Self drive day boats and canoes for hire from Ludham Bridge Boatyard on the picturesque River Ant on the beautiful Norfolk Broads.
EPB offers a range of ablution blocks, change rooms, toilets and locker rooms in various sizes to suit your construction project.
Ablution buildings and change rooms are available in different sizes and configured to suit your needs.
We also hold a range of portable buildings in stock currently for sale that can be configured as an ablution block. Many Eastern Portable Buildings customers choose to take advantage of our flexible hire terms. Eastern Portable Buildings has a long history of providing portable and modular buildings and accommodation to regional NSW. We design and supply a variety of portable buildings to suit rural conditions and applications. Steel Containers are highly secure, all steel construction units which are ideal for temporary storage.

Gatehouses provide occupants with excellent all round vision and are typically installed at entrances to sites.
When moving a shed across town, or from one spot on your property to another, the process can complicated and full of surprises. John Adams, owner of Northeast Shed Movers, involvement in the shed business dates back over 20 years. Our building size and configuration guidelines will help you identify the right number and size of buildings for your project. They are delivered in flat sections and can therefore be man-handled through passages and narrow entrances for installation in rear of properties or even within buildings! 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. Sheds weigh significantly more than expected and can easily be damaged if not moved properly.
John has worked in shed site preparation, built sheds and for the last 18 years, moved sheds.

Northeast Shed Movers has all of the specialized equipment and experience to ensure a safe moving experience for your shed. A shed's trim and windows are vulnerable to breakage when they come in contact with tree limbs and shrubs.
For over the road moves, Northeast Shed Movers holds a commercial drivers license (CDL) and the ability to obtain the necessary permits for the transportation of the oversized loads. Moving a shed requires special equipment and expertise that most homeowners simply do not have.

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