You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. However, Artemis, despite acting all tough, is a wounded man, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. For all that mattered, Artemis might as well have been born in those alleys he often hung out and explored in. That pokemon was a wounded mudkip that he had found abandoned on the shore between Petalburg woods and Petalburg.
Artemis fought long and hard, and traveled every nook and cranny of Hoenn, looking for the best mix of pokemon for his team, and training them until they were undefeated across the land. Thinking it didn't concern him, He traveled onward to Sootopolis and fought Wallace, taking him out after a good bit of battle.And headed to Ever Grande, only to find it closed because of the war. Hopes and dreams ruined, Artemis returned to Hoenn, changed by the many things he had seen and done in that war, including the death of the man who had been his goal for so long.
Fueled by the knowledge that he had become like what he hated most, he got out of prison and promptly started doing what he had got him thrown in the slammer to start with.
Artemis went to Ever Grande, and destroyed the Elite Four before kick the champion's ass, at the age of 19, earning him the nickname "the Sapphire Siege Engine", due to his deep blue eyes, and incredible holding power in combat. The boulder landed on her house and she will never be able to forget that awful crunching noise.
She must have been traveling with Absol, which she found out was also a she, for a year when she found Ty.
Ever since then, much to Absol dismay, the tiny little creature has followed them around, often picking fights with anyone who looks his way, most often Absol, and then promptly get beat up.
Liam is extremely intelligent when it comes to pokemon due to his experiences, he have had a lot of pokemon over the years and is specialize with several types of pokemon, but his favourites is dual-type pokemon.
Liam was born in Kento, his father was a gym leader and his mother a breeder, in his youth Liam used to evy his father’s skill and natural talents with pokemon and used to inspire to surpass him. When he reached ten years old, he set off on his first journey after a tearful farewell to his parents and his friends, but of course before that his father helped him catch his first Pokemon. After beating all the challenges Kento could offer him, he considered what to do now since he finished his rite of passage and during it he discovered he wanted to travel more and see the world. When he was fifteen, he travelled to Johto,it was here he learned a very important lesson that stayed with him ever since. After reaching age of sixteen, he travelled to Sinnoh, by this time was better known and soon had professors contacting him for favours, seeing this as a extra way of earning money and having fun at the same time he decided to help them out with projects regarding collecting pokemon for data, during his adventures in Sinnoh he obtained Luxray along with Torterra.
When he was nineteen, he returned to kento, it been almost a decade since he last rest eyes on his home region. After reaching twenty years old he went to Unova to help with science projects, he was quite well known at this point due to his tv appearance and his name being mentioned now and then in newspapers. For five years he managed the gym as it leader in a town in Hoenn as well as the daycare center while being a family man. When he reached twenty five, heard about the war in Unova, he decided to return and fight in the war.
When he was thirty, he decided to travel to with his daughter to help her get over her fear of Pokemon, the journey lasted a whole year and eventually his daughter conquered her fear and grew to love pokemon, her first pokemon is Chimpchar, a fire type pokemon like her father’s Charizard.
When not doing his duties as champion of Kento, he would be out doing his hobbies such photography, helping scientists out with their projects and occasionally accompanying his daughter. Charlie been with him from the very start of Liam's begining as a trainer, they have a bond like no other and both of them will die for each other. Leonis is also one of Liam's original Sinnoh pokemon that he kept a part of his team, as first Leonis was vicious and wild due to mistreatment by team rocket, Liam rescued him and took him as his own, he was difficult to tame but over time he grew to be very protective and loyal to Liam and learned to trust him, like Liam he is extremely stubborn and doesn't easily give in.
Gabriel is one of Liam's original Hoenn pokemon, he is a master at onslaught and swordmanship and a gentleman when it comes to courtesy. Evie was abandoned pokemon that Liam picked up when he was in Hoenn looking after his daughter, managing a gym and daycentre, little Evie was wounded but Liam nursed her back to health at his daycare centre. One of his father's former pokemon, Avani been with his father since his father was ten years old when Avani was just a pupitar, since his father's death he been looking after Avani but Avani bearly obeys him and is still grieving for his former master, not yet accepting Liam as his master.
Toshi is Liam's only baby pokemon on the team, she was given to him as a gift by his father for beating him and taking his place as champion. Traveling around has made it so he has met different people and different customs and this has led him to have an open mind about most things.
