Rough-sawn plywood, called Texture 1-11 (or T1-11), has been a popular siding option for many years. You can also buy fiber-cement panels, made of the same material as fiber-cement lap siding.
At the lowest end, pressed hardboard and OSB panels come with embossed surfaces that are covered with a thin coating that is somewhat hard.
The easy installation also makes it one of the most affordable exterior veneers in the Garden State.
To top it off, it’s a wonderful investment which will preserve and greatly increase the value of your home or business for years. The good news is they are gorgeous and the styles are numerous.  A professional installer knows how to add the panache to make it into a dream home. Houses with scalloped siding are aesthetically pleasing when they’re installed on the right place. I wouldn’t recommend vinyl siding scallops on the entire house unless it is Victorian scalloped siding.

I remember one home owner told me, ” I got the Cadillac of siding.” Well, he got a Cadillac but he bought it for the price of a Ferrari. When material started running out it was a nightmare trying to bring seamless siding to the work site. Trust us to install your siding for you and your family and we will complete your house on schedule and within your budget. However, this product can buckle, warp, or even come apart if it is not installed correctly and kept well sealed.
A preprimed panel will save you time because the backs of these panels should be painted before installing. These materials need to be completely sealed with several coats of paint at all points or they will soak up water like a sponge. Be careful, if you have your hear set on it, than, it’s okay but make sure it meshes well because sometimes, it just won’t make the cut. We installed them and they’re just too expensive and time consuming to install.  This NJ vinyl siding material pricing is not worth the investment, in our opinion.

The most common panel size is 4 by 8 feet, but sheets 10 and 12 feet long are also available and are worth the extra weight if they eliminate horizontal butt joints.
The cheapest types must be sealed with primer and two or more coats of exterior paint and attached with nails every 16 inches.
We installed them and they look fantastic, a futuristic look and it goes well with the house architect. Higher-end products are thicker, use better wood and glue, and come with a first coat of sealer. Typically these panels have vertical grooves (the panels should be installed upright, so water will not sit in the grooves).

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