There are never enough shoes for women, but there is obvious the problem of how to store them, especially for those us who live in the city with small apartment and houses. If you find one of those beautiful cabinets that you would want to use as a decorative item, why not display your shoe collection in it also? 2-in-1 furniture is always great space saver, find one that complements your room style and color and it can serve as a decoration also. You can get cheap boxes at IKEA and tuck these shoe drawers away under the bed, neat and easy! An old ladder painted in your favorite color would be a perfect place to store and display your beloved shoes. Who would think that wine crates could become so effective and beautiful shoe storage just with a coat of paint? This creative DIY pipe rack does not only hold your shoes but also adds a touch of industrial modern charm to any apartment.
Visit EPBOT for a wonderful tutorial on how to create your own flip flop and ballerina flat hangers from old metal hangers.
Be an artist and create an art out of a wood board and use it as a background for hanging your shoes.

A dress or chest at the end of the bed does not only act as a roomy storage for your shoes but also add an instant rustic charm for your bedroom.
Is there a way to mount the wine crates on vertical sliding rails so that I can mount them above the doors, but the shorter people can lower them to use? Storage and Other Stories: How to Avoid the (in)Evitable Clutter that Accumulates in your Life. Clean and minimal on the outside with multiple shelving units, Studio is both flexible and functional. The Shoe Shelf is a neat and simple solution for organizing and stacking up all your shoes in one place – what a great product for compact spaces and small houses. If you're one of the many still digging out from Winter Storm Linus, you've probably been dealing with your fair share of mucky and messy, salt-laden shoes.
The Knax Zjup, designed by the German brand LoCa, is a clever flat-mount shoe storage system made from black thermoplastic elastomer and white aluminum. The biggest downfall with the product is you will still need to place a towel or tray under the mount to protect your floors from wet shoes. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site.

So let’s take a look at 20 different shoe storage ideas to see if you can take away some for your home!
However if you are living in small spaces, take extra precautions when buying a shoe cabinet: first plan the place for the shoe cabinet carefully in advance, think of used spaces such as hallway or a small corner in your living room, measure the space carefully and find a shoe cabinet that fits the place exactly. I love love vintage cabinets as they have the kind of character and personality that becomes the focal point of any room they are in.
You can paint the mold in your favorite color or use bars from old picture frames for the style and patterns. Shoe storage cabinet features 5-shelves and two top drawers to help tidy up your entrance hall.
This space saving shelf can be used to display all types of objects, so you could use it anywhere around your house. If you love vintage labels, you can print out label designs on Graphics Fairy, it’s my favorite website for finding vintage labels!

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