A garden cabana can house all the amenities needed for a summer cocktail to enjoy while lounging around the fire pit. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!
Neither one of us owns a home yet but we are getting ready to purchase a 16 x 32 storage garage and have it delivered to his property.
I look at this garage_to_be_converted_into_a_house as a way to really start to live simply for the rest of my life.. Every time I go to this Home Depot by me, I keep drooling over this gigantic 2 story shed they've had out front for the last few years.

Instead of a cot, you might consider a hammock (the kind they use in Peru, Brazil or Mexico - not the rope kind). Outdoor living today garden chalet - Outdoor living today ggc63sr grand garden chalet 6 x 3 ft. Shed kits, cedar shed kits for sale – outdoor living today : Outdoor living today's cedar shed kits are easy to assemble and made with quality western red cedar that is both beautiful and durable. A couple wicker chairs, great area rug, a few coastal accessories and you will have yourself a beautiful backyard space to enjoy. They are the perfect blend of home and office but withdrawn enough from the daily activities of the house to get work done.

It amuses me for some reason because I suspect most people just see it as a shed, but every time I walk into it (which I usually do, every time I go there), I think to myself how I bet I'm the only one that sees its potential as 'something else,' as more than just a shed.

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