cabins. All buildings are completely portable and skid-mounted, providing for unlimited flexibility and easy relocation. Whether standard or custom sized, each building is professionally engineered and certified to meet your snow and wind loads. The siding material featured on our wooden sheds is resists to insects, decay and delamination.

These factors are what make wood an ideal material for the outdoor storage solution that youa€™re looking for. Each building is designed to be customized to the size and style you have requested and is engineered to handle specific wind and snow loads of your buildings location. Although carports and garages are our bread and butter, we've custom built many different structures for many different uses. The steel hardware featured on our sheds is completely Powder-coated for beauty and longevity.
That's why custom features like roof pitch, shingles, paint colors, and exterior surfaces typically don't pose any problem. All of these features culminate to allow wooden sheds to provide you with an outdoor storage solution that is attractive and long lasting. All of our shed kits come pre-drilled and are perfectly applicable for use as a backyard storage shed, barn or wooden playhouse.
Lastly, all of our kits come complete with illustrated Step by step instructions that makes constructing our prefabricated wooden sheds easy to assemble!

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