Any item that you have not touch in a year means it is probably not useful or you probably bought it in a moment of haste. This great concept from the Great Small Apartment Design Solutions used a movable wall shelf, mounted on a track to act as a protective wall for the bedroom.  It not only creates storage space but increases the privacy of the bedroom without wasting valuable space.
There are lots of interesting furniture designs currently that have lots of storage options.
Coffee table is a luxury in a small house but if you buy one that can plenty of storage as well as being able to serve multi function, it will be a great storage solution. Despite a small space, it is still important to use partitions to mark up different spaces as well as to create privacy. With small spaces, we need to be really think out of the box if we want both privacy as well as storage options. The beauty of bunk bed is that it uses the empty space floating in the air, thereby allowing more storage space to be created underneath it. If you need a place to store a second bed, a great idea is to buy a pull out bed that can be placed either under stairs or a raised platform to avoid taking more valuable floor space.
For houses that have stairways, the area under the stairs represent a golden opportunity to create more storage.
Stair tread can be used to store shoes or other small items that are frequently used in the living rooms. Make sure you make full use of the available space by installing a floor to ceiling cabinet.
Having a banquette as a causal dinning not only creates a causal dinning place but the cabinet under the seats creates lots of storage. If your kitchen cabinets and walls are already filled with stuff, you might want to consider the ceiling. Big wardrobes are great for storing clothing but their bulky size also means a big problem for small houses. Buy a modern bed storage and you will have any source of storage place to out your clothes. If you use partitions to divide your wardrobe into smaller compartments, there will be less wastage of spaces. You can add hooks to the side door of your cabinets to hang various items including ties, necklaces etc.
A compact kitchen can be transformed to serve different purposes, including cooking, washing and storing. The rest of the ideas showcased here don’t fall into any category but they are all creative storage solutions for small spaces. Make full use of the space between the door and the ceiling by installing a full storage shelf.

Similar to idea #11, a room divider can be used to serve as both a partition as well as for storage.
Mount a organizer that can help to hold all type of small items such as keys, mail, letters etc. Design focus to be signed about this brilliant unique decoration wood is successful character alongside unprocessed design theme and component alternative. After appear at the small outdoor storage traditional garage shed brilliant design ideas in tampa image slowly maybe you will catch various different reference to be implementing on your own design. Design underline to be marked about this cheerful is flush quality touching unsophisticated design theme and resources option. Executing smart design plan process and spotlight design objective is the key feature of this impressive of shed turn out to be one of colorful design. This fantastic fantastic little shed we think successfully mixing smart design plan, neat design fleeting look, items alternative, influential representation of enhancement decoration and design plan management. This superb cool shed we think efficiently mixing smart design plan, awesome design appear, element option, strong illustration of enhancement decoration and design idea supervision. After look at the shed idea image carefully maybe you will take several new hint to be deployed on your own design. This nice exclusive idea red shed we think successfully mixing smart idea design plan, elegant design glance, element selection, powerful distinctive of ornament decoration and design format harmonization. To overcome this lack of a comprehensive resource, we have hand picked 50 beautiful storage ideas for small house that you can mix and match to maximise your storage space. The worse thing is that the space they occupy tend to increase over time as we buy more and more of them.
Use those to storage stuff that is used probably less often such as your winter wear or special cleaning solutions. Modern shelves look equally outstanding and they can contribute to creating more storage space in your house.
It it also easier to incorporate them into the design of the home if it is full ceiling to floor shelf. See the list below for some really creative ideas on squeezing out more storage from your furniture. Rather than using normal room dividers, you can use partition storage which acts as both shelves as well as dividers. Storage idea #4 can be considered a bedroom storage idea but below are some more tips you can consider. By storing your bed along the wall, you free up lots of space and immediately transform it into a more spacious house. The image below shows that you can make full use of this space to also create more bedroom storage that can store your bedding sets, mattress etc.

You can either create a workstation under the stairs or transform the entire area into shelves that can be used to store picture frames, books and other small items. By making full use of this space by building an inbuilt storage that can hold all the toiletries. Rather than wasting the entire space, you can put up shelves under the bathtub for more storage capacity.
Instead of doing nothing, why not place some shelves between the pipes to create more shelving storage? Make use of this space to stack up on lots of cabinets so that it is full of storage capacity for your bathroom accessories. Rather than having a full kitchen, we might need to consider shared spaces or having a multi function kitchen cabinet. From mini food processor to mini cupcake maker, you can buy these smaller sized appliances to save lots of space in your kitchen.
I strongly recommended that small house install corner cabinets to avoid wasting this precious kitchen space. This clever idea combines both storage into a single unit, thus saving you lots of space and creating lots of storage. Now, thanks to this rolling closet cabinet idea, you can have the luxury of having a big wardrobe without giving up too much floor space. In fact, proper storage can often reveal hidden storage spaces that you might not be aware of. In such cases, using a slim wardrobe rack like the one below can help to save lots of space. How about using crown molding to create instant shoe storage that can hold quite a number pair of shoes. This can free up lots of space as you can simply roll out the study table as and when you need it.
Not only does it use an previously unused area, it also creates a nice featured wall effect.
With digital subscription services becoming so cheap and common, it is time to leave the physical media and enjoy the benefits of digital media. Some of the creative storage ideas will make you rethink of how to make use of your wall space. To save such space, you can use bathroom furniture that combine several functions into one.

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