This simple corner spline jig is great for creating grooves in the corners of frames and boxes for spline key joinery. The Spline Jig is designed for table saws to save time and to safely create strong, decorative joints. The home-made spline jig I crafted years ago is not adjustable, so I purchased this adjustable MLCS spline jig.
Safety Note: When cutting thin strips on your table saw you must use a Zero Clearance insert (sold separately) to prevent the stock from binding between the blade and factory insert. When making fine furniture, picture frames and boxes, spline joints are one of the most beautiful methods of joinery used in woodworking.

Use both stop blocks to sandwich and cut splines in narrow projects, one stop block to clamp and index cuts on medium sized projects or remove both stop blocks for larger projects such as boxes. I glued and screwed 2x4s on edge across the saw cuts in the base to improve stiffness and provide some extra safety from the blade on the back side.
You can use contrasting wood tones or various spline thicknesses to create decorative accents. Because the strips are cut on the left-hand side of the blade, there is no burning, binding or kickback. Spline joints are not only attractive but feature extra gluing surfaces compared to a plain joint, making them one of the strongest joints possible.

The ball bearing holds the stock firmly against the fence, allowing for a smooth feed rate and simple fence repositioning.saw.

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