Whether you need a basic loafing shed, a safe horse shelter, a dry place to help your cows calve or a place to store your tack, these tough, HEAVY DUTY all steel buildings should last you a lifetime. The Theories of Individual Social Development chapter of this course is designed to help you plan and teach influential theories of social development through the lifespan in your classroom. Below is a sample breakdown of the Theories of Individual Social Development chapter into a 5-day school week. Do you know who or what is behind the metaphorical angel and devil sitting on your shoulders, debating whether you should get up for a jog or hit the snooze button again? Jean Piaget developed a theory of cognitive development that described and explained the changes in logical thinking of children and adolescents.
Abstract reasoning involves flexible thinking, creativity, judgment, and logical problem solving.
Social loafing frequently occurs because certain individuals exert less effort than others and this can create an unhelpful group dynamic and individual response.
Add important lessons to your Custom Course, track your progress, and achieve your study goals faster. Occupy’s try to pitch its tent in Hudson Square is blocked By Lincoln Anderson Hudson Square is a neighborhood still striving to raise its profile. However, an effort to turn a privately owned open space at Duarte Square into Occupy Wall Street’s fallback encampment on Tuesday morning ran into a stiff blue wall of opposition. Earlier Tuesday, a massive force of police officers had descended on Zuccotti Park at 1 a.m.
Garrett Perkins, 29, said the idea was to use the LentSpace site as a new camp-out area, partly because it was privately owned, but also because it has walls around it, which would have made it ideal. A metal worker from Chugiak, Alaska, he’d been camping at Zuccotti for the past three weeks. Perkins said he had almost fallen asleep in his tent in the northwest section of Zuccotti on Tuesday morning when the police action started about 1 a.m.
A print reporter who was able to get into Zuccotti before the police action, said that, despite police’s orders to reporters and photographers to clear the park during the eviction, he stayed.
Asked how police had conducted the eviction, the reporter said, “Methodical, relentless. Brookfield Office Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park, supported the efforts to clear Zuccotti of the tent city that had sprung up there in the past several weeks, and in fact, back in October, had supported efforts to keep people from sleeping there in sleeping bags even before the tents started going up. They were accompanied for most of the way by a strong contingent of officers, many wearing riot helmets and holding clubs, who ran along next to them in the street. At times sprinting in formation, like a well-drilled football team executing a designed play, the police would rush in to block the marchers’ path. A standup comic turned antidrug activist, Credico ran against Senator Chuck Schumer in 2010 on the Libertarian line, winning 0.5 percent of the vote. Outside Zuccotti Park on Thursday shortly after noon, Reverend Billy was telling everyone to prepare for mass arrests.
However, Joan Pleune, a member of the Granny Peace Brigade, said the idea was not to try to get arrested, but to get a message across. Perkins said the bridge action will, in fact, include film projectors and screens and boats with video. Sean Sweeney, director of the Soho Alliance, said he was awakened early Tuesday morning by the racket of the police helicopter hovering overhead, and turned on the news to see Julie Menin, chairperson of Community Board 1, criticizing the clearing of Zuccotti Park. Written permission of the publisher must be obtained before any of the contents of this newspaper, in whole or in part, can be reproduced or redistributed. I was invited to a special behind-the-scenes sneak preview yesterday and learned what makes this particular Whole Foods Market (WFM) so special. Like a lot of groceries, WFM puts out samples throughout their store like this hatch chili salsa.
Besides food, my tour group learned that WFM isn't just about whole foods, but whole living. One of the things I am most excited about with the opening of WFM is their huge assortment of bulk bins.
My heart skipped a beat a little when we wandered past their GIGANTIC display of chocolate bars. My tour group also got a chance to sample some of the chocolate truffles from various artisan chocolate shops, carried by WFM such as sea salt dark chocolate caramels and smoke sea salt milk chocolate caramels.

