If there is enough space under the stairs a powder room could be set there for guests and family. Set up a home office under stairs creating an ultimate working station where piece and quite provides with the right atmosphere for work and mental labour.
A cozy reading nook can be created under the stairs providing with privacy and comfort for enjoying favorite book or simply resting after a long day. A kitchen or at least it’s significant part can be extended under the stairs to free up more space in actual kitchen. Unique Ceiling Bookshelf Ideas One of 7 total Photos Contemporary Bookshelf Designs with Extraordinary Plans. There are 7 digital imagery describing the "Unique Ceiling Bookshelf Ideas" story, including the digital imagery you’re recently observing earlier at above.

Built-in drawers and shelves allow storing everything from off season clothes to sports equipment and tableware.
The plumbing issues may arise and careful planning required but in the end there will be a convenient and easily accessible bathroom on the main floor. The space under stairs can be perfect for that providing with sense of an almost enclosed cozy space.
The staircase can be perforated to create an enclosed space for a pet where you can place its bed giving it privacy and some own space. A refrigerator or an oven can be built into the staircase thus saving space in the kitchen as well as hallway. This will create a clean and clutter-free look disguising all the additional devices, cables and other accessories.

This area can also be used as hallway storage with built-in coat racks, shoe shelves and other stuff. You can hide the washing machine by hanging a curtain or creating a nook with a door in a staircase. Install shelves or bookcase to house your favorite books and you can even add a comfy armchair and enjoy them every day.

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