North Country Prefab Hunting Cabins are a smart choice for any hunting camp or hunting lodge. Need a Cabin Built On Site? If adequate room to your desired location is not accessible by truck and trailer. Want more? Below are some of the most popular add on options available for our prefab Cabin designs. Standard Features of our prefab Hunting Cabins: 3 windows, 1 man door on front, 1 five foot double wood door on back and a 4 foot front porch. For anyone who has dreamed of having a real log cabin in the woods, but still wants to keep it small, Washington based Mr. Rhett and Robert are childhood friends with over 45 years of exterior and interior construction experience and build tiny cabins and other structures like garages and sheds out of real four-inch milled logs.
Hey Steve, I am looking at the pic and see that the man using the chain saw IS wearing protective glasses.
Some of the pics seems to show large double doors on the end of the cabin–one pic pretty clearly shows hinges.
The concern over wall insulation is overblown; the majority of heat is lost through the roof.

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Our portable prefab hunting cabins offer everything imaginable for a comfortable hunting experience. From lofts and insulated floors to window placements and electrical packages all North Country Hunting Cabins are custom built to meet your needs. Unfortunately, if someone get injured using a chainsaw and points at these images, the media does get accused a lot. Maybe you could find some of these available to ship to Canada, made in Canada, for shipping somewhere in Ontario? Have friends in Washington who would be very interested in buying these and will pass the information along to them.
Our 28-ga steel siding is used for added protection that includes lag-down plates for a secure installation. The logs are protected with metal or cedar roofing with an eight-inch to one-foot overhang and some even include dormer windows.
The Grizzly sells for around $11,600 if built on site and $9,600 for the milled kit which you put together yourself.

Adjustments can always be made as needed to insulate and keep out drafts, insects and such.
The link didn’t work and the only thing I find when trying to Google it is links to pinterest and the tiny house article about it. All Storage shed kits ship knock-down and requires assembly Storage shed kit includes door latch to secure doors when closed (Padlock not included). After construction and when the logs have had time to dry, each of the cabins are chinked to close up small gaps and add insulation quality.
The smaller MaMa Bear cabin (shown above) also has a sleeping loft and runs about $6,600 for a built cabin to $4,800 for the milled kit. The best things about the Mini cabin design is the light weight of the components, portability and ease of setting the 4″ logs. The skinny-D method might work better for more remote sites with good standing timber, but the Mini looks easier.

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