Small Industrial Kit will do 4 or more medium sized pickups or 2 to 3 medium sized tractors. Buy, sell and exchange Southern California Industrial, Commercial + Investment Real Estate. Optimists had hoped to counter depreciation from rising cap rates with rising property net operating incomes (NOI). With $100,000,000 in listed inventory, Jodi Summers understands the coastal commercial real estate market. Jodi is born in Brooklyn, raised in and around Manhattan – the family business was marketing, Madison Avenue style. An honors graduate from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, Jodi moved to California to achieve her goal of living by the beach with a palm tree and a hibiscus bush in her yard. Discipline (Jodi holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do), organization, motivation, excellent communication skills and knowing & satisfying the needs of her clients have been her essentials for running a successful business. Her team joined Sotheby’s International Realty for the company’s powerful brand and stellar reputation. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. China Good Quality Axial Cooling Fan, Axial flow fan and AC Cooling Fan International Trade Site. This plumbing pipe firewood holder has an industrial style, but is at home in a rustic space… Love the casters! Just go to an auto care store like pep boys auto zone or so and get a brake cleaner spray can.
I use Fast Orange Hand Cleaner from the auto parts store…it removes grease in a jiffy. I cleaned every piece of pipe with dishdetergent, dried it really good, and then spraypainted it with clear paint to make it easy to clean :) If you want a different color, then just spraypaint it in the hue you want!
I think you have come up with a lot of great ideals, I like the curtain rod and firewood rack best. The copperpot rack pictured gave me a thought…could a bed be made out of that or would it be flimsy and move around.
A top producer with Sotheby’s International Realty, Jodi knows finance, rules, regulations, procedures and methods.
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The last few years have seen a resurgence in styles and trends that have been largely perceived as outdated and boring in the 90s, trends dominated by simple cubes, beige and a turn towards modernity.

Pipe is an inexpensive DIY material to use when creating any style with an industrial flair.
We love this because it’s an easy project, and they went a step further and showed you how to make the wood base for it as well.
This industrial pipe hand towel rack from Etsy can be purchased, or if you are feeling creative, come up with your own, similar design!
This is a great example of mixing industrial pipe, rustic wood, and modern furnishings for a warm, fresh look. Easy project, I love that you can use this in a small kitchen because it just takes up wall space, you don’t need a huge island to hang it over… Anyone trying a DIY pipe project? The key to successful painting (of anything, for that matter) is surface prep; make sure the surface is free of any oils or pipe dope.
Instead of rents rising or at least holding steady, owners are resigned to deteriorating leasing, rife with concessions and tenant inducements. She is accurate, knowledgeable, timely and aware of how government shapes the cities of Southern California.
Styles like Art Deco and midcentury have been revitalized by contemporary designers who have given them an elegant, modern twist.
A huge number of end fittings exist, allowing you to create any size or shape project you desire. Soak the first rag in acetone and use it to wipe off the majority of the protective film on the pipe and fittings.
My pipe was from different sources and had slightly different finishes which I did not like so I ended up painting it with matte black spray paint. Galvanizing is a process of dipping the raw metal (iron or steel) in molten zinc; the resulting coating will not rust and is bonded to the base metal permanently, and is far more durable than paint.
BTW, assembly of threaded fittings is much easier with a bit of pipe dope or teflon tape (use white tape, applied clockwise on the male threads looking at the threaded end), but use sparingly so you don’t make a mess. While we have showcased some captivating industrial bedrooms and smart kitchens in the past, today we take a look at the 30 best dining rooms wrapped in this timeless style.
One thing to be aware of…I was advised not to use galvanized (silver) pipe if I wanted to paint it. Dig in and enjoy!Brick, Metal and WoodTo replicate a style that you admire or love, it is always important to understand its origins and of course, the basic components that shape it. In the case of the industrial style, it was necessity and a utilitarian approach that were its driving forces.
Then again, sweeping 90* and 45* bends are available as conduit on the shelves in the big-box stores, which adds another design option.

Early industrial revolution-era settings that gave birth to the style did not worry about the visual appeal of the place. Further, as RMC is steel, it can be bent cold with the proper tool; iron pipe cannot be bent without an oxy-acetylene rig, which is likely beyond the scope of most readers here. Once you have your project complete, you can use furniture polish to give it a nice luster as well as corrosion protection.
This is precisely why you see a fabulous blend of contrasting textures in industrial spaces, which is considered ‘exciting and cool’ by modern designers. Arched metal frame windows, exposed wooden ceiling beams and even untreated concrete surfaces combine beautifully to shape that smart, unique dining room with a debonair industrial flair. If weather permits, a strong detergent and stiff brush followed by a good rinse and drying in the sun works best; a wipedown with acetone or lacquer thinner or brake cleaner prior to applying a finish is always a good idea. While traditionally large metallic pendants inspired by the past are the preferred choice (and they do look absolutely perfect in a grand dining room), there are many contemporary alternatives that work equally well.
In fact, you can use your lighting fixture to usher in a hint of chic, contemporary charm or midcentury modern magic in a dining room that is dominated by an industrial vibe.
Custom-crafted DIY pendant lights with a wiry frame or a stripped-down design are also ideal for the industrial dining room. A small dining room can also pull off the industrial look, but it does require a lot more care.
Even if it is not truly spacious, opening it up towards the living room next to it or the view outside will aid in enhancing the appeal of the room. Giving this dining room a surprising twist with additions such as daring wall art, oversized pendant lights or even a vintage bike or two can turn it into an absolute showstopper. A custom-crafted dining table, an eclectic blend of iconic chairs, a splash of unexpected color or even a cloak of natural greenery can completely alter the atmosphere of the dining room and turn a mundane setting into a truly captivating backdrop. Make sure, though, that these additions do not take over and disturb the overall style of the space.Industrial loft with a dashing dining room and decor!
Use an old, re-painted trunk as a credenza or decorate the dining table with a vintage vase that you unearthed in a recent trip to the flea market.

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