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Eric CarpenterIs there deck joist on the underside of the composite deck, which leaves me to believe open air space, my question is more about drainage under the deck.
This is an important point when it comes to making a small patio to appear larger than it is. Alternately, you can break it up and moved around the room if you have a lot of people that need to sit down. It is essential to choose natural or white wicker patio furniture or light wood furniture. One of the biggest trends that you’ll see in a design gallery or pictures will be painted furniture. Small garden statues will make your patio seem more welcoming, but do not use too many of them as they will make your patio feel cramped and crowded.
The pieces of the sectional can be combined together when you want a place to lie down and relax.

Backyard landscape ideas are important to develop along with your patio so they can complement each other. Several small statues of animals or children will fit in with any flower pots you have decorating your porch and will add personality.
Do you think they will do well planted in a bed on the north-westish side of our home in SoCal? You can't see it, but there is a gap between the deck and the pavers - they do not touch - so lots of air flow and no drainage issues as water is absorbed by the soil.
As a general rule prune harder in spring for density and shape - tip prune through warmer months to maintain shape. Even if you just have inexpensive plastic furniture you can spruce it up with special spray paint every few years.
The best patios are ones that are surrounded by nature and look like are almost part of the landscape. Adding flowers to your patio will make it feel more like a garden, and will make it look more festive and bright during the summer months.

They may grow a little less dense in heavy shade, but pruning and a good maintenance program can fix that. If you have hanging hooks on your patio, you can suspend flower pots from these, or if you have a fence you can use hangers that are supported by the top edge of your fence. If you invest in Adirondack chairs these can be pretty pricy so you’ll have them for a while. If there is enough space after all the pieces of furniture are arranged, then you can keep a fire pit made of copper next to the seating area.

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