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My colleague and I designed and built the shed for a couple of cob builders who live on the Lizard in Cornwall. From treated to tanalised, pent or apex, summerhouse or workshop, there’s a shed for you.
If you need specific sizes or construction, please ask and we will be happy to quote you for your portable building requirements.
This colourful Shed has been constructed with Chinese fur from managed sources and will be the perfect addition to any garden, courtyard or 'yarden.' There are 3 half-length shelves meaning this shed can be used for a variety of purposes and even caters for long handled tools.

We make all types of timber and wood garden furniture including garden benches, garden chairs, garden seats, picnic tables, pergolas, garden arches and wooden gates. Cornwall Shed Company providing sheds, summerhouses, timber buildings and garages in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. After much shopping around, finally had a local firm construct and erect - and hubby insulated and boarded out.
We also build timber garden buildings including wooden sheds, offices, garages, summer houses, workshops, stables and farm buldings.
A weatherproof polyurethane paint has been applied and as standard the roof is heavy grade mineral roofing felt so you can rest assure tools are being kept in a safe place.

The large overhang on the roof means you can walk all around it in the rain and not get wet and also provides cover for storing logs.

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