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If you don’t have a hand book then note the numbers etc on the above  parts as you remove them from the machines. Before you put the lawnmower or rotovator  away you should change the oil, the oil filter, and the air filter.
Having removed the petrol and run the engine dry, it’s a good idea to make sure you put the fuel cap back on the tank. Fill the correct amount (1ltr at a time) and grade of oil  making sure the machine is on level ground.
Cleaning all the crust which has collected to the underside of the machine is a job to do when the engine is empty of oil and the fuel tank empty.
Remove the wheels and clean, then oil and pack grease into the wheel hubs,  check and use the grease gun on the steering arms, these will have grease nipples, fill with grease. New batteries cost money, and if you remove the battery from the mower remove the filler caps and check the water level, then put your battery on a trickle charge. Apart from all that, give the upper body work of the machine a bit of protection ie polish, then cover the lot over to keep the dust off.
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In fact this is the ideal time to look into the prep, ready for when the weather is good for gardening.
I buy new spark plugs every year due to the amount of work my machines do from April  to November. This is the time of the year when these inside jobs can be done, so here are the basic steps to service a ride-on mower.

If you put a long reach into a short reach engine you’ll smash the piston head and cause a lot of damage by this simple mistake! Some lawn mowers have the oil drain plug and the oil dip stick as one piece, ie once the dip stick is removed you can lift and tip the opening and the oil can then be drained out of the machine. You are going to remove the oil filter after the engine oil has been drained and you’ve a new oil filter ready to replace the old one.
The old way of removing the filter is to drill a hole all the way through both sides of the filter, and then place a screw driver through both holes and turn anti clockwise.
Wait for 30 mins until the oil has settled and then using the dip stick check the oil reading. This is because even if you use one of those devices which lifts your machine off the ground so you can get at the underside, you run a very good chance of getting fuel into the oil sump and exhaust box.
After 35 odd years I’ve built up all the tools I need to do many jobs, and one of these tools is the air line.
Check the tyres, a lot of mowers have plastic tyres and these tend to go flat if not checked. I enjoy doing it inside with the radio on, a few cups of coffee, and every now and then glancing out of the window and seeing the snow fall.
Well a lot of the starting troubles with petrol engines are due to the end of the season when the machines were put into the shed and not looked at until the start of the next season. Others have a side mounted drain plug device, again your hand book will show you the type and location for your model. Remove the old round oil filter, sometimes these filters tend to stick and can be a bit of a problem to start to turn. For cleaning and removing of grass in places I’d not be able to get to, this pressurised line is a must!
Even though your going to put the machine away for months, if the tyre ends up flat for long enough it can cause the tyre to split the next time you inflate it due to the weight of the machine resting on the flat tyre. Assemble this easy to set up storage grass mower strew designs locker for your outside tools.
The hard black colour again is a sign telling you your fuel burning is to hot, you may need the air intake needle adjusting. Now check the spark gap is the correct adjustsment (the hand book will tell you this and by using a feeler gauge you can open or close the gap). Once the dip stick is removed and the oil filler cap removed the next step is to drain out the oil by opening the drain socket.

Let any dribbles of oil spill out and then wipe the threads clean, ready to receive the new filter.
If you are going to have the machine off a level ground setting empty the fuel tank and sump. It gives out  a very low charge rate and once the battery is fully charged they switch off and come back on again when the battery starts getting low.
Come grass cutting time with new fresh fuel in the tank and the battery connected, a few turns of the key and the seasons started. Costco 4′ Adam Garden Chalet Storage molt we wish to set up this upon the validate side of the molt for grassed area collection or pool reserve earlier we get pool More. I’ve never yet seen a blog or garden tv program willing to help regarding garden machines.
It’s so simple to have a list of what you should do before putting these machines away for the winter.
Use a little grease on the threads and gently screw the plugs back into the spark plug sockets (don’t over tighten just a firm fix). You can buy all kinds of devices for sharpening the blades (one such is a two stone device that fits into a power hand drill. I leave my trickle charge on all the time, check it on a regular basis, and whenI want a fully charged battery it’s sitting there waiting to be used.
It’s two facing stones with enough space between each stone to fit both sides of the blade, and this puts a fair edge to the blade. All the above basics ie draining fuel, changing oil, cleaning the machines, sharpening the teeth on the hedge trimmers etc etc, are all done while the winter weather stays outside. Once the underside is clear of all dirt, grass crust and the various cables have been inspected and greased, you can spray light oil under all of this area.
Check the grass box fitting area, and give a good oil and grease to all moving parts to ensure they can move freely.

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