Whether you call them custom sheds, garden sheds, wooden sheds, or storage sheds, New England homeowners know that a durable, well-built shed is an important feature on their properties. Our sheds are known for their quality materials, lasting durability, and precise workmanship. Nantucket Sheds are carried by many garden centers, nurseries, landscaping centers, and home improvement stores throughout New England. Once you have selected the right shed for your property, our expert builders will deliver the pre-cut, wooden 'kit' to your address and construct the shed on site. Each custom shed can be built in various sizes and additional options are available for each shed design.
These exceptionally durable fiber glass-based 3-tab shingles with a high tear strength rating are the perfect choice for our wooden sheds.
On a May 2012 afternoon in the East Village, Rafal Nieznalski took a path followed by countless New Yorkers every day: right under a sidewalk shed, the wood plank and steel-pipe contraptions designed to protect pedestrians from falling construction debris. A few months later, in Red Hook, Brooklyn, 4-year-old Laila Davis was rushed from a housing project to the emergency room at New York Presbyterian Hospital after she touched a sidewalk shed carrying a live electrical voltage and was thrown off her feet. Sidewalk sheds have become a fixture of New York City’s landscape, with the number of permits more than doubling since 1998 to nearly 10,000.
The sheds are mandated by the city whenever construction, remodeling or demolition is taking place and several private contractors specialize in building the structures. But the city’s effort to ensure that the structures are safe and effective has faltered, a New York World investigation found. The 2,100 violations issued by the team include violations of all types, not just issues related to sidewalk sheds.
By comparison, in 2009 the team performed nearly 12,700 inspections and issued 4,840 violations of all types according to a DOB report. The safety team was created in 2007 and, within a few months, the city announced a 30-day inspection sweep after a series of accidents, including the collapse of several scaffolds during windy days in early 2008.
The city issued violations against 28 percent of the more than 1,600 sidewalk sheds and supported scaffolds inspected during the sweep.
Then in 2009, the Bloomberg administration launched a contest to create a safer and more attractive sidewalk shed design.
In the years since the creation of the Scaffold Safety Team and the unveiling of the new design funding and manpower for the team has been cut. Meanwhile, the number of sidewalk shed permits issued by the Department of Buildings has risen to record levels — nearly 10,000 in 2013.
The Urban Umbrella isn’t used, at least in part, because it costs up to 25 percent more than the 60-year-old design it was intended to replace. There are currently no Urban Umbrellas sidewalk sheds in use in New York City, according to Cortes.
In 2012 the city cut funding for the DOB Scaffold Safety Team from $1.2 million to just over $500,000. Robert deMarco, who left the DOB in November 2010 and now trains DOB inspectors, said there were only three inspectors on the job for several months in 2011, a claim the DOB denies.
While each city inspector currently conducts 3 or 4 inspections a day, the daily responsibility for ensuring the structural integrity of the sheds rests with the private contractors and licensees who build and maintain them. The lightest version of a ten by ten foot shed as described in the building code should withstand the weight of roughly four cars.
But Miller says he’s seen too many instances of safety standards being flouted by scaffold firms. He recalls an incident in the East Village two years ago, when the engineer who designed the shed set up by a contractor ignored his warning against a major flaw in the design that greatly weakened a portion of the shed. Beginning in October the city will require sidewalk shed permit holders to designate a “qualified” person to conduct an inspection every six months and prepare an inspection report.
City regulations already require contractors to inspect the structural integrity of sidewalk sheds each day and maintain daily maintenance logs. John Filingeri, a former member of the DOB Scaffold Safety Team, says he did request daily maintenance logs for sidewalk sheds — but never when a sidewalk shed stood idle.

