Funny you should mention Egyptian cotton sheets because they were calling my name just this past weekend. A good strategy that I have learned is, when you find something you want, is to take it off the shelf, hold it in your hands during the time you are in the store, and then put it back before you leave. We have a 15-month-old son, and although both of us are professionals and can easily afford new clothes and baby gear, we chose to buy used. We have a similar situation to Tabitha, we bought a house that needs work but is perfectly livable. Instead, focusing on how much of a positive difference a purchase will make to your daily life is what’s really important. If you can afford it and it will make a very positive impact on your life, then go for it after taking the other steps in the flow chart into account! I was at HomeSense (just to browse) and I spotted a set (1,000 thread count) in the perfect colour for my bedroom.

For example, I’m always floored by folks who buy super long-wearing designer clothes for kids under the age of two. I’d suggest leaving the purchase for a few days, and if you still want it and can pay cash, go for it!
This meant more money for the RESP and the savings (and for later on, when brand names will mean more to our son!).
Do you really need a replacement, or do you have something similar that will do the same job?
I think the word does exactly what you say it doesn’t and steers people towards denying themselves.
Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun. If you’re debating the purchase of a new fridge, then this is really the best place to stick this flowchart.

Spending big bucks on 1,500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets is silly when 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets cost less and are quality too. Fabric and finish matter more in that respect – a fact I wish I’d known before buying those enormously heavy sheets! But I am not buying them because a) I have enough bed linens and mainly, b) the $100 will be much better sitting in my RRSP than in the store’s account. The amazing amount of people who do just that to upgrade to the latest and greatest for what amounts to largely the same thing depresses me, from a financial and environmental POV.

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