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Sanlorenzo has transferred two 52-metre superyachts to its new yard facilities in La Spezia, which it rents from the Cantieri San Marco.
The relocation of the production of metal superyachts, which until now was taking place at Sanlorenzo in Viareggio, has begun following a recent signing of an agreement for the rental of new premises from Cantieri San Marco. Additional two yachts, both 42-metre explorer vessels (460Exp models) will be transferred to the new premises by the end of April.
The new yard for construction is large in size, fully equipped with direct access to the sea, providing ideal facilities for the construction of 40- to 80-metre metal vessels. In addition, Sanlorenzo is planning on opening an important refit area in La Spezia, which will be dedicated to large boats. Sanlorenzo, through this strategic expansion decision, re-asserts the company’s constant growth in the last three years, which resulted in a 220 mln turnover in 2015 and a 21 mln Euros Ebitda (with a net profit of 6 mln Euros).
As for 2016, Sanlorenzo mantains the second position in the world ranking of the top 20 builders for yachts above 24 meters in length. 460EXP is a 460 GT superyacht, measuring 42,2 metre and boasting a displacement steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. The owner of X has decided to choose a six cabin layout for his family and friends, with an additional family room on board.
Sanlorenzo will be present at the 2016 Yachts Miami Beach show, starting today, on February 11, displaying the new SL86 yacht for the first time on the American market. Measuring 26,76m (86’) in length, Sanlorenzo SL86 is a planing hull motoryacht in fiberglass, magnificently penned by Officina Italiana Design.
In order to optimize and maximize all the spaces and to enrich them with natural light, the sheerline amid ship was cut to let the larger side windows catch as much light as possible.
Italian shipyard, Sanlorenzo, is thrilled to announce that their first 460 Explorer superyacht MOKA has successfully completed her maiden voyage that brought her to her new US Owner. Tailor made to her Owner’s specific requests, MOKA has a steel displacement hull and aluminium superstructure that come together to create an impressive volume of 460 gross tons for an overall length of only 42,8 meters. Spanning over five impressive decks, MOKA provides comfortable accommodation across five cabins on the lower deck, and a generous Owner’s suite on the main deck. Five units have been already sold since MOKA’s debut at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015 in September.
Italian builder, Sanlorenzo, started the year 2016 with the launch of the 15th SL96 superyacht BLUE ANGEL 2, the first of six launches scheduled in two months.
BLUE ANGEL 2 features a traditional layout with the owner’s cabin positioned at bow on the main deck, and four guest cabins, all located on the lower deck. The all-new vessel is also fitted with a highly innovative high-low system  that, positioned at bow in the superstructure of the dining area and the owner’s cabin, slides up and down when needed in order to enlarge the windows and let more light in.
In the upcoming weeks, the shipyard is expected to launch 2 more units of the SL96 model, 3 units of the SL106 vessel and one unit of the new SL86.
Sanlorenzo has proudly announced that they have placed second in the Global Order Book 2016, that has been recently released by the American magazine ShowBoats International.
The prestigious Italian manufacturer of unique, made to measure models, thus confirms its second position, which it overtook in 2014, and places right after the Azimut-Benetti Group, taking first place, and above the Ferretti Group, placing third. This year, the global map of builders over 24m remains the same as in 2015, with Italy dominating all the other builder nations, and confirming its absolute leadership in the luxury yacht business.
Sanlorenzo has been maintaining a steady increase in construction for the past few years, and has once again proven to be one of the most stable and well-established manufacturers in the luxury marine sector. Santa’s first problem is that he has a long distance to travel, and not that long to do it. So may peace and joy be with you during this holiday time, no matter how you choose to celebrate it.
But the entire adventure turns out to be so much easier when you figure out there is more than one Santa Claus!
With the wonderful advent of the information super highway these days, you don’t have to go to school to learn all this stuff. You forgot to include the mass of all the presents he is carrying (and the great volume of his sled)… although maybe at the speed he is traveling we get some Lorentz contraction. As population goes up, Santa has to visit more houses (n) but the time he has stays the same. As far as I know, no climate model has accounted for this source of energy, and the so called “war on Christmas” is only a feeble attempt to reduce it. Santa Claus is obviously Chuck Norris, he can round-housekick his sleigh rounding to power alaska for a month.
