I was at first impressed that the entire shed was able to fit in its packaging, Lifetime had this part pretty well thought out. This product has a 30-day money back guarantee: Simply hang on to the original packaging and contact us within 30 days of receipt if you are not satisfied with this product. The below shown luxurious cabin house is a one story cabin with a daylight basement situated on Vashon Island in the Washington State of America. Vandeventer + Carlander a pair of very well-known Architects solved these problems by breaking down the existing structure down to the main floor.
The new innovative lavish and luxurious wooden box accommodates the master bedroom, bath and kitchen.
I adore this one, like everyone else I am wondering what the inside looks like, the square footage etc. I built this shed with a 5 foot extension kit to use for parking my Harleys out of the weather.
The size is perfect and the triple door arrangement allows me to ride my tractor into the shed with room to spare. Accurate Tracking: Tracking information is automatically emailed to you just as soon as the order ships out. The current cabin’s lot coverage cannot be increased because of the perfect site development restrictions resulting from an existing drain field. Now the architects created an additional floor area which translated in making a small addition, replacing a previous exterior deck.
The remodeling daylight basement will be used as a family room, two bedrooms, and a new bath and laundry. We have at least 3 of every tool because it’s so hard to walk up and down all those stairs if we need one and it’s on a different level! Then they extended the center main structure itself that is an insertion wood box slides in over the existing floor structure and cantilevers out over existing basement walls.

I’m also interested in interior space and am curious how the space is working out for you so far.
I hope I can see some inside pictures as well and a floor plan if it’s not to much to ask! I like the way this little cabin is situated among the trees, & all the windows (of any size) that let in light.
What do you love about your storage and what would you have done differently (if anything)? The included shelf kits are pretty nice; I put all my riding gear, tools, and cleaning and detailing supplies on them.
The plastic parts are poorly labeled and the hardware are contained in dozens of little bags distributed randomly throughout the boxes. Anchoring it for many people does kind of depend on how much you store inside and what the weight of the items are. Light is SO important when you are surrounded by verdure & shade at least 6 mos of the year! The doors, roof, and walls are all steel reinforced providing plenty of stability to the unit.
They are strong and sturdy, and help me stay organized, and the ability to add more shelves as I need is awesome. I highly recommend you unpack all boxes and place the various parts in piles that look similar.
The walls, roof, doors, and flooring are made from High-Density Polyethylene Plastic (HDPE), which has the attractive look of wood grain textured finish but includes the long life of plastics.
The instruction manual, should have a intro for each major subassembly (floor, walls, roof, doors, etc.) that gives an overview. This unit comes with two large bubble skylights to provide plenty of natural light into the building.

Be careful when reading the manual regarding plywood sizes because it details two sizes and only one is correct !! Also will need help building and installing the trusses as well as installation of doors and the small roof caps. The materials used for the panels are UV-protected and the steel in powder coated to resist corrosion. I suggest the manufacturer bag all the hardware by size and type to help the consumer stave off confusion. These outdoor storage buildings never need painting and to clean them up, simply spray the unit down with a hose.
I opened all the bags at once and sorted my stuff into SOLO cups and then wrote the part numbers on the cups. Pay particular attention to every drawing, because when the written instructions don't make much sense, the tiny drawings will probably resolve your questions. It is definitely a long process, especially by yourself, but if you have 1 or 2 people helping you, it could be done in a long day or over a weekend. Some things were learned by accident, like the three different doors are not obvious, and you can't place the side windows anywhere you'd like. Pay VERY close attention to the drawings or you'll be taking things apart and reassembling them again. After three days in the sweltering heat of Central PA, we finally got the entire shed assembled. Call us with any questions concerning this type of delivery.A wooden framework or cement slab is recommended for support under the shed.

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