Our goal at Cheap Sheds is to supply the widest and highest quality garden shed range to our customers with great old fashion customer service hence, we are happy to introduce the Duramax sheds to our highly valued customers as these products all meet our criteria. Duramax sheds are made in the USA from durable all-weather vinyl in neutral ivory colour and come with 15 year warranty. They don’t require concrete slab as the Yardmate models come with moulded floor already included in the shed kit and all the other models have optional foundation kit available.
They are very easy to put together, the assembly process can be done in 2-5 hours by 2 people even with the larger sheds. For extra strength and durability the wall columns are reinforced inside by a solid metal structure and it can be also used to hang gardening tools on or even shelves to keep your shed very well organised. They don’t require any maintenance and they never rust, fade, dent, rot or mildew plus they are fire retardant. All of the models except the Sidemate come with a bonus skylight sheet to let natural light into the shed making it easier to work in it or find things in your shed. While the Yardmate models, the Duramate and the Woodbridge sheds have a gable roof, the Sidemate storage shed is a skillion roof which is designed to be placed next to the house and its door can be installed on either end making it suitable for every need. These sheds not just solve your storage problems but their attractive design will provide great addition to any backyard environment. KrisztianManaging Director at Cheap Sheds Pty LtdKrisztian is the co-founder and Managing Director of Cheap Sheds Pty Ltd and Cheap Sheds New Zealand Limited. Thank you, Kristian and your team – our lovely new Duramax shed turned up at our front door very promptly after ordering. Thank you for the comment, we’re out of stock on the Duramax sheds and they are not available at the moment Australia wide as far as we know. Please feel free to visit the product page in our online store in a few weeks time and by then we’re hoping they will be back in stock. We have some great news for our Duramax Garden Shed fans… We have just re-launched our Duramax products and have added some new ones to our stock. And if you have any questions just leave a comment or give us a call and we will help you out as best as we can.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. So why not take advantage of our APRIL Sale and get your feathery family moved into a new home before winter is here! Our bird aviaries offer a more natural environment, giving your birds’ protection whilst at the same time exposure to fresh air.

They are easy to assemble and can be delivered Australia wide, so do the best thing for your pets today!
Wooden storage sheds are just the proper factor for any person who is fond of working with wooden or picket goods.
Wood storage drop plans can be utilized to make wonderful and incredible parts of wood work. You can just get a pal or somebody to help you build a neat and gorgeous wood storage shed inside of a quick time and dependent on the stage of creativeness, you will either make a masterpiece or just an ordinary a single. There are specific tips you have to adhere to before you embark on your wood storage get rid of development. When you produce your wooden storage drop program, you should not just dwell on drawing and nailing things collectively. Your program will also want to have in depth details on how deep your program will be and the sort of plastering to be used. You need to make reasonable ideas, programs that are practical this sort of that you can stick to and follow without any troubles. Carports are a great addition to any ones home providing your car as well as you protection from bad weather. Over recent years Carport Kits have became very popular and affordable to the everyday Aussie. Carport kits from Cheap Sheds are locally manufactered and come with easy to follow instructions created by the engineers to make sure the job can be done without hassle.
These products are made from high quality, industry approved steel and come with 20-30 years warranty!
Before buy your carport kit here on our site, check with your local council as to the rules.
Many types of local councils require you to seek approval or gain a permit when adding a structure to your home.
Delivered directly to your door or alternatively you can collect it from the depot in Perth.
Check out the map below for the location of the Perth depot where you can collect your building from. There is a shipment on the water already coming from the factory in the USA and should be here in a few weeks time. Our bird aviaries come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ensuring that you get exactly what you want.

Use them as aviaries, pet houses, dog kennels, catteries, chicken pen or animal shelters.Please note, they are not vermin proof though. Why go to an costly furnishings shop and spend a fortune when you can just learn how to make shed programs and carve out your very own at no additional price.
Just attempt this out on a weekend and see how you will take pleasure in and marvel at your creation. You have to know comprehensive specifications this kind of as the kind and quality of the material you are making use of.
These are great solutions for those who are on a budget and happy to do a bit of DIY or hire help. They are made right here in Australia so you know they’ll be able to handle the sometimes-wild climate and extreme heat we have in Perth.
You can save your self a lot of funds should you select to use drop ideas for designing and creating unique indoor and out of doors wood storage sheds. Producing your very own wooden storage shed will preserve you a lot and you also get the freedom to design and style what arrives into your thoughts which implies no matter what practical creativity that pops up in your head, you can set it into reality. Design and style it and established the needs you need to meet up with for your development to begin.
You will want to know the sum and colour of the paint to be used you need to know how numerous paint brushes you want the kind of wood and all the tools needed for shed building. Also know what supplies you will use for holding up the structure, as the kind of content you pick might have an result on the lifespan of your storage drop. You can select from 2 different colours, one of them is the more affordable classic style Zincalume, and the other one is the ever-popular Pale Eucalypt Colorbond. Even though these are produced beautiful, they want a particular quantity of skill for one to do a excellent work. This implies you will have to know the amount of wood you need to get the amount of nails and the sum of glue prior to getting the occupation underway.
You also have to know what material you want for the roof as you will require one thing not picket, but rather metallic like zinc and aluminium.
They both look fantastic, it is only the matter of your choice, which one matches your backyard better.

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