The 10x20 shed for sale is Amish built and comes in many different styles of wood storage sheds, vinyl storage sheds and board batten sheds. The 10x20 shed for sale is available as a wood storage shed kit on the wood siding sheds for sale. Preassembled panels 10 panels and 2 heavy duty ridge beams plus a prefabricated tubular truss adds up to a simple to install structure with double braced doors for extra security and strength. Depending on the size of your back yard, they can serve as a small stable or another garage. Welcome to Garden Sheds for sale, Manufacturing sheds for sale at a price and quality not matched by any other shed company, we also offer free delivery anywhere in Swansea South Wales.
From backyard tool storage to cabanas, studios, bunkies, full sized garages, workshops, greenhouses and pool houses we can do it all.

Our Signature Series comes with a 20 year top to bottom warranty and our New England series 5 year. Our Signature Series hits the sweet spot between quality built construction and beautiful design.
Keep it plain or make it fancy the New England style captures practicality with functional good looks at a great value. Our design consultants can help you choose one of our sheds, that will best suit your needs and pocket book! Each with beautiful design features and customizable to achieve the your desired look and feel. The collection includes 13 Different Styles with a 100 different options so you may customize it to compliment your home or cottage.

Built to exceed the Ontario Building Code we include a BCIN drawing, Schedule 1 Form and Ontario Engineered truss (for over 108sqft.) which makes getting a permit easy.
We use treated lumber where it is needed and with features like the six-foot piano hinge, the door keeps swinging nicely year after year after year.

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