STYLESWe offer Gambrels, Salt Box Sheds, A-Frames, Garages, Cabins, and Greenhouses in many different sizes. It doesn't matter if you are buying a "stock" shed or we do a custom build for you - we give each and every shed the detailed attention that it needs. Check out the info page to learn more and see why a greenhouse from Ed's Sheds will stand the test of time.Read About Our GreenhousesGREENHOUSESMade In The USA and constructed from the highest quality extruded aluminum, Monticello greenhouses use, on average, more than 40 lbs more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse. The weaker the framework, the less snow the greenhouse can hold in the winter time before collapsing on itself. We take pride in providing you the storage space you need at an affordable price with the highest quality.
Several styles of horse barns are available ranging from single stall to multiple stalls with tack room, hay storage, and enclosed alley.
Add a hay rack for convenient hay feeding or a divider wall to keep some of your animals separated.
Some of the options available are wash rooms, cupola with weather vane, exterior stall dutch doors, tack rooms, and pine storage cabinets.
These double wide barns are available in three different styles- the economical Trailside with no loft, the Kennebec with a full or partial hay loft, or the painted High Country.
If you're looking for an affordable shelter for your horse or horses, this is the right solution.

Built with solid pine board and batten siding, oak half-walls on the interior, and oversized steel hardware, they're beautiful as well as functional. Pine workbenches and storage cabinets help to keep your garage, basement and shop area more organized.
These barns are built for discerning horse owners - and include features such as steel hardware, dutch doors, and oak kickboards on the interior for durability. We're able to make adjustments to get your horse into a barn that will be just right for him. They can be placed in the pasture or next to the main barn to give inexpensive protection from sun, wind, rain, and snow. They are pre-built and delivered to your location so that there is a minimum of on-site construction. Choose from the four stall 30' wide x 20' long barn, the large 36'x48' or any size in between.
This gives protection from rain, snow, and sun allowing you to care for your horse while staying comfortable. They are delivered completely assembled in most cases and require only minimal finishing touches- which we provide. The barns are pre-assembled as much as possible so that any on-site work is kept to a minimum.

They have the same features as our other barns and have a complete line of options available to truly customize your barn. Choose from the tall cabinet with multiple shelves or the wide workbench with storage area below.
Each stall area comes standard with a window with coated metal grill and 4' high kickboard around the perimeter. The standard run-in barn comes with pine board and batten siding on the exterior and 30 year architectural shingles for a long, low maintenance life.
Just like the shed row barns, each stall has a grilled window and 4' oak kickboard on the interior. The stall also has a heavy dutch door so that you can keep the top section open for ventilation while keeping your horse secure inside. If you get a storage room attached, it has a sliding window, pine entrance door, and wood floor. If you'd like to see the available sizes and options click hereFor horse barn accessories- Click Here!

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