The typical Charlottean knows a thing or two about organic produce, but meat and seafood tend to be a bit trickier.
To make a long story short, red is bad (not sustainable), yellow is OK (kind of sustainable), and green is best (sustainably raised).
WFM audits its meat producers to rate them on a tiered system with a rating of step one being the lowest and step five being the highest. One of the things that sets the Charlotte WFM apart from other grocery stores and is unique to only a select number of other Whole Foods is an in-house cooking school.
Both cooking classes and demonstrations will be offered by their in-house chef, guest chefs, and cookbook authors. I count myself very lucky, not only to get the exclusive behind-the-scenes look, but also to get the opportunity to taste an example of what one might learn to make at a Salud cooking class. Cooking classes are customizable and can be arranged for special events like ladies' night out. The Queens Corner Bar was the most surprising and exciting part of the sneak preview of the new Whole Foods. If you're looking for heartier fare, check out the expansive prepared foods section featuring a salad bar, hot foods bar, and a long display case of everything from NC pulled pork (smoked in-house), customizable wraps, sushi, pizza, and 18 different flavors of gelato.
The wine and beer bar might make you think WFM is so very adult, but let's not forget this is a grocery store and kids are often in tow. It's obvious that WFM has put a lot of thought into their new Charlotte location, considering what Charlotteans want in a store and going even beyond those expectations.
If you're interested in getting your own sneak peak, the general public can still participate in tours throughout today, which run every 10 minutes.
12' x 36' with center tack room, swing out feeders (filled from tack room), plywood lining, crib guard and six foot high gates.
The video lessons, quizzes and transcripts can easily be adapted to provide your lesson plans with engaging and dynamic educational content. This lesson will help answer that question by exploring the theory of self, differentiating between the concepts of 'me' and 'I' and describing the concept of looking-glass self.
To answer this question, Erik Erikson came up with eight stages of identity formation that revolve around conflict and resolution. This lesson examines this type of internal debate by addressing Freud's work on the different sides of our conscious and unconscious selves - the id, the ego and the superego. Within that theory, he identified four stages of cognitive development through which all learners must proceed. To illustrate Kohlberg's levels of moral development, we'll follow Lauren as she makes difficult decisions.
Learn more about abstract reasoning and how it differs from concrete reasoning from examples, and test your knowledge with a quiz. Learn more about how social loafing occurs and what can be done to prevent it in this lesson. Perkins said he had actually managed to pitch his tent in the LentSpace area when the police moved in to clear out the protesters, at which point, he promptly threw his gear over the fence and hopped out. After about five minutes of initial disarray, protesters put their preplanned emergency response into action. Perkins said that while he had been doing civil disobedience in the park, a police officer had punched him in the face, but he wasn’t sporting any visible bruises or cuts on Tuesday afternoon. The adjacent, dirt-covered Trinity-owned space was formerly home to an office building that was razed, and Trinity hopes to build a new residential tower there with a New York City public school in its base — provided a residential rezoning for Hudson Square is granted. However, the church said the Hudson Square open space was not open for occupation, and gave police the green light to make arrests. Overhead, a police helicopter slowly circled low in the sky, shining down a searchlight, tracking the protesters’ movements. At various points, police blocked the marchers as they walked on the sidewalk, and took every opportunity to split the march into successively smaller and smaller groups.
On one such occasion, they surrounded a group of marchers who were all on the sidewalk just north of the Crunch gym on Lafayette St., giving the sense that arrests were imminent. A psychiatrist on the Upper West Side, she said she had to get set for Thursday’s day of action. Board 1 had made strides getting the protesters to work better with the community, Menin said, but the city never even sent anyone to their meetings.

The crowd itself seemed like transplants from a gathering of the Rainbow Family, that band of itinerant hippies. Our weekly e-blast will provide you with Trepany House news and info about our upcoming events.
I've been a huge fan of WFM for years, making stops at their locations in Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh when possible, and am thrilled that Charlotte will now have its very own. Samples were out in full force yesterday for the enjoyment of those participating in the sneak preview tours. They support this through their Whole Body section that has an apothecary style station for soaps and other products for the body and a gardening section.
For those of you who are not familiar, customers can purchase anything from dried beans to nuts, exotic dried fruit and mushrooms to quinoa, whole wheat flour to stone milled grits.
I'm a self proclaimed chocolate fiend and love to savor one really good dark chocolate bar a little at a time.
The generic Charlotte grocery labels its organic produce, but the butcher typically has no idea about the origin of the meat or seafood. Artificial ingredients are a no-no, and WFM has created an unacceptable ingredient list, which you can find here. The options range from very hands-on cooking to more observation-type classes where participants can simply watch while sipping a glass of wine. We sampled a classic French Claufouti, made Charlotte and seasonally appropriate with the addition of muscadine grapes, rather than the traditional cherries. If you like what you eat, have the bartender point you in the right direction and you can purchase the ingredients to duplicate the dish at home. WFM has a special kid-friendly area so children can entertain themselves while their parents grab a bite.
One of the things I am curious to see is the amount of local products that will be offered.
When she's not training for a race or cooking something delicious in the kitchen, she's writing, reading, snuggling her dachshund, or plotting her next project. Psychologist Carol Gilligan proposed a theory that highlights the differences between male and female moral development.
Meanwhile, he was in a group that hooked themselves into their backpacks and luggage and then tied themselves together via their luggage.
14 after having said the park would be temporarily cleared for cleaning, and allowed the protesters to stay.
But, after a tense few moments, the officers opened up the semicircle’s southern side, allowing the marchers to head back Downtown. Trepany House provides a home for unique established voices while acting as a laboratory for new productions.
Bulk bins are often cheaper than the exact same food in a prepackaged container, better for the environment (because you can bring in your own containers), and allow you to purchase only what you need.
WFM does a much better job than the typical grocery store chain at educating customers about the quality and origins of their animal protein.
This area is still being thrown together but is expected to be ready tomorrow for the grand opening. North Carolina has a lot to offer in produce, meats, seafood and prepared food products, but I'm hoping for a focus on the local Charlotte area. But they can put an emphasis on further supporting local farms and businesses by making local goods a priority.
Holding a General Assembly meeting, they resolved to enter the adjacent walled open space that has been used for LentSpace, a public sculpture park run by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. A temporary project, the LentSpace sculpture space was opened with a ribbon-cutting in September 2009. The new store is located at 6610 Fairview Road, adjacent to Phillips Place in the SouthPark neighborhood. Some of them then hopped over the wall, while two other individuals produced a bolt cutter, which they used to clip a gaping hole in the chain-link fence on the space’s southern side, allowing protesters to walk right in.

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