This small sum lets us know that you are genuinely enquiring and not a computer trying to send excess amounts of spam to our email account. Click on one of the flags and we`ll have the best garden sheds for sale price in the uk.Give us a try today and see what prices for wooden garden sheds we can get you. Probably the most popular concrete garage range in the UK, the Pent range represents excellent value for money.
Our building design, with our unique flexibility, ensures that your Pent garage will be the right choice for a cost effective building and by adding one of our Special Package Offers you save even more money and get a better looking building! The Pent Mansard gives you the choice of enhancing a Pent concrete garage to blend more readily with your home. With a choice of 6 different tile colours, and the most comprehensive main door choice in the industry, you will have no trouble in making this building your own. The LidgetCompton Apex brick garage range has perhaps the most flexible range of concrete apex garages available.. Save money with our Special Package Offers, add to appearance and add functionality, AND save - it must be the deal of the century. Utilising the market leading Metrotile granular steel roof tile, the Apex20 has a 20 degree roof pitch and gives a choice of 6 different tile colours to blend with virtually any property.

Supplied with a host of great features as standard, you can also customise your building with probably the most flexible and comprehensive range of optional extra's in the UK.
Available exclusively from our nationwide network of Lidget Compton agents (not available for online quotations). All buildings are supplied with a 3ft (.91m) wide personnel Access Door, with timber fascias and a fixed timber window. Or leave the main door in, and add in a personell door - the Lidget Compton product range is so flexible , you can create the building that is right for you. Supplied in one of the three Apex range from LidgetCompton, the buildings are all maintenance free and include high specification units as standard.
Any of the options can also be incorporated into the standard building range, to create a (Garden) room as part of your garage building - use a partition to build a room onto the end of your garage.
The lean to can be in any of the basic shapes that we offer, Pent, Pent Mansard, Apex, Apex15 and Apex20. Width, length and height can be taken from our standard range, but if you have a specific requirement, we can design and install a building especially for you. Simply download the questionnaire here, and send it back to enable us to design it for you.

Our HiLiner range offers buildings for storage, workshops - you name it, we can provide it. A unique service available from Lidget Concrete - We are happy to look at your project and agree a design and then implement the build of your building. Why not send your project details, and we'll talk to you about how we are going to achieve your building with you. Featuring a transverse roof the Apex90 offers the same great aspect from both the front and the back. Packed with a range of great features and fantastically low prices, these garages provide superb value for money and convenience.

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