Born in Silver Town at the base of Mt Silver Riniel always saw strong trainers and pokemon and desired to see the world. Over the years he caught and raised and bred many pokemon even challenging some gyms on the way some successful, some not.
Mine is ALMOST perfect; Parasect and Eelektross are definitely my favorites after Garbodor and Gloom, but they were put up against, well, Garbodor and Gloom, really early on. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.
He never stays in one place too long, preferring the road to his facing his past, in Hoenn, although the Torment of Unova will not let him leave for too long. The horrors of war, along with his survivor's guilt, his painful past and the distinct lack of anyone who has ever cared about him have left him damaged.
Born to a mother who didn't really want him, and a father he never met, Artemis was often out and around on the streets of Rustboro, exploring and generally getting into trouble.
No one else was around, so Artemis came to the conclusion that the little pokemon had been abandoned, much like him. With nothing else to do, he traveled to Unova and participated in the war at the tender age of 15 (secretly, of course, for he knew no one would let a child with some criminal history to fight in a war). He skipped the funeral, barely able to eat, sleep, the scar on his face pained him constantly, and all around he just couldn't pull himself out of his post-traumatic stress and his survivor's guilt. It took monumental willpower and a few close calls with the law to get his head back in order, and his eyes set back on the prize.
People often tell her she looks like the kind of girl who could convince a man to sell his house with his wife and kids still inside, but that is sadly that not the case. She is friendly despite what people say about her, and sometimes, yes, bad things happen to follow her around. It a relatively small island, known to be quite mountainous and those mountains are the cause of many great pains. Mime promptly freaked out, and attempted to usher the kids away, but the eldest brother brushed off the worried pokemon. She couldn't let them die, but before she could get close enough to the house Absol gripped the back of her shirt in its mouth and picked up her small skinny body and ran away, her screaming and kicking.
He used to feel sorry for those who were reduced to tears when wanna-be-trainers challenged his father for the gym badge. So after a father and son talk with his father, his father suggest he travel the world to catch more Pokemon and fill up his pokedex, the ultimate challenge. Since he haven’t yet challenged the champion ship he decided to give Johto a go, he reached the elite four after a tedious journey that was made enjoyable because of his pokemon team back then.
He only went back to see his parents again and catch up with old faces, but he when he reached home he was told by his mother his father is a champion now. He had to pull out of Unova early though when an ex-girlfriend he met in hoenn called him out of the blue, telling him that she was pregnant with his child.

The journey with his daughter made him want to return to Kento, so he did and challenged the elite four of Kento once again, his father was still the champion back then and after a vicious battle (since his father gotten stronger), he won the battle and decided to take the role of the Champion of Kento. Liam’s father died when he was thirty three, on his death bed his father entrusted to him his first pokemon, his Tyranitar. He is prideful and if mistreated he'll become vengeful of anyone who mistreated him or mistreats his master. In the end Evie decided to stay with Liam and rarely leaves his side, she is loyal, affectionate and quite hyper. While Toshi is his weakest pokemon on the team, he made sure to teach her the right moves so she can be a annoyance to most pokemon due to her set up and her ability serene grace.
He normally remains calm and smiles which can provoke people more often than not, but generally he tries his best to have fun and enjoy himself.
With his secretive nature, ability to blend in, knowledge of customs and traditions from around the world he quickly made field agent.
Don't hurt them!" The words that earned her a strong smack upside the head, the shock and the force of the impact from her father sent her into the dirt. Her father gave her the beating of a life time in front of his own men, just for the two pokemon that she wanted so dearly. I also didn’t know I was apparently such a Magneton fan, I guess the little guys just got really lucky.
I’d take Kricketune, Trubbish, Magneton, Dugtrio, Exeggcutor, Scyther, or Zubat over those guys anyday. This is my first Pokemon creepypasta story, but unlike most others, this one is actually true.
As often as not, Artemis would be walked home by a police officer, to an angry, and as often as not drunk, mother. During this time, he met with Steven, and followed him to the final fight against Giovanni. He fell into the world of crime, getting in fist-fights, stealing, underage drinking and smoking, and all around just lost himself for a while.
Azumi lived on the outskirts of Summerland with her mother, father, and three older siblings. Saying that the strange disasters that seemed to follow the pokemon were nothing but myths. Absol seemed irritated with the wild pokemon tagging along, and kept attempting to out race the midget. He is quite worldly due to his travels, but he usually comes off as a bit of joker, Liam rarely takes anything seriously and usually uses humour to make light of a grim situation. His father was his role model because he, along with his mother, taught the young Liam everything about pokemon. His first travels were a little bumpy at first, but after numerous battles with both wild and trainers, both ending in victory and fails of course, he eventually formed a strong bond with the stubborn charmander.
