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Grooming not only keeps your dog's coat in good health, it reduces the amount of hair shed in your home and provides an opportunity to bond more closely with your dog.
If you can hear the brush as it is pulling through the coat, you are brushing too hard or using the wrong style brush on the coat. Grooming gives you an opportunity to detect wounds, lumps or changes in the skin and coat condition that may help you detect a serious condition early on. Clean coat grows coat; dirt on coats breaks hair shafts leaving unwanted hair around the house. 10 minutes a week is all that is necessary to keep the average fluffy dog coat in good condition. The cost of all of these grooming tools together is less than one visit to a professional groomer, and they are well worth having on hand. The pin brush is the essential brush that you will use for weekly maintenance of your dog's double coat. Pin brushes come in two style, those with nobs on the ends of the pins, and those with a straight pin that is gently rounded on the tips. This wide toothed comb is used as a finishing comb for double coated dogs, once the dog's coat is free of any mats or loose hair. The comb is used to detect any small mats and clumps of loose hair that were missed in the brush-out of the dog. The Slicker brush is used for mat removal and grooming the furnishings (feathers on the front legs, pants and hair on the hocks and behind the ears).

Removing undercoat can help cool the double coated dog in the summer months, and is also done on show dogs to help sculpt the dog's outline. Rolling the coat removes dead and loose hair, encourages new hair growth and distributes the dog's natural oils along the hair shafts. Hold the coat towards the front of your dog gently down as you brush the hair back towards the head of the dog, creating a part in the coat.
After rolling the coat, you should be able to easily pull a wide toothed comb, or Poodle comb, easily through the dog's coat. Twice a year double coated dogs will "blow coat." This is when they shed most of their undercoat and the remaining guard hairs may become dry and brittle looking.
Brushing with a pin brush will take forever to remove all of the loose hairs, however a shedding rake will make quick work of removing dead and loose hairs. If you have a double coated dog, it is inevitable that a mat will eventually form on your dog. Depending on the type of mats you are dealing with, there are several techniques to help you easily and painlessly remove the mats and preserve healthy coat. When using any mat remover with blades, angle the blade ends away from the dog's body with the sharp sides of the blades facing away from the dogs body.
Hold the fur at the base of the mat when teasing the mat apart, to keep from pulling on the dogs skin. More stubborn mats on the ear are teased apart with the short blades of the Oster undercoat rake.
For Large Mats: You may wish to spray the mat first with a detangler designed for dog coats.
When using a detangler, spray it on the matted area, working it into the matted area with your fingers, then wait 3-5 minutes before grooming out the mat.
Finish by running a comb over the area to ensure all tangles and loose hair have been removed.

If a large area of the dog is tightly packed with dead hair, it can make it difficult to even feel the dogs skin beneath the coat. Whether you are wanting to keep your dog's coat in show condition or are just looking to keep it free of mats, these tips on caring for your fluffy dog will make short work of keeping your dog healthy looking and your home free of unwanted dog hair.
This should be performed once a week, and will reduce the amount of shedding around your home considerably. Continue back brushing 2 inches of coat with each stroke moving down the side of the dog towards the tail. Favorite mat sites are behind the ears, the pants and under the forearms where the arm and body rub together. Begin with the hairs farthest away from the dogs skin, and gently try to separate the hairs from each other. Using a sawing action, start at the loose end of the mat stroking away from the dog, working towards the base of the knot in successive strokes. Press the coat back towards the head, and begin teasing the coat towards the tail with a slicker brush, a little at a time.
Brushing in the opposite direction of how the hair lays allows you to get to the base of each hair shaft and remove all dead or loose hairs on the dog. This is all that is required to keep a double coated dog's coat in good condition when he is not in a shedding phase. Mars make the Coat King, however Oster makes a similar tool (pictured here) that works equally well for half of the price.

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