Shed ventilation is so important all year long, but especially so during the winter months since you’re not opening windows. If you store chemicals, like gasoline, paint and paint thinner, or other items that you use only occasionally, you can make yourself sick when working on other projects. Venting skylights can assist with good circulation as well as give you a little extra sunlight. In the event that your shed needs additional airflow, besides simple passive airflow, you can install something like a whirlybird roof vent, or a turbine air vent.
Turbines are useful if your shed experiences high condensation, causing mildew buildup, or if you regularly work with a lot of chemicals. This entry was posted in Maintenance and tagged shed smells, shed ventilation, ventilate, ventilation. The shed in my backyard often smells like mowed grass because that is where the lawn mower resides but after a while it just smells like dirt! DuraMax sheds are built with rigid vinyl walls and reinforced with galvanized steel delivering a Strong, Durable and Low Maintenance shed that will last a lifetime. DuraMax vinyl sheds are built with steel reinforced wall columns and a steel roof truss system to provide great structural strength and rigidity. Designed with an attractive siding look and light beige neutral color walls that have a grain pattern, DuraMax sheds are attractive in any setting. If you are looking for a shed that has the best combination of strength, durability, attractiveness, low maintenance and value for money, DuraMax is the right shed for you. Reinforced with galvanized steel wall colnums that act like wall studs delivering greater strength and rigidity.
Vinyl Storage Sheds are the perfect solution for regaining control over you home, yard, attic and garage!
I would like to put some kind of vents in it but I really don't want to install anything on the roof.

There are also two sky lights on the roof I would have to work around if I did want to install on the roof. Once I had the shed and realized even with the windows open theres no air circulation, I thought about putting in windows on the back like you suggested.
The garage needs to be insulated too so I think that project will have to be planed for next summer. It's a pity that your solar panels are at the ridge of the roof, or you could easily have a low profile ridge vent across it and then with some low wall entry vents the heat would naturally rise and take out the moisture and heat, much more effective than just cross venting.
The turbine is activated by a slight breeze inside the turbine, which vacuums out the hot air. This type of vent allows more control for times when you may want less airflow, such as the wintertime when it gets much colder.
Be sure to find one or two ways to keep the air circulating in your shed so you can breathe easily! From vinyl storage sheds to metal sheds and steel buildings we have the outdoor storage products and accessories you need. We elect new Moderators every April and October and vote on any new or revised forum rules. I love the tack room but in this California weather it turns into a hot box during the summer.
I checked into solar vent's and though they sound great, there way to pricey for just a little shed.
But, again, I'm not that talented to do that sort of construction so I would have to find someone to hire. I have to try to plan out and finish one project at a time and researching what the next one is going to cost us so I can let hubby know in advance. Multiple wall vents will allow regular air circulation in and out of your shed, giving your walls and stored items the necessary air circulation they need to stay fresh.

This style of vent allows air to escape through the ceiling, making it good for high ceilings, peaked roofs and attic areas.
Adding this accessory will allow extra light for you to work with, as well as good circulation for your shed. Some people say they work, some say there not worth the money and don't circulate the air enough. I second larry's Idea about cutting in some vents but I'd just pick up a couple of Vents from the Borg like the ones used in household HCAC systems.
Plus, I thought down the road I might put in a feed door if I ever moved the shed and put it against the horses stall. So, I decided not to do anything drastic until I figure out where I want the shed and if I want to put any feed doors on it. I could put some on the bottom of the back wall and some on the top of the side wall peaks. It would be better than nothing but If it were me I'd get the pink fiberglass with the foil on the outside and if you wanted it finished put some thin Plywood or paneling over it.
Put oneor two on the bottom on the side facing the direction where the prevailing winds come from and oneor two on the oppisite wall up high so you get the cross ventilation.
I'd also put in some insulation on the walls and the celling, especuilly the ceiling but the walls need it two.

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