Okay, great, now grab your clipboard, to-do list, the phone, a pen, or the materials you need to put this FIRST task in motion.
Feel free to share this if you are willing to bet a friend or colleague of yours may be feeling a bit stuck throughout their day.
On the way back, Addie told us she learned that if she ever got lost she needed to sit and stay in one place. Paul and Uffda joined us and Addie's parents thanked all of us for our help and for finding their daughter. I put my nose up in the air and smelled for the scent of people in the woods and hopefully one will be Addie. Bob told her it was good she remembered to stay in one place - it made finding her much easier.

Bob looked at me and said, "Hunter, you did a good job." Then I was rewarded with my favorite toy - a green tennis ball. A Trailing Dog smells shed skin cells on clothing to learn someone's scent and then tracks that specific scent. Uffda put her nose to the ground, started trailing Addie's scent and headed into the forest. As we searched the woods, Bob looked at me and said, "Okay Hunter, let's go to work!" I looked at him with confidence and he scratched me behind the ears saying, "Search Hunter - find Addie." When SAR Dogs search we mostly use our noses, but we also use our ears to hear someone and our eyes to look for people.
Then he used his amateur radio handie-talkie to call Paul so he and Uffda could end their search.
They also reminded her and Parker to always stay together and never go into the woods alone.

If you are lost, always call for help and remember to sit and stay where you are until help comes - don't ever just wander around.
When I did, the little girl turned around and saw me standing there in my orange rescue vest. Bob bent down and asked the little girl, "Are you Addie?" She nodded her head and said, "Yes." Well, Addie," said Bob, "This is Hunter and I'm Bob.

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