For the static windows, I measured the inside of the window space and lined it with 50 x 12 pine to make a frame. For the hinged windows, I made a frame around the cut glass with the same 50 x 12 then beaded it up, dropped in the glass, beaded around it from the other side and there's a new diy window. Pre-Drilled drainage holes in bottom, Perfect for our small windows, A nice way to add more charm to your outdoor decor. Lay the window frame on a flat surface and then sit the window sash into the window frame rebate. Screw two hinges to the top rail of the sash and the head of the window frame, one each end. With the window still laying on a flat surface fix 70mm x 25mm (1x3) trim to the perimeter of the window frame.

NOTE: This complete plan-set can also be purchased in downloadable PDF format free of advertising and print friendly for only $5. JCS offers a full line of garden sheds with various window and door layouts, and roof lines to meet all standards. I then screwed in a bead of 10 x 10 pine (more secure than putty) around the inside of the frame for the pane to rest up against. I re-purposed some old doors, making sure they were well sealed, and hung then on galvenised hinges.
In this case a quadrant stay has been fitted which allows the window to be opened and locked at various positions. I have built and installed 8 window frames and windows, some fixed, some opening, to allow light and breezes into the shed from all sides.

My belief was that the best windows for this outdoor shed were simple wooden top hinged diy windows, rather than aluminium or professionally made wooden ones. I also installed a length of galvenised drip flashing over the doors to keep rain off the top of them. I had a stash of old glass panes at the back of my house, and although they were a little brittle and were prone to cut jags, I had enough.
If you don't have any glass, you could make the window frames, measure them up and get a glass man to cut them for you.

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