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As an affordable lighting solution for a holiday cottage or camping, you can’t go wrong with Bettalight’s low-maintenance, compact BettaTwo solar lighting kit. Comprising a stand-alone 5 W solar panel, controller housing a 4 Ah sealed lead crystal battery and two LED lights with wiring suitable for two 15 m? rooms, it can provide 6 hours of lighting (3 hours if the lights are used simultaneously).
After one day’s use, replenishing takes 2,2 sun hours (approximately a half-day of sunshine). AnyWhere and AnyTime lighting kits are the first in a new family of highly efficient, low energy Solar powered products designed to revolutionise energy efficient homes and offices around the world.

This product may be returned within 30 days when the returned product is unused, in its original packaging and otherwise in a condition enabling us to sell the product as new; or if the product is damaged or faulty. In cases where it is not possible to connect to the Utility power electricity, SEC solar powered lighting kits are a unique solution that only requires sunlight to provide good quality, reliable light for 6 to 8 hours per day.
Each SEC Solar powered light is has three brightness levels or can be gradually dimmed in 32 steps by gently pulling and holding the switch cord. Using high quality energy efficient LED's, these products are designed to offer unrivalled brightness and long operation times from integrated storage batteries, and can be used Anywhere or Anytime depending on local requirements.

From Solar PV modules, to inverters, mounting and monitoring systems, to accessories and tools. You also get a built-in cellphone charger with connectors for most brands of mobile phones.

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