As for pedestrians, “If something happens to fall, it’s sad and it is an issue, but it happens,” Filingeri said. Since the beginning of 2011 at least 29 pedestrians and 10 construction workers have suffered injuries as a result of accidents involving sidewalk sheds, a New York World review of city records, lawsuits, and media reports revealed. While no deaths have been recorded over the last four years, victims have suffered serious injuries, including concussions and electric shock.
In most cases reviewed by the World, the shed collapse occurred during the construction or removal of the shed, as the result of falling construction debris, or from high winds. William Roberts, 31, is suing sidewalk shed contractor Colgate Scaffolding after a pipe and a light fixture fell from a shed and struck him in the head on June 28, 2012. Robert’s head split open and he was taken to Woodhull Hospital where staples were required to close the wound. There are also instances when sidewalk sheds fail but no one happened to be walking under the shed at the time. The World found a dozen cases between 2012 and 2013 when portions of a sidewalk shed collapsed without injury to pedestrians or workers. For instance, on February 1, 2013, a sidewalk shed partially collapsed outside of the Hanson Place Central Methodist Church in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn.
The DOB issued a violation against the church for failing to maintain the shed, and the inspector noted that additional sections of the shed were in danger of collapsing. After spending a 20-year career advising private-sector clients in New York City on sheds, Miller lives by this principle: “I always cross the street to avoid walking under sheds,” he said.
What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “bar shed?” I’m guessing many of you have never heard that phrase. From what I've gleaned, the trend started in the UK with Community Gardens, where everyone is given an allotment to grow fresh fruit and vegetables. I got in touch with the man behind ReaderSheds, Andrew Wilcox, also known as “Uncle Wilco, Head Sheddie,” and he told me a bit about the rise of this trend in the UK: “When the indoor smoking ban came into force in 2007, I saw a steady increase in the number of pub sheds added to my website,” Uncle Wilco told me.
So we’re looking at over seven years in the UK, and it’s now starting to pick up steam in the US as well. So, now that you’re convinced, and you’ve realized you need a bar shed for your backyard parties this summer, what’s next? If you’re lucky enough to celebrate American independence inside a fully-functional bar shed this weekend, please send us some pictures. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Dubai, Shanghai, New York City: All around the world, ever taller and ever more spectacular new skyscrapers are being planned and built. Since its completion in 2010, the world's tallest skyscraper has been Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
At a height of 632 meters, Shanghai Tower, located in the Chinese city of Shanghai, is almost 200 meters shorter than Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
The third-tallest building in the world is the Makkah Clock Royal Tower, whose most striking feature is its clock tower. 60 meters behind in fourth place follows One World Trade Center in New York City, which topped out at 541 meters on May 10, 2013, since when it has not only been the world's fourth-tallest building but also the tallest skyscraper in New York City. Now the fifth-tallest skyscraper in the world after it topped out in July 2014, CTF Finance Centre, located in Guangzhou, is a mixed-use tower that will feature office space, a hotel, apartments and a shopping center in its podium. With the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong, a further Chinese skyscraper is to be found in eighth place in the ranking of the world's tallest buildings. Our custom sheds are perfect for storing garden supplies, yard tools, lawn & yard equipment, and other goods. You can contact our 21 shed dealers in Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and Nantucket, or in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. We offer many different shed sizes, shed styles, and additional options that may be added to your custom shed. When the winning proposal, the “Urban Umbrella,” was announced a year later, Bloomberg said the new design “would improve public safety,” although adoption of the design was recommended and not required.

The growth came, in part, due to local law 11, a 1998 law which led to an increase in sidewalk sheds through tougher building facade repair requirements. However, the budgets for several other specialty teams including the Cranes and Derricks inspection squad and the Building Enforcement Safety Team remained intact. But the way the inspectors looked at it is that if there wasn’t anybody working on a job, we’d let it go until we actually had a contractor working on the site,” he said.
Since the incident, he has dealt with severe headaches and neck pain, according to his attorney, Ilya Novofastovsky.
It’s so simple, yet until I saw my first one (above this paragraph), I’d never heard of them, let alone seen one. The website serves as a hub for “sheddies” to share thoughts and pics of their pimped out shacks. Many homebrewers use their sheds on brew day and refer to the space as a “brew shed.” And of course, we’ve all seen a backyard shed fitted with tiki decor. They don’t call it that, and I never realized it until writing this article, but it’s the size, shape, and build of a standard shed, located near their pool. You find information about construction projects, architecture, the building industry and city planning. Read here which buildings are currently the ten tallest in the world, where they are located and what makes them stand out. The building, which was designed by the architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, is a mighty 828 meters tall and has 163 floors. Although the skyscraper is due to be completed during the course of 2014, it has already topped out (reached its final height) and thus garnered second place in the list of the world's tallest buildings. The building is being constructed on the site of the former World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Due to complete in 2016, its 530 meters make it 21 meters taller than the next-tallest, Taipei 101. The building was even the tallest in the world from 2004 to 2007 until it was surpassed by Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They count among the most famous buildings in the Malaysian capital, thanks in part to a skybridge connecting the two 452-meter-tall buildings on the 41st and 42nd floors. Iigratot is verified and updated continuously and includes high-rise buildings which have been topped out or are completed.
Naturally, folks started enjoying a quick beer or cocktail in these sheds, and eventually, a few people gathered, mini happy hours casually formed, and from there, the natural evolution of bar sheds began. The Pub page is home to 350 different pub sheds, as they call them, displayed in digital photo albums. It houses all of the pool supplies, alongside a nice 4-person bar, a beer fridge, and a sizable selection of liquor. I don’t think I need to tell you about all of the awesome bar furniture, tools, and decor we carry.
In addition, Shanghai Tower will be home to the world's fastest elevators, which will climb the tower at the speed of 18 meters per second. Taipei 101 is named for its location in Taiwan's capital Taipei and for the number of stories in the building a€“ 101 in total. Its potential successor, Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, is however already in the starting blocks: At a kilometer in height, this ambitious construction project, which was started in 2013, is due to surpass the current record holder by some distance. You’ve got a private area, outdoors (yet still covered), disconnected from your regular living space.

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