Availability: Because all furniture is hand-crafted, please allow 8-12 weeks for final delivery. When it comes to bedroom dressers, what we want most after finding a beautiful piece of furniture is a well-constructed drawer; one that opens and closes smoothly and doesna€™t get stuck. Constructed with solid cherry, maple or walnut wood: Solid wood truly is beauty that lasts a lifetime. Floating side panels: Solid hardwood floating panels are used on the sides and is fitted and inserted into the frame.
Environmentally Friendly Hand-Rubbed Linseed Oil Finish: boiled linseed oil thinned with odorless mineral spirits. Please note that every species of wood is unique and will react differently to a natural product. If you are not fully satisfied, you can return it to us within the first year and we'll issue you a full refund! Seville style dresser created from solid hardwoods, Amish craftsmanship assures a high quality bedroom dresser.
Our dresser is 100% American-made, and is created from American-made hardware and American-grown hardwoods. The drawers are created utilizing traditional dovetail construction, which is used to draw them into a single, strong box that is durable and will hold a heavy load. To assist you in choosing the right color match for your home, we offer a stain color catalog with true color representation of all 122 of our hardwood and stain choices.
Curbside shipping is available at the flat rate of $200 for any amount of furniture you order. Delivered to the road in front of the home, customer is responsible for unpacking and moving furniture from there. Deliveries are made on 'routes' across the country, customer is expected to be somewhat flexible with delivery times. Curbside delivery is our least expensive delivery option, it is recommended for small-to-medium-sized furniture pieces.
Inside the Home delivery is available at the flat rate of $500 for any amount of furniture you order. Delivered inside the home or office, our delivery professional does a full installation in the room(s) of your choice.

Inside the home deliery is available at the flat rate of $500 for any amount of furniture you order. Custom delivery is an option for customers who require expedited delivery, or have major limitations on when their furniture can be delivered. Custom delivery quotes are required for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or other international locations. Every piece of furniture sold by Erik Organic is handcrafted with great care and expertise by one of our master craftsmen. Jim and Nan in Maryland“Just a quick note to let you guys know that the bedroom set is to die for.
Marilyn and Larry from Nevada“All five pieces have the same wonderful craftsmanship, beautiful finished, and are very study.
Sign up to our monthly newsletter for updates on our furniture designs, as well as special discounts and offers. Our Bedroom Furniture Catalog is a great way to browse through our selection of beds, dressers, and nightstands — all in one handy book.
Web site and all contents � Copyright Valentines Furniture & Interiors, All rights reserved. Rick Forward designs and makes traditionally built Dressers which are all individually designed and made to measure.
Solid hardwood means the grain of the lumber will carry through the core; it has not been engineered or glued. This construction method allows the panel to breathe within the borders of the frame and prevents the piece from warping or cracking. While raw linseed oil is natural, the "boiling" process requires the addition of traces of chemical driers. For example, soft or porous woods such as pine, alder, birch, fir, cedar and redwood may absorb oil unevenly; some woods may contain tannins and other extractives that will bleed through to the surface and affect appearance. Your purchase of an Erik Organic furniture piece directly supports the rural Midwestern economy. Roller glides of the highest quality assure that the drawers will pull smoothly for many years to come. International shipping quotes do not include the cost of any duties or fees imposed by the local government.

Because our furniture is expertly handcrafted, we stand behind its quality and will repair or replace it for free for one full year after delivery. Erik has been shipping custom home improvement products to customers across the country for over a decade. Our reputation for ethical and responsive customer service is the foundation of our business. We strongly believe that a business must uphold its end of the social contract by being responsible to its customers, to the land, and to the community at large. Along with its elegant style and contemporary gentle curvature, this amazing chest of drawers will delight you with the traditional solid wood drawers, dovetail construction and smooth steel glides for durability.
Engineered wood products are manufactured by binding together veneers, wood strands or fibers with toxic glues or adhesives to form a composite material. However it is less toxic to you and the environment, as compared to other finishes such as lacquer, since the process produces no emissions to pollute the air.
We also utilize full-extension drawer glides, assuring you can make maximal use of your drawer space! As each piece is created individually to order, we hope that it is clear that we could not offer this guarantee and remain in business if the quality of our pieces was not simply outstanding.
We encourage you to view the comment cards and emails sent in by some of the customers he has worked with. If we do not consistently meet and exceed our customer's expectations, we will quickly be out of business. Thus they may have glazed upper sections, natural willow accessories, unique carved details, decorative cut outs and natural wood or painted finishes, but as with all our furniture they are each traditionally crafted and individually designed.
Since exceptional quality is built into the Chatham drawers during every step of construction, you can be sure that each piece will remain a part of your life for years to come.
The look and feel of wood furniture is superior compared to most other types of modern furniture. We're just glad your very friendly crew were strong enough to carry the pieces up the stairs.

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