He made it few the first three and faced the fourth, the battle was a close call and it left Liam with just his charizard.
Understandable Liam was furious and upset by the revelation, but instead of abandoning or giving Charlie away he decided to raise her as his own, blood may be thicker than water but he love Charlie, even if she isn’t his daughter. Charlie is fond of Liam and considers him his kindred spirit, he is loyal to only Liam but isn’t afraid to disobey Liam if he feels Liam is stepping over certain lines. Toshi is very childish, and obvlious to danger but curious, she often wanders off to explore and get herself in trouble, she shares her joy with Liam because of the bond they share.
Most people say it's his interest in the eevee evolution line that sparked their friendship some people say there’s more to it, but no one knows for sure.
He traveled with a small group for a while one of which was a pokemon breeder and pokemon enthusiast. Riniel has spent years hunting and tracking some of the worst criminals that the Federation has on their list.
It was once said that she gained both her fathers personality and her mothers all in one go. Dirt smeared on her face the young blonde haired cutie looked up from the dirt into the hard eyes of her father. Erin was taught that day that she could never get anything she wanted without putting up a fight for it. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. Needless to say, Artemis learned to avoid his mother and any form of authority from very early. However, in saving him, Steven took the full brunt of the attack, which made him the first champion to fall that day. She has trouble opening herself up to others, and just dealing with other humans can be a big pain for her.
The pokemon stayed around for entire week, only showing up when the parents gone, and Absol was always getting closer. Azumi recalled giggling as she watched the hyper pokemon keep up with Absol for a long time till the poor little guy collapsed on the ground.
Liam studied hard and made sure to keep eye for rare books containing more indepth information, his mother taught him how to take care of pokemon and because she was a ex-ranger in her younger days she gave him some tips on weather, wildlife etc. During his travels across the region of Kento he caught many Pokemon, had a lot of adventures, beaten gym leaders to obtain badges (not with charmander on his own of course, he used old Pokemon team members) and best of all he made many friends on the way. The battle with his father lasted just as long as his battle with the champion of Kento, but in the end his stubbornness prevailed.
He typically does not get angry even though he is a bit of a hothead he does his best to calm himself down though that's easier said than done. It's there he meet a couple of his best friends who liked to play music together with them. Riniel has spent most of his life traveling around except for the few moments of rest where he spends time at home.
His success rate is abnormally high and because of this after his last mission he was assigned to the team rocket case.
While her father was cold and calculating, able to think about every step before he makes, his wife was more on a impulse kind of person. I used to play it all the time as a kid, so when I got into Emulators it wasn’t long before I decided to get a GBA emulator and a Pokemon Ruby ROM so I could play it again and relive some of my old memories.
He left Rustboro when he was eight, and has never gone back, other than to get his first badge after catching his first pokemon. Artemis tried ignoring it for a while, wanting to just be angry at everything and everyone in peace, but he eventually lost to the little blue mudfish, who he named Azul (not the most terrifying nickname, but he was eight at the time). By now, a new champion had been selected for Hoenn, and Artemis, motivated by his mother, who come to visit him in prison, which was the first time he had seen her since he left Rustboro. Once she gets used to you, Azumi will open up and prove to be a quite a cheerful and happy person! Their mother and father traveled into town everyday to go to work, while her eldest brother and Mr. One day, Azumi wandered outside of the house and went off close to the ocean to play by herself.

In hoenn he did basically the same things he did in kento, he was starting to make a name for himself and some people would know who he is. His father was impressed with how strong his son has gotten over the years and even said that Liam has surpassed him. When his daughter, Charlotte- Charlie for short (named after his first Pokemon) was three years old, his wife left him, before she left though she told Liam that Charlie wasn’t his daughter.
He was fortunate enough not to lose a limb in the war, but he was left mentally and physically scarred by the war. He designed music videos for them, but was able to play guitar and sing vocals when needed. His time with the party only lasted a few short years but the two became very close and remained in contact through the years.
