Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! 50+UPF rating blocks more than 98% of UV harmful rays — only 2% of the UV rays will penetrate through the shade fabric. The 1.375-inch-diameter all-steel frame is bonded with a DuPont thermoset baked-on, powder-coated finish to prevent chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. Carefully read the instructions and acquaint yourself with the parts, bolts and screw sizes before starting assembly of your carport.

Every frame tube and connector goes through a proprietary 13-step Rhino Shield surface preparation process to ensure ultimate quality. Goes up in a flash to deflect burning UV sun rays, rain, dirt, bird droppings and tree sap. We live in PA and wanted something to store our boat in for the winter so getting a portable garage made sense, until you read the enclosed paperwork. The ShelterLock 6x6x6 E-Series Shed includes everything you need to set it up easily and quickly.

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