The myth of Santa Claus having but one night to deliver toys is a misunderstanding of the entire lore. The Quantum Santa I recently read a paper in which the author tried to disprove the existence of Santa Clause by using the Laws of Newtonian physics.

Santa has 31 hours of Christmas to work with, thanks to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, assuming he travels east to west (which seems logical). Stationing at the North Pole allows pre-cooling for his nearly instantaneous acceleration to about the speed of light.
When home designer and architect Christi Azevedo came across a place with a former French laundry for sale in San Francisco, she had the perfect idea for the 88-square-foot boiler room. You don't need to be a fan of small living spaces to appreciate the beauty of this designer dream home, built inside an 88-square foot laundry boiler room.
Your life just got exponentially better and more stylish now you've signed up for our newsletter. Wenn Autoplay aktiviert ist, wird die Wiedergabe automatisch mit einem der aktuellen Videovorschlage fortgesetzt. The two yachts are 52Steel models and represent the first yachts to have been moved to the new yard. The two yachts were transported thanks to a barge, from the port of Viareggio to La Spezia during the night. This means that Sanlorenzo is able to organically develop its superyacht division, which main focus is on construction of overused metal boats, a segment little affected by the economic crisis, representing an important portion of the company’s turnover.
The company’s HQ will still be situated inside the Ameglia shipyard, and will continue the build of 78 to 106 feet long medium-sized fiberglass boats.
Sanlorenzo’s premises in Viareggio will concentrate on the build of 112 to 126 feet long large fiberglass yachts, taking advantage of the new spaces available since the relocation of the Superyacht division.
The La Spezia shipyard will focus on the production of the largest, metal-made superyachts, which, taking size into account, can be considered as proper “cruising vessels”. Since the Monaco premiere, the Italian shipbuilder has sold five more units, which are all under build at the shipyard and due to be delivered in 2017 and 2018.
This innovative vessel is represented by high technology and on board comfort, as well as important self-sufficiency and endurance. The sun deck features an outdoor gymnasium, while the main deck has an a swimming poole with a swim-against artificial current. The external lines are strong and imposing, worthy of a large expedition vessel that cruises in remote and fascinating areas of this planet. An amazing number of 11 units of this highly successful model have been already sold since its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival. She boasts new design, spaces optimization and plenty of innovations, with features to become new standards on all the planing range: the bow is now a living space with sofas, table, sunbathing cushions, as well as a foldable sun hood. Besides the new SL86, there will be also such striking vessels on display as the SL96, the SL118, the SD112, as well as the SD126.
Following over 5,600 of navigation, a month at sea, of which 19 whole days of sailing at the average speed of 12,5 knots, MOKA arrived in Florida on January 10, 2016. Keeping with the explorer philosophy, the superstructure is located further forward than on conventional yachts, leaving an ample aft deck capable of carrying a tender of dimensions far exceeding what one would expect on a vessel of this size. Moreover, the lower deck also hosts a fully equipped gym, and there are two salons on the main and upper deck respectively. Her CAT C32 Acert develop 970kW (1,319mhp) and allow her to cover over 4,000 miles at an economic speed of 11 knots. This exciting new 29,10-metre vessel in fiberglass boasts a striking planing hull, and is the fourth Sanlorenzo designed and built for a passionate Italian Owner. The generous salon stands out for a refined contrast between light and dark, between the opaque, grey parquet in bleached oak and the dark furniture in wenge-dyed oak, finished with a bas relief.
This system has been developed by the Sanlorenzo Technical Department to ensure that the external lines of the yacht are kept sleek and elegant, with no shape discontinuity. With 11 units already sold, the SL86 represents the all-new model of the Sanlorenzo SL planing hull range, first introduced at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2015. The Book represents the annual world ranking of the top international superyacht builders above 24m (80’). If Santa starts at the beginning of Christmas Eve (after sundown, of course) in places like Australia, Japan, and parts of Russia, and ends in Alaska and Hawaii just before dawn on Christmas morning, it gives him about 36 hours to play with.
Now, in some rural places, it may take many kilometers (or miles) to get to your neighbor’s house, and in a metropolis like New York or Tokyo, it may be a matter of mere feet (or meters).
If all he does is travel from house-to-house in this time, he needs to move at an average speed of 77 kilometers per second (48 miles per second).
