Kristen is an ACE certified personal trainer, an AAFA certified group fitness trainer, a certified spinning instructor and a Shred415 Master Trainer. Heather is certified in group fitness through AFAA, and also started her own personal training company, Foxfitness. Judy is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and has completed three marathons and multiple half-marathons. Miguel is an NASM certified personal trainer and has been involved in fitness for most of his life.
After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Public Health, Katie worked as a personal trainer in Chicago and completed her PTA Global Certification. Angie is an agency public relations professional by day and a group fitness instructor by early morning. Kourtney is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and RRCA Certified Running Coach. Ryan is a certified AFAA personal trainer, and has more than 10 years of personal training experience.
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A graduate from Grand Valley State University and the National Personal Training Institute with certifications in personal training, nutrition, and pre- and post-natal fitness, Sunny has been training since 2009.
Mark is an NASM certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist, a classically trained chef and the founder of MARK BAR. Fadil has been working as a personal trainer and a group exercise instructor for the past ten years. Cole Cruz is a certified personal trainer, certified fitness nutrition specialist, and certified medical exercise specialist for post-rehab clientele.
Leah is a certified yoga instructor, RealRyder Instructor and an NETA certified group fitness trainer. Sean is an NASM-certified personal trainer and group personal training specialist who credits Shred415 with dramatically changing his life. After graduating from the University of Illinois and earning her degree in Kinesiology, Melissa began her career as a personal trainer working with individuals in club and home settings. Liz, a certified group exercise instructor, has been an avid runner for years and has completed two marathons as well as numerous half marathons and shorter distance races. Katie is an ACE certified group exercise instructor with a strong passion for health and fitness. Meghan McCollough is a NASM certified personal trainer and has been teaching group fitness classes since 2013, specializing in circuit training and Reformer Pilates. Tracy is a nationally recognized fitness instructor and leader, who has presented master classes and Kwando workshops to fitness professionals.
Luca is an American Council on Exercise-certified fitness instructor, with additional certifications in TRX Suspension Training, Schwinn Spinning, Tabata and Bootcamp.
Kara is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and has been leading group exercise classes since 2006. Caroleen is an NASM certified personal trainer and a certified Foundation Training® instructor.
Over the years, Kristen has completed four marathons, numerous half-marathons and countless smaller races.
A former middle school teacher and Girls on the Run coach in Chicago, she now lives in Saint Louis with her husband and two children.
After years of participating in team sports, competing in triathlons, and running marathons and half marathons, she found a new passion in group-exercise classes. She spent two years teaching fitness classes on an international cruise ship and was able to visit more than 60 cities around the world, pairing her passion for travel and fitness. As a husband and dedicated dad to two children, Mark will try anything at least once and believes passion and dedication will always lead to success. Upon graduating from Purdue University with a BS in Dietetics, and Nutrition, Fitness, & Health she completed her Dietetic Internship at University of Wisconsin-Madison and became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. As a former Division I football player and Big 10 Champion, he has always valued a healthy and active lifestyle. A national champion in Taw Kwon Do and former semi-professional baseball player, Cole utilizes an evolving training approach that integrates creative exercise with positive psychological and behavioral growth to achieve maximum body transformation. She was a competitive gymnast as a child, and participated in a variety of other sports, as well.
Always active, Leah began running in high school and continued running in college at the Division I level.

Since his first visit as an unmotivated and nervous client in early 2012, Sean grew to become Shred415's first-ever Shredder of the Month (an achievement he ranks just below passing the Bar Exam) and quit his day job as an attorney (an achievement he ranks well above passing the Bar Exam). An avid runner and overall fitness enthusiast, Melissa has completed several marathons, including the Chicago Marathon, the San Diego Marathon and the Flying Pig Marathon in Ohio. In addition to Shred415, Katie enjoys running and completed the Shamrock Shuffle, Chicago Spring Half Marathon and the Chicago 2014 Marathon—all within an 8-month window.
Meghan is a former NCAA swimmer, and swam competitively for 13 years before moving to Chicago and rediscovering her inner athlete at Shred415.
A tennis player growing up, she began interval training in college and quickly recognized the benefits of HIIT. A longtime client, Jazmina experienced firsthand the total body transformation that can result from Shred415, which culminated when she became Shredder of the Month in early 2014. She created and developed Gorilla Sports' Kwando Program, a total body conditioning class incorporating elements of boxing, kickboxing and tae kwan do.
Growing up a competitive gymnast, Joanna's passion for fitness and health began at a young age.
After graduating college with a Management degree, Luca worked in the fashion industry for 12 years, often traveling internationally. Upon graduating from DePaul University with a degree in Health & Physical Education, Kara directed various fitness programs for the Chicago Park District. As a former professional dancer, she was trained in classical ballet, jazz and modern, but now enjoys running 5Ks, 8Ks and half marathons. An entrepreneur at heart, Lydia was inspired by the birth of her daughter to help new mothers stay active, which led her to purchase the Stroller Strides franchise in 2010 and then create RunFit Fusion in 2013. She began her fitness career as a part time job in college, and she has not looked back since. Kourtney has completed numerous 5k and 10k races, as well as many half marathons and four marathons to date. Ryan’s love of fitness, teaching, and helping people to better themselves and achieve their individual fitness goals led him to become a personal trainer.
In addition to Shred415, Cheyne currently teaches yoga and boot camps at Core Power Yoga and Zen Yoga Garage. A Chicagoan by birth, Sunny teaches classes and trains clients all over this beautiful city, and has found something truly special at Shred415. Throughout her career, Jen has obtained credentials through Power Plate, NASM, CHEK institute, Metabolic Typing, FMS, and KettleWorX Nutritionist and Master Trainer. Jacquelyn has been working in the field of health and fitness for the past 10 years, starting her career with collegiate and professional athletes, where she found her passion to push people to work hard and reach their full potential. In addition he has trained a beach volleyball team that finished 8th in the European championships and also trained a Miss Illinois winner. Cole has a masters degree in psychology, with a concentration in sport and exercise psychology. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Speech Communication, Jessica found herself in the world of advertising. She completed the Chicago marathon in 2007, qualifying for Boston and ran the Boston marathon in 2009. He currently teaches multiple classes per week, while managing Shred415's Old Town studio.
When she’s not running or instructing at Shred415, Katie is a Kindergarten teacher at Chicago Public Schools. After shredding for two years at the Lincoln Park and Old Town studios, Meghan is thrilled to join the Shred415 team.
After working out on her own for years, Bonnie began taking group exercise classes in 2008 and soon started to realize just how motivating group classes can be.
Not long thereafter, Jazmina left the corporate world to dedicate her life to her newfound passion for fitness.
Though she's worked out at gyms all over the world, Shred415 is the first studio that has truly pushed her to her limits. Currently, Kara channels her advocacy for wellness education as a PE teacher at Walt Disney Magnet School, motivating kindergarten through 8th grade students to engage in a healthy lifestyle. She has taught aerobics, step, Pilates, spinning and was a senior instructor at a barre-based studio for five years. He played collegiate rugby for two years, and was in charge of the team's strength and conditioning program.
In her free time, she loves cooking, being outdoors, traveling and hanging out with friends.

