Dutch Barn Wood Storage ShedAmish built dutch barn is made with 2"x4" sidewalls 16" on center, roof rafters are 2"x4", 16" on center. Welcome to Garden Sheds for sale, we also specalise in manufacturing Summer Houses For Sale, we will also deliver anywhere in Swansea South Wales for free. Need safe, weatherproof storage sheds in Connecticut for all those things that just don't have a home? Get bicycles off the lawn or out of the garage, store lawn furniture between seasons, give your garden tools and mowing equipment a home, and store kids sporting equipment, pool toys and much more.

Plus, when you work with Walsh’s Country Store, you get the most competitive pricing for storage sheds in Connecticut! We offer gazebos, horse barns, animal housing, outdoor furniture, lawn & garden amenities, and storage sheds in Seymour, CT.
If you find another retailer selling sheds in the CT area offering better pricing, we'll match it or beat it.
We can help you create the perfect place to enjoy your passion while keeping all your tools and supplies close at hand.

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