Even if he’s a world-class lockpicker (which is, surely, no obstacle for Santa), he still needs to come to rest and speed up again.
This allows him to simultaneously deliver toys and not deliver toys to all the good little girls and boys. It allows him to take as much time as he needs to deliver presents in his little bubble, with it seemingly being overnight for the rest of us. That’s how I learned about the Big Bang and how our wonderful universe evolved, because I too dropped out of school.

He calculated that Santa would have to visit 7000 houses per second and would have to travel so fast that, not only would Rudolphs nose glow, but the entire reindeer team would burst into flames from aerodynamic friction.
He would travel in wave form at near the speed of light and then convert himself into matter as required.
The calculations cast doubt as to whether Santa Claus could possibly deliver gifts to all the worlda??s nice children a?? & still stay within the laws of physics. But since Santa does not (appear) to handle Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish children, that reduces the workload to 15% of the total – 378 million according to Population Reference Bureau. At this point time stands still for him and heat as well as energy consumption are no longer a problem since they are both related to time. I also agree to receive periodic emails with offers and promotional marketing messages from Woman's World. It was designed for owners passionate about exploration, adventure holidays, yet at the same time appreciate great design, refinement and attention to details.
Both the main and the upper deck saloon were equipped with spacious dining tables, seating up to fourteen guests and are furnished with Minotti design pieces only. The superstructure is shifted forward, leaving plenty of space on the main deck astern for the numerous toys, such as a submarine, a seaplane, sailing or fishing boats, a large tender of up to 10 metres etc. Each of these models was built made to measure, meeting the style and requests of their North and Central American owners. In addition to the main tender, the aft deck can host a collection of water and land toys, allowing guests and crew to explore the visited areas. And yet, across the world, every year without fail at this time, children delight with joy at the presents brought to them by Santa Claus.
Let’s split the difference, and assume that each of the one billion households on Earth is 10 meters away from the previous one. Put another way, he gets about 130 microseconds to travel to, deliver presents to, and leave each household. And yet all over the world, children still manage to receive both love and presents this time of year. The twenty thousand G’s of acceleration required would use huge amounts of energy and would likely break all the toys. To deliver gifts to all who deserve them, they assert, Santa would require to move so fast that they would vaporise due to air resistance, be torn to pieces by gravitational forces or suffer other terrible fates they wouldna??t wish for Santa Claus. The styling of the entire superyacht reflects the lifestyle and adventurous personality of her refined owner. When at anchor and with no equipment on board, the main deck transforms into a large solarium. Once at anchor and free of equipment, the aft deck becomes a wide solarium complemented by a large swimming pool with counter current swimming capability.
When a child observes Santa delivering toys, the wavefunction collapses to the no-toys-delivered state, and all you get are the presents, such as underwear, from family.
Then the sonic booms would wake up all the children making the whole trip a total waste of time. Any additional energy required could be provided by the milk and cookies consumed along the way. So your calculations need to include all the toys that are not delivered due to wavefunction collapse.
Also factor in here that not every culture believes in Santa Claus, so that cuts down the figures quite a bit, and even more so if you go by the Canadian, American and United Kingdom’s postal service receiving an estimated 1 million letters every year.
I hope this explanation allows you to relax and enjoy the Holidays knowing that Santa is on his way. Is not the other dimensions of being subject to other laws of physics for those who may be in them?
78 miles per household, a total trip of 75 “million miles, not counting stops to do what most of us must do at least once every 31 hours, plus feeding, etc. Once you account for all the toys not delivered due to the observer effect, I think you’ll find that the actual toys delivered falls well within the limits of classical mechanics given the 36-hour timeframe. By Steve Neef Note that this theory of Ethereal energy can also be used to explain the existence of the Ether Bunny.
By my calculations, if theres at least 4 individuals per house hold and it takes Santa Claus 5 minutes to unload the presents, in 62 days he would deliver some one million, seven hundred eighty five thousand, two hundred people—-what people also tend to forget is that in the early lore Santa Claus had many helpers, so lets say he has 12 helpers to assist him. That more than out does the 3 million letters mailed to the US, CAN, and UK postal services.
With that, Santa Claus and his 12 helpers would easily be able to give gifts to not only those three countries but to Australia and Europe as well, and STILL have plenty of gifts left over….I bid you farewell and take THAT for trying to disprove Santa Claus!

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