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RTA Cabinets are available “finished” or “unfinished.”  The default interiors of all RTA cabinets (finished or not) are clear-finished maple veneer. Options for having your cabinets and Keystone doors finished include natural and color stains, solid paint colors, primer only, or any of our glazing options. Additional options include ordering finished or unfinished plywood or door panels for end cabinet sides. I had a lot left over from my first experience with it, which you can read about HERE if interested. The spray paint went on like magic and you’d never know the bookcase was made of veneer.

I am afraid I just can't keep up with it anymore, therefore, I may not be able to reply to all comments. Interiors may be ordered unfinished by request, and in that case the wood species will match the face frame. By default, the interior will be of clear-finished maple veneer (as described above) unless specified otherwise.
For a more comprehensive list, click to see the light rails on our Decorative Moulding page.
However, since then I’ve seen lots of tutorials for making your own, which is a much cheaper option. Cabinet interiors also have the option of being finished to match the exterior if specified when quoting or ordering.

I have a bookcase that I want to move up to my studio but the bookcase is from Target and is laminate (or probably fake wood contact paper!) and my other bookcases in the studio are white. I just rediscovered the exact same bookshelf in my garage and wondered if I could paint it for my little guys nursery.
I've been pondering what to do with a veneer chest of drawers I use in my craft studio.

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