After going home he read the details on team rocket case and newspaper reports he could find from the last few years. It was there standing in his office she realized he had a son, and he was keeping tabs on him. He also has no skill with females at all, and will usually turn at least a slight pink if any talk to him. She told him how he wasn't surprised, and how he wouldn't ever break his cycle, or the cycle of his father, who had been a rocket. He offered to step down so his son can take the title, but Liam declined and instead got his name in the hall of fame. Understandably Liam was furious and upset by this, but instead of abandoning the daughter he came to love and care for he decided to make her his daughter, a fact only his parents and best friend knows.
He rarely shares anything about himself preferring to learn about people, pokemon, and things which can be useful to him. There his best friends and usually can contact him with ease if he goes traveling around on a job. Erin got both sides of that, but her mothers face and looks were prominent in her looks and because of that she got compared to her mother a lot. Erin after the day she obtained Doomlsy and Vannilite was what every Team Rocket leader would want. When I was 14 or 15 I found my old GBA and my copy of Ruby, but the batteries died before I could check my Pokemon and I couldn’t find any new batteries. To finally fight the champion, Steven Stone, and show all those who ever doubted him that he was more than just some poor street trash. Azumi took it along and when they stopped close to a town, Azumi left Absol to her own devices and took the tyrogue to a pokemon center. He wanted to travel and didn’t want to be tied down and instead returned back to travelling. Erin likes to think that she takes after her mother more then her father, but gained her fathers wits. Absol was perched on a rock high up in the mountains, watching Azumi and her brothers and sister play in the grass. Mostly in the cool and tough contests, he is yet to get one for beauty and smart, but he doesn’t mind.
Sure enough, the Tyrogue jumped up beat on its tiny chest and started to shadow box till Azumi managed to distract it with some pokemon food.
It was also in this region he found his permanent psychic member of his pokemon team- Gallade who was nicknamed Gabriel.
Azumi looked up, and noticed a large boulder had fallen free from the mountain they lived under and was headed for her house! Giovanni smirked and remarked that his son would be better then her in every way, and if she wished to prove differently she had better do something about it, a storm was outside, why didn't she go out and prove her worth? I evolved my Treeko into a Grovyle and captured a Ralts along the way that I named Sasha and evolved into a Kirlia. In fact, Maws is currently my favorite and my highest level Pokemon.Anyway, I was doing great until I got to the Mauville City gym.
I decided to try it out in a battle, so I walked around in the tall grass until I encountered a wild Pokemon. I don’t remember what it was, but my character sent out Maws because it was the first in my party and I forgot to put Shedinja in the first slot instead. It was impossible to see before because Pokemon’s sprites are always facing you outside of battle.
I didn’t realize I forgot until today, and I was worried I would never find it and lose all my Pokemon. I finally managed to find my emulator and Ruby again though, and started playing.I was in the Pokemon center at Mauville City.
I thought that was odd until I remembered I had been trying to hatch a shiny Minun for a while until giving up. I ran back to the Pokemon Center and as soon as I got inside, sure enough, the egg hatched into a Minun.
I quickly skimmed through it’s stats finding nothing interesting and immediately released the useless thing.
Being a creepypasta reader, I checked on my Plusle and original Minun that I had breeded to get the other Minun and moved them next to each other in the PC box.
I also took out my Ninjask to replace the Minun that I had gotten rid of.I went leveling a little more and then decided to take on the gym leader again, confident that I could beat him this time. A combination of Leech Seed and Mega Drain meant his Magnemite was down without Breloom even losing any health, though he got paralyzed. Next the gym leader sent out Voltorb, which knows Self Destruct so after it’s first attack I decided to switch out Breloom for something else to take the hit for him. I sent out Maws for some reason before switching to Sasha, but not before Maws got paralyzed.
Voltorb used Self Destruct and both it and Sasha fainted.The enemy gym leader sent out Magneton next and I sent out Treekie. I know his attacks aren’t very effective against electrics, but he was my starter so I still used him. I used Screech to reduce the enemy’s defense and spammed Quick Attack until Treekie fainted. The enemy Magneton attacked, and, sure enough, it didn’t do anything at all to Shedinja.
Again, I stared at the hole on Shedinja’s back, and it looked like there was something inside it.
I’ve been sick for a few days now, and I started coughing a bit more every time Shedinja used Leech Life. I almost got the feeling that Shedinja didn’t WANT me to use anything except Leech Life. The gym leader gave me the badge so I could use Rock Smash out of battle, and I headed north of Mauville City to the path that’s blocked off by boulders so I could have my Maws use Rock Smash to get rid of them, and I could continue down Route 111.

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