As a builder of solid wood furniture, fine cabinetry and hand-crafted home furnishings, I am inspired by the natural forms and beauty found in nature. Who wouldn't want to have their favorite books or much needed belongings right next to them in the bedroom?
This headboard has got a solid pine wood construction, traditional design and two finish options to choose: barn brown and driftwood. Well-made headboard constructed by hand of solid pine logs and traditionally styled with care. Wooden headboard features clean lines, raised panels and molding trim, and very durable, quality finish.
Headboard made of solid wood in light, cherry stain finish is a perfect item for classically elegant decor.
If you are determined to decorate your room with boldly rustic accessories, this distressed wooden headboard may perfectly fit the bill.

This spindle headboard is handcrafted from solid pine lodge and finished in unique, premium grade stain and lacquer.
A rustic pine log headboard, handcrafted and so durable, that it comes with a lifetime warranty - there's absolutely no way, that it will get ruined. Unique bed made of grown lodge pole pine in a classic, rustic style with eye-catching, unfinished texture. Handcrafted, spindle style headboard with unprecedented design for rigid, quality wood construction in warm, rustic style. Hand crafted, custom-made headboard made of solid pinewood for durable, long lasting construction. Stylish headboard handcrafted from quality pine wood and finished in clear, durable lacquer for a solid and lovely item. Rustic headboard made form square sawn timber frame for a barn wood look in premium stain and lacquer finish.

If you are looking for an interesting accent for your bed is beautifully carved headboard add class and character. This kind of bed represents a rustic, simple style that looks interesting in different bedroom decors. Storage of bedding accessories is also easy with this piece - just use its two capacious drawers. This high quality bed features solid wood rear panel, center cross wood panel and lead free finish. It is really a rare thing to be able to pick from among so many interesting solutions so take all the time that you want.

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