Better yet, go find a nice EPA approved Englander 13NC if you want inexpensive and effecient. I had a stove like that in my house it was cool but you will get tiered of fulling it with wood . With respect to the specific stove in your post, you may have already checked it out on Northern Tool's website.
Not exactly, but I have a small EPA-rated Century stove in my workshop which I like very much.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. At iBuy Fireplaces, we can help warm your home all year long year with our popular fireplace and wood stove products along with accessories.

This modern looking modestly sized wood cookstove features a compact size, baking oven and cook top that comes in 4 attractive colors. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. We also feature wide selection of pellet stoves and electric fireplaces to create that warm fireplace feel and look while thinking green on saving energy. Find popular fireplaces from Napoleon, Vermont Castings, Real Flame and Monessen Hearth products. This stove is great for smaller spaces like cabins, cottages and tiny houses that want a affordable and compact off-grid heating and cooking option. We’ve been on the hunt for a modestly sized fully featured cookstove for tiny spaces and this stove fits the bill!

It is currently uncertified and only offered for recreational use. The Cookstove is manufactured in Greece and is not currently UL tested.
Other features brands like Dimplex Electraflame, Flame International and Adams Company tool sets can be seen in the online catalog.
Right now on the market you cannot find a cookstove with a baking oven at this size, weight and price.
This little cookstove is affordable, compact and a fraction of the weight compared to other similar options on the market. *FREE SHIPPING!

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