Amy describes herself as tenacious by nature and a determined athlete, and she views fitness as her passion and her profession. She was chosen as one of SHAPE Magazine’s 50 Hottest Female Trainers in America 2014. He enjoys working with a variety of clients as he trains everyone from high school to NCAA athletes. Jen has competed in several figure competitions through NPC, FAP, and INBF and grew up playing soccer. Working as a full-time Pilates teacher for the past 6 years, Jacquelyn places an emphasis on good form, balanced programs, and progressions for all levels.
He is certified through American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM) and recently acquired a Masters degree in Exercise Science and Cardiac Rehabilitation.
After spending 6 years in the corporate world, Jessica did some soul searching and decided to take a leap of faith and change careers completely.
Sidelined by labral tears in both hips and subsequent surgeries, Leah discovered Shred415 during her recovery and has been an enthusiastic Shredder ever since.
She uses the intensity, energy, and drive from years of competitive swimming to help clients reach their maximum potential.
She and Tracy opened the first Shred415 studio in 2011, and the concept has quickly grown to 7 locations in the Midwest.
She's worked as managing director of a club with five fitness centers in San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles, as director of weight loss and nutrition for a large national gym, and as general manager of a boutique gym in Chicago known for its personal training. Luca is excited to do the same for her Shred415 students--providing unparalleled motivation and helping Shredders reach their fitness goals. She personally developed a childhood obesity-prevention curriculum, which helped her become a Chicago Foundation for Education award-winning teacher. Ryan was selected as a National Master trainer for Nautilus, and traveled around the country lecturing about biomechanics, circuit programming, and circuit implementation. Throughout the years Jen has competed in the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Super Spartan, Chicago Marathons, Urbanathlons, Half-Marathon's and several smaller races. The concept of Shred415, where you come in three - five times per week and work really hard, falls well within his philosophy of training. She spent 6 months at the National Personal Training Institute getting certified as a personal trainer.
Leah currently competes (and places) in Hood to Coast yearly with her former teammates and runs a few half marathons a year. After graduating from Syracuse University with a BFA in Musical Theatre, Joanna joined the touring company of the Broadway Musical CATS, performing in near to all 50 US States, Canada, and South America.
In addition to being an instructor at SHRED415, he teaches boot camps at Lululemon and trains at Magna Fitness.
Jen is so passionate about living a healthy, active lifestyle and teaches her patients and clients to do the same.
The other days could be used for recovery or enjoying different types of activities such as cycling, swimming or yoga. In 2008, while continuing to perform in New York City, Joanna began her career in the health and fitness industry, instructing and teaching in both large gym facilities and boutique studios. In addition to marathons, Heather has completed 13 triathlons in various distances, including the Ironman Canada. Jen is currently training clients privately and is a Registered Dietitian for Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss Centers. In Fall of 2011, after much soul searching, Joanna returned to her home-city of Chicago, where she has since dedicated her career to helping others discover their strongest, happiest, and healthiest selves. Joanna is a NASM Personal Trainer, a Yoga-Alliance certified Yoga Instructor, and a Pilates Academy International certified Pilates Instructor. Market Sales Manager at TTI Floor Care North AmericaPastStrategic Account Manager at Lagasse (Div. Jessica loves seeing her clients reach their goals and push themselves to places they didn?t believe possible. She is so excited to join the Shred415 team, helping each person who enters to rediscover what they are truly capable of.

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