Important Information:Although general admission tickets allow you to explore several popular exhibits, in order to see all the exhibitions and the shows various higher priced tickets are available.
Amazing Programs: The Shedd Aquarium Chicago offers once in a lifetime opportunities such as beluga and penguin encounters.
We love the Shedd Aquarium an dgo there almost every time although we do not have kids yet.
If you’re planning on visiting a bunch of different attractions in Chicago, get the city pass. Features: The Shedd Aquarium, located on Chicago's Museum Campus, is the world's largest indoor aquarium with more than 8,000 aquatic animals representing more than 700 species from all parts of the world. Variety: The Shedd Aquarium Chicago not only exhibits thousands of fish, but also features some spectacular mammals such as beluga whales and Pacific white-sided dolphins. Great Location: This top Chicago attraction is situated within the Museum Campus Chicago which also includes the Field Museum of Natural History and the Adler Planetarium.
Inside Knowledge: You and your child can spend the night at the Shedd Aquarium for $55 per person. Do Bring the family: This family geared Chicago attraction is a great choice to entertain the little ones. Do Stay for Lunch: Several restaurants and snack stations are available at the Shedd Aquarium.
Don't forget to buy gifts: The Shedd Aquarium has gift stores ideal for finding that perfect vacation trinket.
Don't ignore the location: This Aquarium in Chicago is located within the Museum Campus Chicago, so make sure to explore all that this site has to offer. Help us keep Shedd safe for our guests and animals — review our policies before you arrive.

Located in our historic rotunda, this 90,000-gallon habitat has been thrilling guests since 1971. Experience the Amazon’s yearly floods and meet some of the mighty river’s diverse residents. Discover amazing animals from oceans, rivers, lakes and wetlands around the world in Shedd’s original galleries. Dive deep into the magical coral reefs of the Philippines and get within inches of sharks and rays! Learn more.
Take an unforgettable stroll through the Abbott Oceanarium, where you’ll encounter dolphins, belugas, sea otters, sea lions and more. At Shedd Aquarium, animals connect you to the living world, inspiring you to make a difference. It really did save me a lot of money and you also get free tickets to different stuff in the aquarium like the dolphin show. I only had two hours, but I recommend planning to be here for at least four hours if you want to see everything. The Caribbean Reef, teaming with bright, colorful new corals and more than 60 species of animal, includes bonnet head sharks, southern stingrays, angelfish and a hawksbill sea turtle.
Although the fish are the main attraction, the Shedd Aquarium Chicago has many interactive exhibitions which will keep kids extra entertained. Interactive exhibitions, exciting shows and 4-D movies will keep everyone in a good mood all day long. If you don't want to eat on-site, there are some great restaurants near Shedd Aquarium that the whole family will enjoy!
Our special exhibit and the aquatic show cannot be added to this General Admission ticket.

Includes the largest collection (in a closed space) of aquatic mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc.. The Marine Mammal Presentation, presented several times each day, features animal-care staff interacting with the dolphins and whales as they dive, spyhop and walk on their tails.
The dolphin show is especially cool because the water for the show goes to the edge of the building where the floor-to-ceiling windows showcase the water of Lake Michigan in the background.
Learn about what they eat, how Shedd Aquarium cares for them and more about their natural habitats. You get an amazing view of the Chicago skyline, and then the boat literally parks right in front of the aquarium. In the show, the dolphins jump straight out of the water and the trainers teach you how the training works.
I’ve been to zoos all around the country, but I’ve never been that close up to a penguin before.
Aquarium and Oceanarium chats are scheduled in a variety of habitats, locations are posted daily throughout the Aquarium. Another feature, Animal Encounters, gives you a chance to look at, learn about and touch such critters as a Chilean rose tarantula, leopard gecko, African bullfrog, red-tailed boa, or king snake.

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