Through thousands of CS:GO skins in the community market, one always finds it tough to choose the best weapon skin for himself.
Honestly speaking there are probably two or three better USP-S skins but probably people seem to have lost a bit of taste when it comes to the USP-S.
Though not everyone is fond of using the scout in matches, one does always loves when he scores a headshot with it. Being the strongest pistols in the game there are just wonders that you can create with the desert eagle. The normal edition of this Tec-9 is considerably cheap but why not have what nobody else has?

The AK-47 Vulcan was released last year in the Huntsman Weapons Case with an extremely low chance that you might ever be lucky enough to get the AK-47 Vulcan, let alone the StatTrak edition.
After spending a lot of time over the market we have come up with the top 10 skins that should be your dream to have in CS:GO. Perhaps the most rare desert eagle in CS:GO, the pistol is your best friend when it comes to one bullet headshots. The elegance of this knife is just too good to be true and worth more than $3k in real money. I am a guest editor at joinDota, have a day job at Kill Ping and my nights pass with endless online gaming.

Yes, ladies and Gentleman, below are the Top 10 CS:GO skins you would definitely want to be in your inventory.

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