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A not-that-careful look at stores shelves reveals that LOTR Lego items are available right now and have been since June 1. On day one at E3 the guys over at IGN Live sat down with Nick Ricks, Executive Producer at Traveller’s Tales Games for an in-depth analysis and some game play. This site is maintained and updated by fans of The Lord of the Rings and the name and mark ONE RING is used under license from The Saul Zaentz Company, which hold the title thereto. I stopped by the LEGO Store and Toys R Us just as Hanukkah was starting, and a few days before Christmas, and found lots of out of stock LEGO merchandise, and some empty shelves.
The Super Heroes line has hit the shelves, but the regular sets are selling out immediately. With the help of some wooden coasters and spray paint, make a set of Lego shelves for that little builder in your life.More info here.

Save space in a small room with the PAX Murphy bed hack (complete with sliding doors).More info here. Make a cool table using a Jokkmokk Table top and mid-century-style hairpin legs.More info here. The Micke Desk and Besta storage unit become one in this turntable desk hack for the turntablist.More info here.
Add some warmth to the GODMORGEN bathroom cabinet by adding a wood countertop.More info here.
Improve the look of the cheaper Trone storage units by adding a wooden shelf on top.More info here.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Members of our spy network have written in to inform us they are available online for later delivery but if you get yourself to a retailer with toy shelves you can grab and buy already.

All three Lord of the Ring movies are included in the Lego game and actual film dialogue is used as well.
They had most of the big sets in stock: Death Star, Imperial Shuttle, Super Star Destroyer. SteveDJ was kind enough to scan the latest Lego catalog which has a poster (forum post) revealing what looks to be a teaser about possible Hobbit sets coming December 1st, 2012.

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