After replacing the windows on his home, Heike used the old windows to create this simple structure that takes full advantage of all the light of a Swedish summer!
I used to have a raised bed in this spot, but on one side are our blueberry bushes and behind the fence is a border with Crepe Myrtles and Gardenias. I have a pinterest board all about cute pigs and my bulletin board in my office is covered with pig photos from calendars and different cards my daughter has made me with pigs on the cover like this one. My husband is going to add a few shelves inside for me so I can put some pots and my garden trowels etc in there.
When we saw the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, there was this very cute shed and I was seriously coveting for it! I actually did a post on small garden sheds¬†last March which you can see here¬† (see I do an inspiration post and a year later I actually do the project ).
I hung unto it because I’ve always wanted to make a greenhouse from old windows and doors.

There was a funny bare spot on one side of our condo that had one hosta and it is where I had planted my hydrangeas last year, so I took a bit from that one hosta and put it in the empty spot. Your lil shed is cute white but I can easily see it painted red or yellow with a wreath on the front.
Chicken wire at the top would probably be a good idea, not only because of birds, but squirrels also. Although red is probably my favourite colour, in this case, I agree with you re: the British phone booth resemblance, so, I would go with the blue of that shabby shutter; so much character! What a fabulous addition to your backyard- I love upcycled old door projects- this is so great! Apparently they also had a bunch of Knockout rose bushes for really cheap that I just missed.
I have had a door like that in the garage for 10 years now Glad I’m not the only one who hangs on to things!

I would paint it the same blue (distressed) as on the shutters leaning against the fence (without the flashing light and whirring noises, I don’t think it will look like the Tardis at all!). I just moved to a colder climate and know very little about bulbs, but this mountain home has some very pretty flowers coming up.
I don’t want to paint the whole thing red because it’ll look like one of those British phone booths! I was going to look at the roses {I only have room for the one bush} but since I was at $100.00 already, I figured I would wait until next week.

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