Unless you live in a mansion and have room for a wine cellar, you’re going to need a good quality wine rack. From wall-mounted sleek and FSC wood designs to a quirky cactus design to give your dining room a touch of the Wild West, we’ve got it all. Now all you need is a decent bottle or six of plonk, a couple of wine glasses and a corkscrew and you can start the weekend countdown.
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She loves finding bargains in charity shops, reading recipes books (but failing to cook anything from them) and lusting over the houses in the back pages of Vogue magazine. With sturdy natural wood and steel tubing, this wooden wine rack will display your wines in style.

It is part our Wood Wine Racks Sale so you know that you're saving money while enhancing the environment of your home or office. This VIP wooden wine rack is compact enough to keep in the corner but elegant enough to display when it's time to entertain. Just like the other VIP wine racks, it is made to safely store your bottles at the appropriate angle for aging.
The wooden panels are held together by solid steel screws that are covered by steel tubing. This wine rack is so well made that it's lifetime guaranteed.VIP Wood Wine Racks are quality tested for functionality, aesthetics and style. They are the perfect way to showcase your favorite bottles, and provide a safe place for your own private stock.

Even though VIP Wooden Wine Racks have one of the best guarantees available, they're so well made that you will probably never need it. Buy 3 and get an additional 10% discount!At Wine Surprise you are backed by a full satisfaction money-back guarantee. If after receiving the order you are not fully satisfied with the wines, accessories, prices and our service, you can send them back for a full refund of the merchandise price.

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